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Saturday, January 10, 2015

How To Earn More Gold From Daily Quests in Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of The Storm Daily Quest Gold Strategy

Heroes of the Storm Daily Quests

Gold Gain in Heroes of the Storm

The amount of time you will spend grinding for gold earnings to unlock heroes in Heroes of the Storm will be insane if you plan to spend no money on unlocking heroes. As I discussed in my previous post on Grinding For Gold In Heroes of the Storm, there is a nice chunk of easily obtainable gold that is earned from both leveling up your account and leveling each hero to level 5. However, once those 1 time gold gains are exhausted, you are left with only per match gold rewards and daily quest completion as your two primary source of gold income in HotS.

There is a strategy that you can incorporate into your play time to give yourself a slight advantage in the amount of gold available to be earned from completing the daily quests on Heroes of the Storm. With the Heroes of the Storm closed beta starting soon (Tuesday January 13th, 2015), it is important to keep this daily quest holding strategy in mind to maximize your ability to earn gold in game.

Let's take a look at the Daily Quest Gold Strategy and how it works.

Heroes of the Storm Daily Quest Gold Rewards

There are currently only 9 different options for the daily quests. These daily quests can be held in queue with up to 3 different daily quests at a time. Currently daily quests do not give the option to re-roll any of the daily quests, which are assigned randomly at a rate of 1 per day.

The 9 HotS Daily Quests and Their Gold Rewards

  • Play 8 Games in Any Mode - 800 gold
  • Win 3 Games in Any Mode - 600 gold
  • Play 3 Games as an Assassin Hero - 300 gold
  • Play 3 Games as an Warrior Hero - 300 gold
  • Play 3 Games as an Support Hero - 300 gold
  • Play 3 Games as an Specialist Hero - 300 gold
  • Play 2 Games As a Warcraft Hero - 200 gold
  • Play 2 Games As a Diablo Hero - 200 gold
  • Play 2 Games As a Starcraft Hero - 200 gold

So the daily quests in Heroes of the Storm reward anywhere from 200 gold to 800 gold for completion, which is a large variance in total rewarded gold for a single daily quest completion.

Most players will play the game and either complete their individual dailies each day as they are awarded, or they will save a few and knock out a couple at a time. However,there is a way to increase your odds of being randomly assigned the higher gold reward quests.

Keeping Quests In Your Hold Bin To Increase Gold Earned

To give yourself a better shot at getting randomly assigned the 600 gold or 800 gold quests, you shouldn't just complete a quest a day. You should actually let all 3 of your quests accumulate and only complete 1 a day, while leaving 2 low paying quests in your hold bin. Ideally, you would want to keep 2 of the 200 gold reward daily quests in your hold queue so that your odds of getting the higher gold quests assigned is improved.

This daily quest holding strategy does work and it will increase your average gold earned over time. The longer you are able to maintain a 2 quests hold bin the better your chance of getting better gold rewarding quests and thus the increase in gold earned over time from daily quests.

If you never keep a daily quest held and always complete your single daily quests every day, then your odds of getting the 800 gold reward are 1 in 9. If you hold any two other quests, your odds increase to 1 in 7 of being awarded the 800 gold quest. This works because there are no duplicate daily quest assignments.

So the ideal option is to hold 2 of the 200 gold quests, but that means you would be only playing heroes from the 3rd expansion (the one of the 3 that you are not keeping held). Obviously, you won't be able to hold 2 200 gold quests forever, because you need to level all heroes to level 5 for optimal gold gain and sometimes you will be forced to finish those quests due to the selection available in the random hero rotation. Even though you can't maintain this strategy forever, the days that you can use it will help to increase your overall gold gain in Heroes of the Storm and should help to slightly decrease the time it takes to unlock your favorites heroes for free.

Another way to look at the numbers are with average possible gold gained per potential daily quest.

If we leave all daily quests slots open, then the average of the assignable quests (9 of them) is 355.55 gold. If you bank 2 200 gold quests, then your gold potential raises to 400 gold on average for your 3rd quest (7 possible now). An easier to maintain option would be banking a 200 gold reward quest and a 300 gold reward quest. This strategy would make your average assignable gold reward to be 385.71 per quest. This is most easily accomplished by hold the 300 gold quest for playing Support Heroes along with the 200 gold reward quest for play a Diablo Hero because there are no Diablo Support Heroes in the game yet!

In Closing

Blizzard has given us enough free and easily earned gold to get us a few of the major heroes in Heroes of the Storm, but we will need to grind out a lot of gold earnings in order to completely play for free and unlock enough heroes to play in ranked and draft modes (10 owned heroes are required, not including free rotation heroes). The easily earned gold is heavily front loaded and the grind will be long and hard to unlock heroes once you have exhausted all of your easily earned gold sources. Then you are left with only game rewards and daily quests as your primary sources of gold income in Heroes of the Storm.

We can use the Daily Quest Hold Strategy in order to increase the potential amount of gold earnable each day through daily quests, as well as allowing us more chances to be assigned the 600 and 800 gold reward quests each day. The grind for free character unlocks is outrageously long (think 160+ hours or 400 versus matches on average (with 50% win rate) so any bonus to gold earned is going to be very rewarding in the long run.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped to enlighten you on some of the ways to help increase your odds of getting better daily quests assigned and ways to increase your gold gains in Blizzard's new MOBA, Heroes of the Storm.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

How To Earn Gold In Heroes Of The Storm

How To Earn Gold & Unlock Heroes For Free In Blizzard's Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm Earning Gold

Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard's newest game currently in the Technical Alpha Stage. This MOBA style game is free to play, but there are additional skins, heroes, and mounts that are able to be purchased with cash or gold in the store's in game shop. Just like you can earn gold in Blizzard's game Hearthstone, you also can earn gold in Heroes of the Storm. Grinding for gold within Heroes of the Storm will allow you to unlock mounts, skins, and heroes without spending any cash. Sure you can eventually unlock many items without spending any real life cash in the game's store, but that would take you quite some time to grind out that much gold.

The items in the cash shop are not cheap; some heroes cost 10k gold for a single hero alone without any new skins. That's just the price for the single hero, so it is going to take a lot of grinding for gold to unlock everything you can obtain in Heroes of the Storm without paying. And by then, there will be even more heroes, mounts, and skins to keep grinding out gold to unlock these new additions. Be Warned - Some items are only available for cash and cannot be purchased for gold.

Let's take a look at all the ways you can earn free gold in Heroes of the Storm as well as some tips for efficient gold grinding to make unlocking the heroes for free much easier.  These numbers are tips are based off of the current build for the Heroes of the Storm Tech Alpha.  Blizzard has stated their will be no more wipes of accounts, so these numbers should be pretty close to the final launch build.

The Ways You Can Earn Free Gold In Heroes Of The Storm:

  • Player Level Rewards - Once per account at each gold award interval.
  • Hero Level Rewards - Once per each individual character.
  • Daily Quests - Repeatable quests that unlock one per day.
  • Game Rewards - Playing matches earns gold.

Earning Gold With Player Level Rewards

As a player you have an overall player level. As your player level increases from playing matches, you unlock various player level rewards at certain levels. Included in these rewards are nice chunks of gold, in addition to unlocking more free characters slots.

Here are the current Player Level Rewards:

  • Level 2 - 1000 Gold
  • Level 4 - 1000 Gold
  • Level 6 - Unlock Daily Quests (Each Rewards Gold)
  • Level 8 - 2000 Gold
  • Level 10 - 2000 Gold
  • Level 12 - Extra Free Hero Rotation Slot
  • Level 15 - Extra Free Hero Rotation Slot

So in addition to unlocking the daily quests, which will award more gold, you can earn a free 6000 gold just by leveling up your player level simply by playing the game.

Earn Gold While Leveling Each Hero

Each hero in Heroes of the Storm has his own level, that raises as you play that hero more. You earn experience from each match that you use that hero. As you level the hero up, you unlock more talent choices, skin and mount options, and a character portrait. What we are most interested in is that for each hero, you are awarded 500 gold once that hero reaches level 5. So you can unlock a free 500 gold for every hero added into the game just by playing each hero to level 5.  At Blizzcon 2014, they've already announced 4 more new heroes that will be added to the game, so that is another free 2k gold you can earn from playing the new heroes to level 5 as well.

Currently there are 32 different heroes in Heroes of the Storm (including the recent Jaina addition), which means you can earn a free 16,000 gold just by leveling all heroes to level 5. Thrall is going to be available on the launch of the closed beta, which adds hero #32 and another chance for a free 500 gold. The new heroes tend to take 5-6 weeks before showing up in the free heroes rotation slot options.

Making Gold From Daily Quests

Daily quests in Heroes of the Storm are unlocked once you reach Player Level 6. You will receive a random daily quest each day and these daily quests can award anywhere from 200 to 800 gold each. You only can hold 3 uncompleted daily quests at a time, but let me tell you these daily quests are stupid easy!

Only one of the quests require you to win anything, for most of the Hots daily quests you only have to play!  For example, one quest is "Play 2 games with a Warcraft Hero." It's not Win 2 games, but just Play 2 games. Some require you to use a specific type of character, like "Play 3 games with a Specialist Hero", or "Play 3 games with a Warrior Hero." You also don't have to log in each day to collect the daily quests. As long as you have room in your 3 quest hold bin, you will still get the daily quest added to your queue. This daily quest system is one of the easiest I've ever seen in any Blizzard game.

Playing Matches Awards Gold

You can also earn gold in Heroes of the Storm just from completing matches. Currently you receive gold from completing a match in Cooperative or Versus modes. In Cooperative Mode you get 10 gold for a Win, none for a loss. In Versus Mode you earn 20 gold if you lose. If you Win in Versus Mode you get a 10 gold bonus, which makes the total 30 gold per Versus match won. So playing Versus other players will always be the best option when you are grinding for gold in Heroes of the Storm.

  • Co-Op Loss - 0 Gold
  • Co-Op Win - 10 Gold
  • Versus Loss - 20 Gold
  • Versus Win - 30 Gold

Tips For Unlocking Free Gold In Heroes of the Storm

  1. Focus On Getting to Player Level 6 To Unlock Daily Quests.
  2. Complete Daily Quests. Or at least never let your daily log get filled where you are missing out on potential gold from quests that you have no room for.
  3. Follow the Daily Quest Hold Bin Strategy for increased gold gains from the daily quests.
  4. Play Each Free Hero Just To Level 5, Then Switch To Another Free Hero.
  5. Mix Up The Hero Types That You Play. If you just played a melee warrior to level 5, don't do another melee warrior next.  If you leveled a Warcraft hero to 5, don't choose another Warcraft hero next. This is because you want to minimize the chances of having to play a character for the daily quests that you've already leveled to 5. If you knock out all of your warriors first, then you don't have a fresh warrior to level to 5 while doing the daily quest for that warrior.
  6. Advance Your Player Level So You Get All Free Rotation Slots Unlocked. More heroes to choose from means more heroes to push to level 5 for free 500 gold each week and helps provide more options for daily quest choices to help minimize leveling characters you've already pushed to level 5.
  7. Play Versus Mode. There is no reason to play Cooperative mode.  Versus awards a lot more experience and much more gold per match.
  8. Always Invite A Party Member To Be Your Friend. Having a friend in your group earns you +50% bonus experience.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

My Top 5 Horror Movies For Halloween

5 Fandom Fridays: October 24th Topic

My Must See List Of Halloween Movies

This week for 5 Fandom Fridays we are picking our Top 5 Must Watch Halloween Movies. I've hand selected a list of Halloween appropriate movies for the Halloween season. Included in this list we have some favorite horror movies that are just perfect for Halloween movie watching.

My Top 5 Halloween Horror Movies in no particular order are:

  • Trick Or Treat
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes
  • The Thing
  • Saw - The Complete Series
  • House of 1000 Corpses

Trick 'r Treat Halloween Movie

Trick 'r Treat is my absolute favorite Halloween movie ever created. Sam (pictured on the DVD cover) is one of my favorite characters from a fantasy or horror movie. In Trick 'r Treat you see Sam all throughout the movie, but don't find out how awesome he is until the very end of the film. He is so awesome they even made a Sam Funko POP! Figure. I enjoy the directing style of Trick 'r Treat because there are 4 separate story lines that all link together in the end. It really is both my first watch and a must watch movie for the Halloween season.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Don't let this Disney movie fool you! This is one awesome fantasy-horror type movie that takes place right around Halloween, as one of the boys was born a minute before Halloween and the other a minute into Halloween day. Something Wicked This Way Comes was originally a book, written by Ray Bradbury and he also wrote the screenplay for the movie, so it is a very close adaptation. Mr. Dark is another one of my favorite evil characters and the Mr. Dark's Pandemonium Carnival has inspired many of my Cthulhu and Ravenloft gaming adventures. By far the best Disney movie ever made, Something Wicked This Way Comes is another great classic for setting the mood this Halloween season. Why is there no Funko POP! Mr. Dark yet?

The Thing DVD

You can't think of Halloween movies without immediately thinking of the horror genre of movies. Horror movies and Halloween are a close knit link, so of course I have to include the best horror movie ever made in my list of top movies for Halloween. The Thing is one of the best horror movies because of the fear, paranoia, and overall assault of your sanity that comes along when watching this great film. Trapped in an ice station with something infecting and evolving you and your companions one by one. Who will be next?  In most horror movies, the characters do stupid things to get themselves killed.  In John Carpenter's The Thing, the characters choose the actions you would expect a real person to make and still end up in trouble, which makes it that much more realistic and scary. Best horror movie ever! The music from the film is damn creepy too and makes great background music for a Halloween party or trick-or-treat night.

Saw: The Complete Movie Collection DVD

The SAW series of movies was always special for Halloween, as each individual SAW movie was release on Halloween weekend. You may recall all of the previews that ended with "Coming This Halloween." I really enjoyed the entire series of SAW, as there was a ton of foreshadowing in each movie that you didn't realize was there until you've seen the later sequels. The SAW series was great because it turned horror into intellectual torture horror.  Just how many crazy puzzles can Jigsaw come up with? At least they do have a Funko PoP! for Bloody Billy the iconic character in the SAW series,

Rob Zombie - House of 1000 Corpses

Rob Zombie's directorial debut was an instant cult classic. This sick and creepy slaughterfest takes place during Halloween and is packed full of sick and twisted horror and gore filled fun. If you enjoy grindhouse horror, then you simply can't miss the prequel to The Devil's Rejects. It's in House of 1000 Corpses where we first meet Captain Spaulding, Baby, Otis, and the rest of the Firefly clan. The best evil clown around, Captain Spaulding has his own Funko POP!  Be warned, this film isn't for the more easily disturbed. Bring an apron and splash shield because this one gets really messy! Mwahahahah!

What Are Your Top 5 Movies For Halloween?  
Please Share Your Top 5 List In The Comments Section!

Friday, October 17, 2014

5 Best Men's Halloween Costume MorphSuits

Characters I'd Love To Dress Up As For Halloween

We do have a bit of liberty to expand upon the post topics. I've never been one to dress up for Halloween as a specific character or ever wanted to make a cos-play outfit, so I'm going with my Top 5 MorphSuit Costumes For Halloween.

Scary Clown Skinsuit

There are a lot of people that are creeped out or afraid of clowns. I'd be sure to scare the hell out of them with this Scary Clown MorphSuit. This skinsuit has so many scary clown faces and in the oddest of places. With the trippy patterns and wacky colors, this one would also be the perfect costume for a Halloween rave.

Vampire Bat Skinsuit

This Vampire Bat MorphSuit is another nice costume for a Halloween party or haunted house. This MorphSuit is a bit different than the rest because of the addition of the bat wings, which really add to the presentation of this skinsuit costume.

Zombie Skinsuit

These days, everyone loves zombies, thanks to the major success of The Walking Dead and other cult zombie classics. This Zombie MorphSuit skinsuit costume is an inexpensive Halloween costume and the rotting jaw sets it apart from many of the other zombie costumes out there.

Checkered Trippy Rave skinsuit

How trippy is this Black and White Checker Pattern MorphSuit? This skinsuit costume is another excellent option for anyone attending a Halloween Rave or house party. This checkered skinsuit and the scary clown skinsuit are my two favorites.

Muscle skinsuit - Body Worlds

This cool exposed Muscle MorphSuit skinsuit (or should I say skin-less suit?) reminds me of those traveling Body Worlds exhibits. This MorphSuit costume would be great for a Halloween party costume because I could walk up to people, hold out my open palm, and ask them to "slap me some skin!"  ROFL.

Why wear a traditional Halloween costume when you can wear an awesome trippy Halloween MorphSuit to your next Halloween party, Trick-or-Treat outing, or Halloween rave?  Proper Halloween decorations only make up half the party; the costumes complete the other half of the perfect Halloween event.  Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gifts For Gamers: Cthulhu Art - Call of Cthulhu Posters

Gifts For Gamers:  Call of Cthulhu Art & Posters

Cthulhu Art & Posters make great gifts for any fan of the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth video game, or the Cthulhu Mythos. The Dark Lord Cthulhu is the iconic symbol of the Cthulhu Myhtos, created by HP Lovecraft.  Any Cthulhu fan would proudly display the Great Old One Cthulhu on their walls in the form of art or posters, so these are great gifts or stocking stuffers.  

Here is a collection of some of the best Call of Cthulhu Posters & Cthulhu Art to help you find a nice inexpensive gift for a Cthulhu fan.

If You Love Cthulhu Too, Please Share This Post.

Cthulhu Posters & Art From Amazon

Cthulhu Posters & Cthulhu Art From Zazzle

HP Lovecraft Poster
HP Lovecraft Poster by emilycheeseman
Look at more Lovecraft Posters at zazzle
Miskatonic University Poster
Miskatonic University Poster by chesme
Find more Miskatonic Posters at Zazzle
Cthulhu at the Wall Poster
Cthulhu at the Wall Poster by CthulhuCthulhu
Check out other Cthulhu Posters at
Sarcophagus medium posters
Sarcophagus medium posters by silentietc
See other Silenti Posters at zazzle
That which is not posters
That which is not posters by CthulhuCthulhu
Find other designs of Art & Posters at
Cthulhu London Poster
Cthulhu London Poster by CthulhuCthulhu
Shop for Posters & Prints online at
Cthulhu Heart poster/print
Cthulhu Heart poster/print by rustyoldtown
Browse anotherPoster template design online at Zazzle
Cthulhu Claus Print
Cthulhu Claus Print by kbilltv
See additional Poster templates & designs online at
Cthulhu green
Cthulhu green by niceposters
Check out other Horror Posters at

There are so many awesome Call of Cthulhu Posters and Cthulhu Art Prints available for fans of the Cthulhu Mythos.  Some of these Cthulhu Posters from Zazzle are absolutely amazing!  I can't wait to buy some Cthulhu Posters for myself!  Hopefully, this post will also help you identify some gift ideas for the Cthulhu fans that you know.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Get Evolve Big Alpha Access with Evolve Pre-Order!

Pre-Order Evolve Get Big Alpha Access

Get Big Alpha Access To Evolve With Your Evolve Pre-Order!

The game Evolve by Turtle Rock Studios (creators of Left 4 Dead) is one of the highly anticipated games of 2015. The Evolve game has been winning many awards at various gaming conventions and tradeshows. Evolve was the first game in history to win "Best of Show" at both E3 and Gamescon! The game looks pretty nice and polished already and the Evolve Big Alpha event will be starting soon. I know I can't wait!

Pre-Order Evolve GameIt has recently been announced that you can get access to the Evolve Big Alpha, if you pre-order your copy of the Evolve game by October 21st. Currently, Evolve is set to launch Feb 10th, 2015 with the Big Alpha starting on October 30th for Xbox One players and on October 31st for PC and Playstation 4 gamers.

The Evolve game highlights a new 4v1 co-op shooter, where 4 hunter players team up to fight against a player controlled monster.  So there are 5 players in each match, with a huge monster controlled by a player.  The monsters are similar to a raid boss and evolve and grow in power throughout the match.  The hunters must work together to track and kill the monster before he gets too powerful.

The hunter team is composed of 4 classes with unique abilities and weapons. Each hunter team has one each: Medic, Support, Trapper, & Assault. There are multiple monsters to choose from, currently The Goliath and The Kraken. Each monster has its own unique abilities, skins, and playstyles.  The monster play-style is perfect for anti-social player killer types like myself.  ;)

Pre-Order Evolve Now And Get Into The Big Alpha

Get Bonuses When You Pre-Order The Evolve Game

In addition to getting guaranteed Big Alpha access when you pre-order Evolve, you get additional bonuses! Pre-ordering Evolve will earn you the Monster Expansion Pack and purchasing from Amazon will also award you the Amazon Exclusive Instant Hunter Pack.

The Monster Expansion Pack includes:

  • Savage Goliath skin
  • An exclusive Monster (free download once released)

The Amazon Exclusive Instant Hunter Pack includes:

  • Hyde the Assault
  • Griffin the Trapper
  • Lazarus the Medic
  • Bucket the Support

Pre-Order Evolve & Claim Your Spot In The Big Alpha, The Monster Expansion Pack, And Amazon Hunter Pack!