Monday, January 24, 2011

Greater Eternal Essense And Illusion Dust Shortage

Greater Eternal Essense (GEE) and Illusion Dust

Attention Folks:  There Is A Shortage of Greater Eternal Essenses and Illusion Dust

The supplies of both Greater Eternal Essense and Illusion Dust have been depleted by a lot of the enchanters.  Why?  The combination of all of the new characters using twink enchants for BoA items, the return of twinks,  and new enchanters leveling their profession have created a shortage.  The enchanting profession leveling process requires a lot of both of the Eternal Essenses as well as Illusion Dust.  They both are required in many of the popular twink and BoA enchants and Greater Eternal Essenses are required in 2 of the Enchanting Rods that all leveling enchanters must craft.

Enchanted Thorium Blades

One of the most profitable tricks to getting Greater Eternal Essenses and Illusion Dust dates back to the Vanilla days of World of Warcraft.  Blacksmiths can create Enchanted Thorium Blades, which then can be disenchanted into their enchanting materials.  Each blade has a good chance to disenchant into 1-2 GEEs, 1-2 Illusion Dust less often, and rarely 1 Large Brilliant Shard.

Enchanted Thorium Blades require 2 Enchanted Thorium Bars, 6 Thorium Bars, and 1 Rugged Leather.  Enchanted Thorium Bars require just 1 Thorium Bar and 3 Dream Dust, which is in a major overflow of supply and can be bought for dirt cheap on the auction house currently.  So check the prices on your server to see how profitable this strategy is.  It is even easier to do nowadays as miners can craft their own enchanted thorium. 

I have been selling my Greater Eternal Essenses for 35-45g and Illusion Dust at 12-16g each.  These prices are too good to leave out of my daily routine.  Another profitable venture could be selling Enchanted Thorium as 1 Thorium Bar plus 3 Dream Dust could be just as profitable as crafting and selling Arcanite Bars

Other Options
  • Disenchant level 51-60 weapons that drop in Azeroth and not Outlands.
  • UBRS is now the better place to farm these as Stratholme and Scholomance have had their difficulty level lowered.
  • Crafted and disenchant items from this Filtered List From Wowhead.
  • Buy cheap Lesser Eternal Essenses and convert to Greaters.


  1. Greater Eternal and Illusion Dust has been on shortage since Burning Crusade, nothing new.

    Farming Stratholme (before Cataclysm low its level to 40s)and Upper/Lower Spire has always been good options for easy 500g/h, now it has never been so easy with 150k hitpoints.

  2. I may check this market out, I think I've got a few stack of Illusion Dust laying around because prices on Enchant mats dropped into the dirt before Cata hit and I never went back. ALWAYS looking for ways to turn Vanilla mats into profit!

  3. Runecloth Headband is also an option for tailors. Crafting to DE after farming up some drops and cloth will net some extra gold.

  4. You're late :) Been selling Illusion dust for min. 200g a stack and GEE for 24g and up for a month now. Hope your post won't ruin this :) Have fun !

  5. lol i been selling illusion dust for 750-1000gold per stack on darkspear horde side.. ive made over 250k gold easily.


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