Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Twilight Highlands Inscription Vendor

One of my new favorite vendors is in Twilight Highlands.  Una Kobuna (Horde) and Casandra Downs (Alliance) are accessed in Twilight Highlands only after completing the quest chain to unlock their factions.  These vendors are only available to those players level 84 and above that have completed the quests leading up to them.  These vendors sell some great items for flipping onto the auction house to sell to level 74-83 scribes that can't access these items on their own.

The materials are required in to create the relics and jewelry required to maximize the Inscription skill without waiting on a single point a day from Forged Documents

These vendors sell these Inscription items that can be sold for nice profits on the auction house.
The relics and jewelry requiring these items can be sold for a profit, but only whent he market isn't flooded, so only craft one at a time.   

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  1. I have been buying these and listing these on the auction house ever since I was first able to purchase them at 84. Just be sure and check the auction house for current prices though as some of the items have a much higher resale than others which I would assume is from a higher demand for certain items. The one that I DON"T buy is the silver charm bracelet as it is consistently selling for about half of its cost on my server. The ones that I sell the most of and for the most profit are the Bleached Jawbone and the Preserved Ogre Eye.


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