Saturday, April 2, 2011

March CGF Gold Blog Recap

Did You Enjoy April Fool's Day?
(I'm not quitting WoW)

My Gold Blog Recap

I started a new segment here at Cold's Gold Factory. During the first week of each month, I will posting a recap of the prior month. For each monthly recap I will list the Top 5 Most Popular Posts here based on visits and also the Top 5 Most Discussed Posts. This will be a big help for anyone who may have missed some of these great posts or discussions. This recap will also help to expose some of the better posts for new readers just joining us.  The discussion continues on many of these posts so feel free to contribute.

March Gold Posts Recap

Top 5 Most Popular Posts from March

Top 5 Most Discussed Posts from March

March was a great month for quality content coming out of Cold's Gold Factory.  Use this post as a guide to get you caught up on some of the most popular posts from last month alone.  Feel free to continue the great discussions on the original posts.

Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival

Bloggers: The April Gold Blogging Carnival is coming soon. Get your posts in via email. You only have few days left to participate in the carnival and submit your post for this topic.

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Are there any other posts from March that you found particularly useful or thought provoking?

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