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Transmute Truegold - It Only Takes One To Start

Transmute Truegold

Transmuting Truegold is only avialable to an Alchemist at 525 (max) skill level Alchemy.  This is a very popular transmutation cooldown to sell once per day to other players looking to have the transmutation performed so they can acquire enough Truegold for their crafting requirements of other profession recipes.

Transmutation Specialization Alchemist

If you have chosen the Alchemy specialization of transmutation, then you have a chance of producing extra Truegold when you perform the transmutation.  Are you doing your transmutation in front of the customer buying your cooldown?  What happens if there is a transmute proc that produces extra Truegold?  Who do they belong to, you or the paying customer?  Well there is a simple way around that whole can of worms.

Do all of your transmuting in private, if you are a transmutation specced Alchemist.

I touched on this same topic last year in my post about selling cooldowns for Titansteel and Epic Gems.  You can avoid the arguement of who the extra procs belong to altogether by just trading the single finished product to the customer.  When someone buys your cooldown do this.
  1. Open Trade.
  2. Wait for him to post the materials he is trading for the transmute.
  3. Post the final product (precrafted) into the trade window also.
  4. Than ask him to go ahead and post the cooldown crafting fee as well.
  5. Complete trade alone with tip and materials all in 1 action.
  6. Thank your customer.
  7. Wait until he is gone and go do your daily transmute in private.
Benefits of Transmuting In Private

No one ever can stake claim to your extra procs as theirs since they were "buying your cooldown" thus have paid for the chance at getting the proc.  This process only takes a single precrafted finished product to get started. 

The other benefit is that if you have multiple ones premade, then you can sell multiple finished products to the same person.  Often times these players or crafters need more than 1 of the items transmuted.  If you can just give the 1 Truegold, they will continue to search in trade chat for another alchemist to make them another one, etc. until they get all of the ones they are needing.  Having extras can get you multiple crafting transmute fees in a single day, which helps cover those days that you didn't even find a buyer, and also helps assure that you have the materials for a transmute every day, without coming out of pocket.  So the more procs you get in private the more times you can make this transaction to the same or multiple players. 

Another benefit is that if you are keeping your finished products in a guild bank shared by your characters, any of your characters can perform the trade without having to log over to your alchemist.  They can just grab the Truegold out of the guild bank, make the trade and either mail the materials to the alchemist or just toss them back into the community guild bank.

Hope I helped open your eyes to the hassle free more profitable way to do your transmutation specialist transmuting.


  1. Haha, I love that I read this while I was en route to change my second alchemist back to transmute mastery. xD

    I'd never really thought about this as a tactic to keep procs. I'd seen people in trade saying "I keep all procs" and people would rip them apart. :O But this is a great way to do it secretively. :D

  2. Close to the beginning of Cata, when TG xmutes were becoming quite popular to sell, I found one guy asking to trade mats + tip for a bar of Truegold. An excellent deal by any means, so I jumped on the opportunity. Since then, however, I've yet to see anyone else willing to perform such a trade. I tried to bark it once in a while, but most people on my server either specifically request an xmute specialist, or so many people clamor to sell their xmute that this little tactic doesn't seem feasible for me, as fantastic as it is. Though I have seen people charging/paying a little extra if a proc does happen. Certainly not as much as you'd make keeping the proc yourself, but that's also a way to get around the murky territory of who keeps the procs.

    Of course, I'm thinking of switching over to flask mastery once the patch hits, and start getting into the flask market. Right now, I don't seem to be proccing enough extra anything to justify missing out on the cost reduction for flasks. I'm planning to do a little experiment with proc rates this weekend, and I'll probably post the results on my blog.

  3. That's a great idea. What I like to do, with any profession, is exchange finished product for mats from a surplus I have in the bank. If you are constantly crafting with mats you bought below cost, you gain whatever tip they give you, plus the difference between the mat cost and whatever you bought them at. If you just take their mats and craft for them, all you get is the tip...

    So, all those extra items you might have produced powerleveling a profession - instead of selling them below cost just to recoup losses, why not trade them for the mats (which you can use on something else), plus a tip!

  4. Personally, I won't do business with a transmute master that won't transmute with me in party. It's the whole reason I look for a transmute master in the first place.

    I understand, however, that procs are money. What I did for a long time in Wrath, was buy bulk Saronite, and look for a transmuter. I'd have a thousand or so bars of Saronite to be transmuted, they would stay in party, we'd agree o the number of procs and total titanium to be given back, and after the transaction, I'd pay a fairly large tip for their time and procs (usually 350-400g, since it was well within my profit margin for Titansteel flips).

    I get what I want, you provide the service, and I pay you for your unique procs that don't cost you anything. Doing private transmutes like that engenders an environment of distrust, and not only will I not work with an alchemist that does that, I will tell all of my guildmates and other AH professionals I am on good terms with as well.

  5. Nice tips Cold. Your method may be better than mine. I may try it.

    @ Anonymous: perfectly within your rights, but I would not do business with you as a Transmute Specialist either.

    @ Cold: I have never had an issue with this. Ever. When the /trade request comes across I reply with a wsp, "I can xmute for you". If they invite to a group, I decline. My next wsp is for the fee: "I charge XXXg, and I keep any procs". If they balk, my answer is simple. "OK, np--good luck then. Sorry we couldn't do business". End of story.

    This does a couple things for me: first, by handling the communication in a wsp I avoid a lot of the bashing that can occur in trade chat. Second, I pre-set expectations: my fee is XX and I keep additional procs. Third, I avoid any further debate. If the person continues badgering me about "procs belong to me I'm buying them", or "other people do it differently", or whatever my answer is simple: "ok, that's cool. I see this as a business, and its how I do business. You are free to find someone else".

    And if I don't sell my xmute I make it and keep the Truegold. I can use it myself.

  6. I use my daily transmute cooldown for volatile life to water, which gets me 150g profit every day, guaranteed. I can't see a reason to work to sell a truegold transmute unless it's for more than 150g, and I've never seen someone offer more than 100g.

  7. @Anonymous

    1) The price of Volatile Life is on the Rise. Most servers have already had its price doubled as people are hording them for the patch 4.0.6.
    2) There are days when you may not have any Volatile Lifes to transmute.
    3) The point is to trade for the mats and transmute with a chance at the proc for an extra 1-4 truegold.
    4) You don't need to work for it. Just keep an eye out for players that are looking to buy the Cooldown on Truegold.
    5) This strategy works for any transmutation that you can sell to another player.

  8. On my Server i can buy truegold for 600g during the week, but the mats are selling for 700-800g.
    So you don't have to be a Alchi to get profit, you only have to say you trade truegold against mats or you have a free cd and then switch the goods.
    It depens on the server prices.

    I use my alchi cd for the volatile life transmute, because i get 150g profit if i'm buying mats in the AH.

  9. Why go to all the trouble? Piffft! I transmute my bars and sell them straight up in the AH. + plus the procs. I get all of it and it sells fast. I don't know why you guys are messing around with trading to what looks like annoying players.

  10. @darkocean

    "Why go to all the trouble?"

    Because you are limited to 1 Transmute thats on a Cooldoown per Day! If you have more Alchemists, you still only get 1 per alchemist.

    By doing transmutes for others, you increase your chance at getting a proc to keep and also get tipped for your work too.


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