Sunday, January 30, 2011

Making Gold With Limited Playtime

Wow Gold Making Carnival

This month's topic for the Wow Gold Blogging Carnival over at Just My Two Copper has Mageshadow asking the question, "How would you make gold with limited playtime?"

Limited Playtime

Many players are not able to sit in front of their computer all day and camp the auction house, constantly scan for steals and deals, or craft using their professions.  Some markets are very dependent on having a large amount of playtime to dedicate.  There are auction house markets that require constant babysitting and listing and re-listing.  If you have a limited amount of playtime, then you must strike up a balance between what time you use to actually play the game and what time you use to craft, flip, and make gold.  This balance can be hard to obtain, but is much easier when focusing on certain markets.

The Don't Even Think About It Markets

Some markets are heavily dependent on constant listing and re-listing just to make any sort of profit.  If you have a limited amount of playtime you should probably steer clear of these markets.  If you can't constantly babysit your goods and re-list them when they are undercut, then you will probably be undercut into oblivion and not sell many items on the auction house at all.  Avoid these markets.  Many are heavily dependent on having time to prospect, mill, craft, and or bark.

Post It And Forget It Markets

Other markets are much less attention required and can usually be done in a much quicker time.  Many of these markets can have their items crafted while afk, which is great.  You can start a batch of crafting as you are quitting for the night and let your character afk out while crafting.  When you log in the next day, you will have bags full of crafted items ready to post onto the auction house.
Don't Forget!

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  1. I spend about 30 minutes per day, and have been doing fine with shuffling obsidium ore and fortune cards - especially when the ore shuffling results in mostly enchanting mats. Every few days I buy 15-20 stacks of ore and process it. If gem prices are low and I wind up DEing most of it, then I can usually sell everything off by the next day. If I have to actually AH the gems, it can take longer to bleed all my stock out.

    Fortune cards are pretty steady sellers for me. I don't bark them, but rather just post up 10-15 or so each day. Some days they all sell, others none do, but overall it's a steady money maker.

    Cut gems is a bit trickier - especially metas. If I just stick to whatever the obsidium shuffle + a fire prism leaves me with, I can usually sell everything in 2-3 days. An elementium shuffle will take days to bleed off all the cut blue gems. If the prices for uncut are better, that's usually an easier way to go. I can't sell cut metas to save my life, but uncut sells fine.

    The key is just a little patience. The above is essentially my entire profession/goldmaking regime, and it nets me 1-2k/day easily, sometimes more.

  2. I pretty much do the samething as previous commenter but on a larger scale, I usually buy 50-100 stacks of obsidium on the weekend and prosepect it, I then sell what I get whether I make rings or sell gems directly on the ah over the rest of the week, I end up making 1-2k per day until the next weekend.

    I also make the leg armor kits and belt buckles to mix things up a bit and they sell nicely for a decent profit, as well as I have 6 alchemist with Transmute specilization for the daily Living Elements Transmute

    On average I make rougly 20k per week atm

  3. I started playing WoW in December when friends convinced me to play cataclysm. Being very short on game time (1-2 hours a week) I decided to start flipping using the iphone auction app. 0-20k gold since start of cat...not bad for a wow noob (I'm level 38) and no tradeskills.

    Thanks to this and other gold websites I can look at whats hot for flipping. One day I will find some time to get in game and spend it!

  4. I disagree concerning glyphs. If you're able to put in a 2-4 hour crafting session once every 2 months, and take 15min to collect mail and post your glyphs once every 2 days, you can make 3-6k gold every 2 days. I don't even have all of the glyphs crafted. It takes me 15min to collect the mail and post once when I log on. When I log off, it takes me 5min to post again. In two days, I have 3-6k gold in the mail. To make it super easy, I buy only cata ink or herbs, and I even pay a guildie to mill the herbs for me because I hate the blind repetition.
    Otche, Madoran-US


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