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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #88 - "Pseudocyesis"

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast
Episode #88 - "Pseudocyesis"

This week on The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast we talk about a variety of things including League of Legends, the Reaper of Souls expansion for Diablo 3, Wildstar's new mystery bags for beta players, and a movie titled Free to Play that was produced by Valve.

Episode #88 - Show Notes, Discussion Topics, & Links

  • Pregnant or Just Obese? - This crazy news story comes from @Brohiem22
  • Cold's Guest spot on WildStar Nation Podcast - #28 - "Hype Train Blues"
  • WildStar Mystery Crates
  • Reaper of Souls D3 Expansion
  • Free to Play Movie
  • League of Legends - Join in the fun & use one of us as your referral please.
    • Summoner Names:  Cold0911, NevToo, R9sid9nt9vil
  • Esmeralda's You Might Be A Shitty Gaming Parent segment
  • Nev's One Minute Gaming segment - Robot Unicorn Attack 2
  • Electronic Education - This week I close the show with a set of Electro Swing (Swing House), which has been getting a lot of praise.  Don't miss this one!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #87 - "McFire with Nev"

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast
Episode #87 - "McFire with Nev"

This episode we are short Rez again, but Nev returns to the show and records alongside me again.  We talk a little League of Legends, Hearthstone for iPad, our final thoughts on Wildstar, and cover a great blog post about WoW burnout.  This episode closes with a 45 minute Electronic Education set of deep house & deep tech house that's not to be missed!

Episode #87 "McFire w/ Nev" can be found on Stitcher Radio, iTunes, & at

Episode 87 Show Notes, Links, Discussion Topics:

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #86 - "22lb Pussy w/ @Selltacular"

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast
Episode #86 - "22lb Pussy w/ @Selltacular"

This week, Selltacular and his wife Gooomba are visiting St. Louis, while Nev is also in town, so we had Selltacular join us on this episode of the Eviscerated Gaming Podcast.  Nev will be joining us again on episode #87, so be sure to watch for that episode too.  On this week we get a bit ranty, a bit gay, and a bit silly, not necessarily in that order.  We also get to hear what Rez & Nonmail really think of Wildstar.  Please remember that neither of them even made it to level 14, so don't let their limited exposure taint your opinion without trying Wildstar for yourself first, if you too are sick of WoW.

EGP - Episode #86 can be found on, iTunes, or Stitcher Radio.

Episode #86 Show Notes, Discussion Topics, & Links:

Wildstar Preorder / Wildstar Beta Weekend Access

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #85 - "Beefy Date Night"

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast
Episode #84 - "Beefy Date Night"

This week we talk a wide variety of topics including some about Path of Exile, Diablo 3 Loot 2.0, Dead Space 3, Dead Rising 3, and some Trailer Park Boys.  We've also got the full round of listener submitted segments from Ungnome, Esmeralda, Nev, & Stede.

Episode #84 of the EGP can be found at, on iTunes, or Stitcher Radio,

Episode #85 - Show Notes, Discussion Topics, & Links

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #84 - "Parking Tickets with @WildStarNation"

The Eviscerated Gaming PodcastEpisode #84 - "Parking Tickets with WildStar Nation"

This week we are short Rez again, but we've got Militus from the WildStar Nation Podcast sitting in his place.  This episode we discuss the Path system choices for your characters in Wildstar:  Soldier, Settler, Explorer, & Scientist.  Find out what the Paths are and which WildStar Path is for you.  We also talk more about Path of Exile.

Wildstar Nation & Militus Contact Info:

If you are interested in WildStar, then I highly recommend that you check out the WildStar Nation podcast.

Episode 84 can be heard on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, & at  You can also catch all the older episodes on the website as well.

Episode #84 Show Notes, Discussions, & Links

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eviscerated Gaming Podcast #83 - "Path of What?"

The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast
Episode #83 - "Path of What?"

skin Miss Reynolds sliced off her arm
Ain't Nobody Chopper's Bitch!
This week we have all of our new segment producers' segments up and running as a part of the show.  So be sure to check out Nev's One Minute Gaming, Stede's Gold Nuggets, EsmeraldaSky's You Might Be A Shitty Gaming Parent, and of course UnGnome's UnNews!  Rez is finally inside the Wildstar Beta so we talk about Wildstar, Buying 90s in Warcraft, and add a new game to the discussion, Path of Exile.

We also mention the contest that is up and running on the Eviscerated Facebook Page, where you can win a TCG Pet Code, the Eye of the Legion.  I wrap up the show with the third installment of my old school disco house sets for Electronic Education and feature some big disco house as well as French house.

EGP Episode #83 can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, & at

Show Notes, Discussions, & Links:

We hope you enjoy the show.  Join us next week when we bring in a new special guest!

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Guide To Booster Pack Gambling For WoW TCG Loot

A Guide To Gambling For World of Warcraft Loot Codes

Reign of Fire Booster Packs

Demand and Loot Code Use As A Blogger or Podcaster

As a World of Warcraft blogger, I learned one thing early on:  Warcraft players love their WoW Trading Card Game Loot!  Many players are willing to buy multiple booster packs and cases of WoW TCG boosters just for a chance to win some loot codes.  More specifically, players are always on the hunt for the super rare and expensive mounts and pets and buying the actual booster packs for a chance at opening a rare is often a more affordable option for many players, since prized treasures like the Spectral Tiger Mount can cost $500 or more.

As a Warcraft blogger, I also learned another key bit of wisdom:  Buying WoW TCG loot cards for giveaways is an incredible efficient way to expand and advertise your blog!  I've often purchased handfuls of WoW TCG pet loot cards to use as contest awards and giveaways.  Whether you are holding a blog birthday celebration, looking for new followers on twitter, need ideas for podcast giveaways, or are building your email newsletter subscriptions, WoW TCG pet codes and WoW TCG vanity codes are super efficient advertising tools to incorporate into your advertising budget.

Many times you can find pet codes for under $5-$10 each on Amazon and I've bought some pet codes for as little as $1.99-$3.99 each.  That $5 investment into a giveaway is super cheap for advertising that actually works to bring you new and returning traffic as well as new subscribers.  And for the big celebrations, giving away WoW TCG Mount cards will really bring the traffic and subscriptions home, if you wish to invest a bit more for those more expensive mount codes.

So if you are a World of Warcraft blogger or podcaster, then I highly recommend grabbing some WoW TCG loot cards to use as giveaways and advertising tools.  It's a great low cost marketing investment idea that actually works.


The 2 Main Types Of WoW TCG Booster Pack Buyers

Some players prefer to gamble for a chance at winning, as opposed to buying the loot cards specifically.  This can be a lot of fun or a headache if you gamble and don't get what you want.  Try to remember that this is a form of gambling, not all booster packs are going to contain loot cards, and it's never cool to leave a horrible review on a booster pack purchase just because you didn't get the loot card you wanted out of your booster packs!  I see it all too often!

WoW TCG Booster Pack Gambling

This guide should help to serve two types of buyers:  The Gambler & The Add-On Shopper.

The Gambler is the Warcraft player that loves to buy the WoW TCG Booster packs and cases of boosters in hopes of pulling an expensive loot card to either use for their own Warcraft characters in game or to have a real life investment item that they seek to flip for a real life profit.  Yes, there are players who buy cases in hopes of finding a rare mount to sell for cash.  When the booster pack cases are on sale and deeply discounted, this tactic has the potential to be very rewarding.  

The Add-On Shopper is the Warcraft player who is already shopping on Amazon and buying something for themselves that isn't that expensive.  Amazon has a policy that you get free shipping on many items if your pre-tax shopping total of Amazon purchased items is $35 or greater (current policy and subject to change).  The Add-On Shopper knows about the free shipping requirement of $35, so when his shopping cart totals to just $25, he adds a few unopened WoW TCG booster packs to his order to bump the total to just over $35 to get the free shipping option.  This option is a wise one because instead of throwing away money on shipping alone, you spend a tad bit more and get booster packs and can gamble for a chance to get one of those expensive mounts or pets!  Remember to think like the Add-On Shopper when your next Amazon purchase totals just under the free shipping threshold of $35.  

War of the Ancients Booster Packs

Which WoW TCG Booster Packs Contain What Rare Loots?

For those players that are interested in buying their own WoW TCG booster packs, it helps to have a breakdown of what exact loot cards can be found in which booster packs, since there are a ton of already released expansions for the Warcraft trading card game and not all of them contain WoW loot codes.  

Rarity is also important to keep in mind.  The rarest of the loot cards will almost always be the mounts within that expansion.  The vanity items and pets will usually be either common or uncommon distribution, but the mounts will almost always be the rarest and hardest to find.  While it is possible to buy just a single booster pack and get a rare mount, it is also very unlikely.  Buying a case of TCG booster packs increases your odds of getting a rare loot card, but still is not a guarantee.  Although buying a sealed booster box is a guarantee that you will receive some loot cards, it doesn't guarantee that you will get a mount card.

Make sure to check the prices between booster packs and cases because some of these sets you can buy a full booster box for under $25!

Breakdown of WoW TCG Booster Pack Expansions & Potential Loot Cards

  • Booster Pack Expansion Name: Single Packs Link & Booster Packs Link 
    • C- Common
    • U- Uncommon
    • R- Rare

  • War of the Elements Expansion:  Booster Packs (Sold Out) & Case of Boosters
    • C- Landro's Lichling
    • U- War Party Hitching Post
    • R- Savage Raptor

  • Icecrown Expansion:  Booster Packs (Sold Out) & Case of Boosters
    • C- Paint Bomb
    • U- Ethereal Portal
    • R- Wooly White Rhino

  • Servants of the Betrayer Expansion:  Booster Packs & Case of Boosters
    • C- Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit
    • U- Goblin Weather Machine - Prototype 01-B
    • R- X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME

  • Fires of Outland Expansion:  Booster Packs & Case of Boosters (Sold Out) [See Archives & Reign of Fire Expansions]
    • C- Goblin Gumbo Kettle
    • U- Fishing Chair
    • R- Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger

  • Archives Expansion:  Booster Packs & Case of Boosters
    • C- Sandbox Tiger
    • C- Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit
    • C- Tabard of Flame
    • C- Paper Flying Machine Kit
    • U- Banana Charm - Bananas Monkey Pet
    • U- Rocket Chicken
    • U- Fishing Chair
    • U- D.I.S.C.O. Ball
    • R- Spectral Tiger
    • R- X-51 Nether Rocket
    • R- Riding Turtle
    • R- Big Battle Bear

  • Reign of Fire Expansion:  Booster Packs & Case of Boosters
    • Contains ALL previously released loot cards, with increases chances to get loot cards in packs, and a chance at a God Pack, which is an entire pack full of all loot codes!  This was an amazing expansion!

Hoping To Get A Spectral Tiger Mount Code?

The most common gambled for loot card is the Spectral Tiger and the original packs that they appeared in are both rare and expensive, but you have better options.  If your main goal is to get a Spectral Tiger Mount card and you don't want to buy a Spectral Tiger outright, you actually have 4 options.

The Spectral Tiger Mount Can Be Found In These Options:
  1. Fires of Outland Booster Packs - Original appearance, but rare, hard to find, & expensive.
  2. Wrathgate Expansion Booster Packs - The Spectral Tiger has a chance to appear in Landro's Gift Box.
  3. Archives Expansion Booster Packs - The Archives Expansion was an all foil released set of the most popular WoW TCG loot cards from the previous expansion sets.  A reprint set with another chance to get a Spectral Tiger.
  4. Reign of Fire Expansion Booster Packs - The final expansion ever to be released for the WoW TCG, which includes all previously released loot cards, but with better odds of winning.  This one is a hugely popular set because you have a chance to get any of the loot cards ever made.

If you've had good luck promoting your site with loot card giveaways or have had some great luck opening booster packs for loot codes, then be sure to share your experiences in the comments!