Sunday, April 24, 2011

Noblegarden Begins | Newsletter Giveaway


Well the World of Warcraft in-game world event Noblegarden has begun.  Time to run around crapping eggs and turning each other into rabbits.  Not much to make gold during this holiday other than:
  • Selling ports as a mage.  The event takes you all over the globe, so mages can make some quick gold in the first few days of the Noblegarden event.
  • Flying lowbies to the harder to reach areas that are required to visit, like UnGoro Crater.  So dust off your X-53 Touring Rocket mount and fly some lowbies to their destinations.  Or drop them into pools of lava.  That's always fun.
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  1. Wishing you the best of luck with the guide.

    And of course there is nothing so fun as flying your guild leader anywhere on your rocket mount, and 'accidently' shapeshifting into flight form and 'accidently' dropping them down below.

  2. yeah, works w/ rockets, but the sandstone drake comes w/ a parashoot...

    So the fall wont kill them, but... maybe the monsters in the jungle will...


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