Thursday, April 21, 2011

Potion of Concentration | Making Gold With Alchemy

Potion of Concentration

Looking for a way to make some World of Warcraft gold with the Alchemy profession?  Most professional alchemists tend to focus on the transmutation specialization for the chances of getting extra Truegold or bonus Volatile Elements from the Living Elements transmutation.  The Potion of Concentration helps to make an arguement for having at least one alchemist specializing in Potion Mastery.  Potion of Treasure Finding is a great potion to have in your alchemist's gold making arsenal, but the Potion of Concentration may be even more profitable for you, especially if you have a large raiding population on your server.

The Potion of Concentration is almost a must for raid casters, DPS classes as well as healing classes.  With the length of raid encounters and the mana issues caused by the WoW Cataclysm changes, running out of mana is a serious concern, especially in the Cataclysm raid environment.  With the Cataclysm herb prices dropping due to the botting shift to herb farming, the cost to craft these potions is getting cheaper.  The Potion of Concentration only requires 2 Ashara's Veil.  So a single stack of the Cataclsym herb Azshara's Veil will be enough to craft 10 potions.  If you are a potion specialist alchemsit, then you could get some free potions to further increase your gold profits from a single stack. 

I've heard some raid casters discussing always have at least 1 full stack of the Potion of Concentration, along with Mythical Mana Potions, as part of their raiding requirements.  So there definately is a market for the potions, especially on raid nights.  As with any raiding consumeable, always try to post them an hour before your server's standard raid times so raiders can be fully stocked and ready to go once the raiding roll call begins.  As reported by Avalonna of Tales of A Priest, these do benefit from the epic Alchemist's Stone 40% increased effect allowing for up to 30,800 mana to be returned to the potion imbiber.

Anyone having success moving the Potion of Concentration on your server's auction house?  Got any tips for selling these?


  1. Great post, I knew I would find an answer on which spec to make my third alchemist, lol.

    Seriously though, I didnt even realized how important this was to casters.The only potion I have even messed with was potion of treasure finding and that seems to be tanking on my server. After I read this I checked and it seemes these are going for 20-35 gold each. I will let you know back how I do with them.

    I have learned that finding what people need to raid is a key to making alot of gold.

  2. The potion of Concentration sells for below mat cost on my server. Unfortunately, this is the case with most every potion/flask/elixir on my server. I'm dying to drop alchemy, but want to wait to see what happens with epic gems first.

  3. potion of concentration sells for bellow mat costs even for me buying for bulk prices and the potion of treasure finding i just can't get to sell in the AH even bellow mat costs it took me a week to push a test stack i made.
    US - Lightning's Blade - Horde

  4. I'm testing these out after seeing a decent profit margin on them for my server on TuJ.

    Unfortunately, it looks like our casters either have no idea that these potions are useful, or they have other sources for them. I made 5 two weeks ago, I've sold 3 since, and the sales heatmap on TuJ is making me think this isn't particularly abnormal.

    Just another reason for me not to trust that the general population knows how to maximize their utility on a server ranked 99th in progression, I suppose. I'm considering barking them a bit if I have time, to see if I can generate some interest.


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