Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Supplying Low Level Characters

Have You Forgotten About The Needs Of Low Level Characters?

Often we are stuck into our routines crafting high end products like belt buckles, flasks, elixirs, high end BOE gear, gems, and enchants.  Well, if you are too focused on just supplying the high level characters in World of Warcraft, then you are omitting some of the profitable markets that cater to the lower level players. 

Often the lower level characters are not brand new players.  They often are ran by experienced players who are just seeking a new experience or are a fresh alt working on leveling in Warcraft to add to their list of professions that they have under their belt.  We as gold bloggers often preach about diverisification in your ability to craft within multiple professions.  Some of the these low level characters are products of theat philosophy.  They may be played by an experienced World of Warcraft player who has gold to burn.  These types of players often look to "pimp out" their alt characters with the best gear to help ease the often painful process of leveling yet another character.  Having the best gear means quicker leveling and a faster rise to the requried level needed for maximizing the profession crafting ability. 

Other players like to make an actual "twink" character for lower level PvP brackets.  If you are on a server (or battlegroup) with heavy low level PvP activity, then you have some very nice options for expanding your ability to profit from lower level World of Warcraft characters.

Low Level Niches

Level 14-15 Shields

Once a player hits level 15, they will have the option to join the Random Dungeon Finder to run dungeons.  We all know that tanks have the shortest wait times to enter the random dungeons, so low level warriors and paladins will be looking for some tank gear once around level 15.  At super low levels it isn't that important to have tank quality gear, but a lot of players will head straight to the auction house to look for a good one handed weapon and a good shield.  Many times this market is completely barren on many servers.  Any low level 14-16 shields are a good option for selling on the auction house.  You can snatch up cheap priced green shields and mark them up for a profit.  Anytime you find a low level shield while questing or runnnig dungeons, save it.  Post it on the auction house and watch it sell to a player wanting to start tanking.

Level 40 Mail and Plate

At level 40 there are some important gear change overs for many classes.  Warriors and Paladins switch from using mail armor and can now use plate armor.  Shamans and Hunters get to upgrade from wearing leather armor to wearing mail armor.  This is a good market to supply as again there isn't always a nice selection of mail and plate on the auction house around level 40.  Mail items from level 38-42 have always been good movers on the World of Warcraft auction houses for low level players looking for gear upgrades.  Some players will go straight to the auction house once they hit that magic level of 40 just to swap out every piece of gear they have.  You want to be the one selling to these new players.  Unlike with level 14-16 shields, you can craft the plate and mail items that they will be looking to purchase from the auction house in WoW. 

Netherweave Bags

The Netherweave Bag has long been the standard for equipping any low level characters bank and bag slots.  These continue to move at a great volume on a daily basis as there are always going to be new characters created.  This is a staple market for tailoring and is often a great market for any brand new players aspiring to be greedy goblins like the rest of us.  So if you are new to gold making, this is an excellent starter market to learn the basics of buying supplies from the auction house and turning them into profitable products to sell on the auction house.  This is also another great market to get into to understand how the overnight market will earn you lots of sales on the auction house while you aren't even logged in.

Low Level Blue Gear

Even from my early days as a gorilla hunting noob, I saw the value of crafting and selling blue items like Barbaric Bracers.  Spidersilk Boots, Spidersilk Drape, Toughened Leather Gloves, and many others can be sold to twink characters and those players with extra gold looking to "pimp out" their alts.

BoA Enchants

Some low level characters will be fortunate enough to receive some BoA heirloom gear from the other higher level characters on their account.  These BoA heirlooms will be best used with some of the best enchants available to put onto these items.  Have you forgotten to dust off your enchanting rods and get to work supplying enchants for BoA heirlooms?  Again, if you have a nice twink population on your server this market is an excellent one.  Many of the best enchants for BoA heirloom items are also highly sought after by twink characters, so you may be supplying two seperate markets with the same items.  Cha-Ching!

So try not to get stuck into the same old rut of supplying only the high level characters in World of Warcraft.  You may be overlooking some nice markets that could help you to diversify your gold making tactics and help those streams of gold turn to rivers of revenue!


  1. Excellent post, very valuable information for everyone wanting to get started with working the ah as well as people who are looking to expand. Thanks a lot!

  2. Nice post. I've been selling the enchants, bags, and lvl 40 armor. The blue gear is a bit touch and go profitability wise on my server but I'll definitely check out the level 15ish shields.

  3. low level gear is great to sell for peopling trying to level with boas and have fun in bgs. im selling assorted greens for people in the 10 - 14 and 15 - 19 battle bracket for 10g a piece when crafting costs run me under a cold and i can make a couple hundred gold a day. leather items are the biggest hit with hunters destroying at low level bgs. also enchant scrolls for low level are a great way to make money. i sell most of them for 3x the market value of the mats


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