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Friday, December 28, 2012

How To Get Rare Gems From Your Sunsong Ranch Farm

Getting Rare Gems From The Farm

Yes, you can actually harvest raw Rare Gems from your Farm on Sunsong Ranch.  I've been getting Rare Gems on my farm, even though hardly anyone knows it is possible.  I can officially confirm that you can get Rare Gems from your farm.  Here's how to grow for rare gems.

What You Will Need To Get Rare Gems On Your Farm:
  • Level 90 Character, Revered with Tiller's Union
  • Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick
  • Snakeroot Seeds
I've written about the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick before, as it is one of the very useful Top Rare Treasure Items that can be found around Pandaria.  The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick is a tough one to get, so be sure to check out that earlier post. 

The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick will give you a chance to get Pandaria Gems out of ore nodes in the Pandaria zones, but when used on Snakeroot Seeds (purchaseable at Revered) on your farm, you get a chance to get the rare raw Pandaria Gems.  Getting a rare gem is one of the possibilities when you harvest the ore from the Snakeroot Seeds on your farm, while carrying the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick in your character's bags.  I've been getting 1-2 Rare gems each day when planting a full 16 Snakeroot Seeds.  The rare gems are in addition to the normal Ghost Iron, Kyparite, and Black & White Trillium Ores.

This was another of the many undocumented stealth changes that came in WoW Patch 5.1.  In addition, the proc rate for the Ancient Pandaren Mining pick has also been increased as prior to Patch 5.1 I got barely any gems from mining ore nodes with the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick, but post Patch 5.1, I get them much more often.  I get 1-2 free gems just from gathering Ore while doing 1-2 Daily quests hubs per day.

Note:  The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick is Bind-on-Account, so if you growe Snakeroot Seeds on multiple characters' Farms, then be sure to send the Pick over to the other alts via the mailbox so you get more chances at Free Rare Gems!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bargain Blues Stockpiling For MoP

Stockpiling WoW Blues For MoP
Hooray For Cheap Blue Gear!
 Bargain Blues Stockpiling

Right now there seems to be a crazy amount of underpriced blue leveling gear showing up on multiple auction houses.  I have been stockpiling a ton of great low level blue weapons and lower level blue gear because I am absolutely positive that I will sell it all for a major profit once Mists of Pandaria launches.  How can I be sure?  I do it every expansion and Mists will be no different.  Well, Mists is bringing us the Monk player class, which means a massive increase in demand on leather items, specifically agility based leather gear and jewelry. Oh yeah, we also get an 11th character slot in Mists.  That means even more new alts being created by those players who've been capped at ten characters for a while.

Why Blue Gear?

Blue gear is worth more than green gear because of increased stats, lower drop rates, less supply on the auction house (which gives more visibility to your blues), and for status effect for socials.  Some players with extra gold will pimp out their alts as they level and other players make low level battleground twinks.  Twinks are looking for best in slot gear and pimped out alts are looking for great blue gear with the stats to either increase survivability or ramp up their damage. 

I have been able to pick up an amazing amount of blue leveling gear pieces off of the auction house.  The majority of these blue items are way underpriced.  I'm snagging the majority of blue gear for under 20 gold apiece with a ton of it listing as stupidly low as 5, 10, and 15 gold.  So I have been buying up all of the good pieces (good as in proper stat combos) and banking them away for the new player rush. 

How To Search For Blue Gear To Stockpile

The ingame WoW auction house and the WoW remote auction house both use the same technique for finding good deals on the leveling blue weapons and gear pieces. 

  1. Select Armor auction group.
  2. Change to rare quality only.
  3. Search required level to 0-29
  4. Check all blue gear results for poor pricing.
  5. Buy the ones that have good stat combos and are poorly priced.
  6. Do the same for Weapons level 0-29.
  7. Then Armor 30-57.
  8. Then Weapons 30-57.
When determining a price point, even if you dont understand which items can sell for a lot more, you should be able to identify that any good stat combo blue item should sell for 75g or more.  So buy out anything at 50g or under that has a good stat combo.  Many of the excellent items will sell for over 100 gold easily and some as high as 300-800 gold if its a best-in-slot twink item. 

You can place extra emphasis on agility based leather gear, rings, and neckpieces because the incoming wave of monks will be easy targets to sell to.  Also place extra emphasis on non-BoA gear slots like Belts, Wrists, Rings, Legs, Neckpieces, & Trinkets. 

Here are some of the crazy stupid low prices I've paid while working on this sure-fire mega profit blue gear stockpile.
  • Cobalt Crushers 5g
  • Axe of Rin'ji - 3 at 7g ea
  • Frostreaver Crown - 12.5g
  • Watchmen's Pauldrons 4 for 5-10g ea
  • Sparkleshell Mantle - 3 for 10g ea
  • River Pride Choker - 12g
  • Yorgen Bracers - 5g
  • Thunderbrow Ring - 12g
  • Tigerstrike Mantle - 20g
As you can see these are top notch items that will sell for 150g minimum easy, but I will be pricing them 200 gold or more due to the demand spike and inflation.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!  I'm snatching tons of good blue gear to sell to the levelers, including the Tarot deck crafted blues that get listed too low.  You should be checking your auction house on your WoW server too! 

Idiot Jewelcrafters Who Just Give Stuff Away

Along the exact same lines, be sure to also keep a watch out for poorly priced jewelcrafting rings.  I've been seeing horribly low priced rings on multiple servers (been using the strat on 2 servers myself), which are obviously some idiot leveling his Jewelcrafting profession and tossing all the rings on the AH for stupid cheap.  They always come in big batches and are all the same price, regardless of stat combo!  That's about as dumb as you can get.  Aquamarine Signets take 3 aquamarines to craft and they sell for more than the foolish JC is listing the completed rings for.  And it's been the same thing with Sapphire Signets, stupid prices and a flat price regardless of stat combos.  These blue rings are being listed on the servers I'm on for 5g, 7.5g, or 10g each, even when they proc the uber stat combos!

Aquamarine Signets are crafted with Jewelcrafting, but 2 of the 3 stats on the rings are randomly determined.  Every ring will have +20 Attack Power, so I buy out the ones with combos that support AP.  I target these types:
  • +Agi/+Sta
  • +Str/+Sta
  • +Agi/+Dodge
Sapphire Signets work the same way.  Why are you selling that +14 Agility ring for 5 gold?  Nevermind, thanks for being so dumb!  I'll make the money you were too foolish to recognize.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Most Surprising Market During Cataclysm: Nightmare's Tears

Most Surprising Niche Market During Cataclysm

For the May 2012 gold blogging carnival topic, I asked:
This is my entry into the carnival answering that same question.  You can find all of the Gold Blogger's Carnival topics and entries on Cold's Gold Blogging Carnivals page.  Anyone is welcome to participate and contribute an entry for the monthly topics. 
"What Was A Niche Market That You Were Suprised To Find Or That You Did Better Than Expected In During Cataclysm?"

Nightmare's Tears Still Sell In Cataclysm

Of all of the niche markets that I've dealt in during the Cataclsym expansion, none other was more surprising to me than the Nightmare's Tears niche market.  Why was this market so surprising to me?  The Nightmare's Tear is an almost completed outdate item and during Cataclysm, it should only have been used by non-Cata Twinks and leveling characters who can't use the Cataclysm level gems (due to item level requirements).

The Nightmare's Tear is a prismatic gem that provides +10 to each stat and was orginally introduced during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.  Back during Wrath, this gem was in everyone's gear and was limited to 1 equipped per character.  Due to player ignorance and / or stupidity it continued to see much use throughout Cataclysm, even though using any Cataclysm level gem appropriate to your character's spec was a better option.  The demand had to be related to players not understanding how the prismatic gem and prismatic slots worked.  Players incorrectly believed that a prismatic socket had to have a prismatic gem slotted into it, when in fact, a prismatic gem can hold any color gem.  I further tested this hypothesis, by double checking the armory pages of characters that had purchased one of my Nightmare's Tears.  I almost always found that Nightmare's Tear in a prismatic slot of the buying max level character.

Originally I tested this market out with a few of the remaining Dragon's Eyes I had left over from Wrath of the Lich King.  The Nightmare's Tears I posted all sold out rapidly as no one else was selling them.  I instantly thought it couldn't have been a fluke and looked on the armory to see what these prismatic gems were being used for.  Once I realized that players were looking for the Nightmare's Tear gem for their prismatic sockets, I started to churn out as many as I could.  The removal of the Icy Prism cooldown, made it much easier to gamble with Frozen Orbs and the Icy Prisms to acquire multiple Dragon's Eyes to turn into the Nightmare's Tears.

The demand was so high after Patch 4.2 and 4.3 that I had exhausted all of my reserve Frozen Orbs & Dragon's Tears and had to turn to buying Dragon's Tears on the auction house, in addition to returning back to the Dalaran Jewelcrafting daily quests.  I was even buying out low and mid priced Nightmare's Tears (once others caught on) in order to meet the demand and keep the prices high.  I was able to get an easy 700-750 gold for a single Nightmare's Tear and was selling 2-4 a day for months.  After drying up the Frozen Orb and Dragon's Eye supply markets on my server, I got tired of running the JC Dailies and threw in the towel as the copycats had finally caught on after a couple months of holding the market to myself. 

Did I make a lot of gold off of the ignorance of other players?  Yes, but at the same time, I was just providing goods in a market that most assumed was dead.  The lack of competition and increased demand for those goods led to the increased prices.  Without the demand for them, I never would have been able to continously sell those old prismatic gems for such a great price.  So remember that just because an item shouldn't be selling, doesn't mean that it won't.  Provide what people are looking to buy and you may just find a niche market with great demand and low competition, even if it is selling nearly obsolete items to ignorant players using them incorrectly. 

What suprise markets did you guys find during the Cataclysm expansion?

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Low Level Jewelcrafting - Malachite Pendant

Malachite Pendant Discovery

One of the benefits of doing activities within World of Warcraft outside of just making gold is that you broaden your knowledge base.  This also leads to the ability to discover new ideas or new possibilities for making gold in WoW.  If you've listened to the recent episodes of The Auction House Junkies podcast, then you know I have been having fun twinking alts for the low level brackets.  With this new experiment into level 10-14 twinking, I too have made a few discoveries.  Learning new activities within the game often leads to creative impulses and new ways to make gold.

Since I have been mainly working on twinking within the level 10-14 battleground brackets, I discovered one important thing.

Did you know that for the level 10-14 bracket there is only 1 neck piece available? 

And it is a low level Jewelcrafting item, the Malachite Pendant.  Since it is the only option for a twink neckpiece for level 13-14, these will sell to twinks of all kinds.
Malachite Pendant

The Malachite Pendant is a nice niche item for Jewelcrafters of all levels.  The required crafting materials are super common and cheap on most auction houses.  The Malachite Pendant takes only 1 Copper Wire and 1 Malachite to craft.  This is the only option for any level 13 or 14 twink, regardless of class, so they do sell on the WoW auction house.  I have been crafting and posting a few for 25 gold each, which is way more than the crafting cost.  They do sell, because there simply is no other option for gearing out a twink at that level bracket.  The great thing is that the Malachite Pendant adds +2 Agility.  Which 2 twink classes are most popular at low levels?  Yup, Hunter and Rogue are by far the most popular, which is another reason these are a great seller on any low level twink inhabited WoW server.  Even paladins, warriors, shaman, and other classes will wear this for the melee crit bonus that agility gives.

The Malachite Pendant is also a great option for crafting while you level a new Jewelcrafting character's profession skill.  It should be a nice addition to any common commodity crafting approach as opposed to the gold wasting power leveling approach.

So when you are out and about in other areas of Azeroth doing non-gold making activities, keep your eyes peeled for new ideas and options for making even more gold within the World of Warcraft.
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Patch 4.3 Jewelcrafting Sales And Suprises

WoW Patch 4.3 Gem Sales Are Epic
Patch 4.3 Epic Gold Making

World of Warcraft Patch 4.3 is in full swing on all world wide servers by now.  The gold is flowing for all of those that prepared and stockpiled for Patch 4.3.  My ways of making gold in Patch 4.3 are working out very well, with some tweaks and additions to my strategy.  We have only seen the beginnings of the gold making possibilities as this weekend will be the first weekend with Patch 4.3 live. 

Many players haven't even been exposed to the new patch yet, since there are many weekend only players.  So expect another huge rush on items this weekend.  The new arena season should be starting up next week, which will raise demand for all common commodities that are PvP related.  I haven't been able to sell as many of the new Vicious PvP gear items as I had hoped for.  This should change soon as the weekends are popular for PvP and the arena season will be starting back up soon.  Players will also be able to start spending their Valor points soon, since they converted to Justice points with the patch.

What's Been Selling In Patch 4.3

Rare gems are flying off of the shelves as the more readily available option for filling gear sockets.  There is plenty of new gear entering the servers thanks to the new dungeons, new raids, and the new raid finder.  Red gems are the biggerst movers and the highest priced, as they always are. 

The biggest suprise is the sheer number of Nightmare Tears that I have been able to unload.  I had been stocking up on both Dragon's Eyes for crafting the prismatic gems and Nightmare's Tears to flip when underpriced.  And boy has that been profitable.  I've been selling out of Nightmare's Tears for 700 gold per prismatic gem.  I have been using the WoW Armory to check the buyers of these Nightmare's Tear gems and, as I assumed, players are socketing them into prismatic gems slots (commonly found on relics).  The more educated understand that you can put any gem into a prismatic slot, but I'll keep taking 700 gold per sale on my prismatics. 

Meta-Gems are another excellent seller right now.  The top seller is by far the Burning Shadowspirit Diamond (the +Int / Crit Effect meta-gem).  I made equal cuts of all 3 of the newest Meta-gem cuts and the Burning sold out long before the other cuts even had a single sale.  Those cuts have picked up on sales now, but the Burning cut is by far the most profitable and is the quickest mover of all the meta-cuts.

Even more epic is the number of raw Chimera's Eyes that I have been moving in massive numbers.  I had stockpiled a ton of these JC reward and Fiery Prism rare created Chimera's Eyes.  I was stockpiling in hopes of a new Cataclysm prismatic gem, since my Nightmare's Tears have still been selling so well the entire Cataclysm expansion.  The prismatic never came, so I was stuck with a large chunk of Chimera's Tears. 

Since most Jewelcrafters are spending all of their saved JC tokens on the brand new epic gem cuts, they are willing to pay for Chimera's Eyes to cut for their own gear upgrades.  Seems like a lot of players dumped their stock earlier in the expansion and are now forced with the choice of buying off the auction house or wasting precious Cata JC tokens on Chimera's Eyes, which means less patterns.  It is working out well, as I'm there to snatch up all the sales of Chimera's Eyes from my stockpile I had originally decided was a bad investment after my speculation on prismatic gems was a giant failure.  Dump your stock now while the value is very high.

Epic Gems And Epic Transmutes (Not!)

Epic Gems are currently a huge dissapointment for many.  The drop rates from the geodes are low like we had been warned.  Epic gems are almost unseen on the auction house.  Ones that do find their way up are very expensive - 2000 to 6000 gold per on my server.  Prices that high are way too risky to invest in an uncut gem and then try and profit from cutting the epic gem to sell on the auction house.  Many players, myself included, are waiting for the prices to come down before attempting to profit from the new epic gems that came with Patch 4.3. 

Epic Gem transmute recipes are still no where to be found.  It seems that at this point, they aren't even implemented into the game.  Whether they will come in a smaller patch at a later time is yet to be determined.  It is is possible that we will not even see the ability to transmute epic gems this Cataclysm expansion.

Got any great sleeper picks in Jewelcrafting?  PvP Jewelty isn't worth the time or effort for the low prices currently on my server.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Inferno Ruby Action | What A Steal From Trade Chat

You Have Inferno Rubies For Sale?

The Inferno Ruby Plan

Last night I got a great deal from someone advertising his goods in the trade chat channel.  I always like to look for deals or business in the trade chat channel to make even more gold in WoW.  It doesn't take much effort to monitor the trade chat channel while doing my normal auction routines.  Sometimes in trade you can find a great price or find a supplier for your gold making factory.

Some of the items I am stocking up for WoW Patch 4.3 gold making are the rare red gems (Inferno Rubies) and the big 3 red gem cuts (+Agi, +Int, +Str).  The demand for the gems should explode when Patch 4.3 drops and all of the new gear upgrades start to pour into your server.  With the current pre-patch slump in WoW, sales just aren't coming in as quickly or consistently as the prior weeks.  The cut Inferno Rubies on my server are sitting around 125-150 gold currently.  On reset days, the price can rise up to 200+ per cut and sometimes I make sales as high as 225-250 gold for a single Inferno Ruby cut.  I expect 200+ or higher prices when Patch 4.3 releases.  So you can image my excitement when I saw the following in trade chat last night:
"Selling Bold Inferno Ruby & Brilliant Inferno Ruby 100 gold each."
I've already been buying up gems that get under 125 gold on the auction house.  I've been stocking up on some Inferno Rubies and cut ones as well to get ready for the demand spike in Patch 4.3.  So I quickly contacted the seller and asked how many gems he had for sale.  He responded back tell me "as many as you need."  Ok, great!  So i put in an order for 1000, which was met with a gasp.  "I don't have that many.  Maybe more like 50 or so."  Hahaha.  Ok, little guppie.

The Inferno Ruby Deal

I end up working out a deal to have him cut the rest of the Inferno Rubies he has on him, bringing the total to 60 Bold Inferno Rubies.  So at 100 gold per Inferno Ruby, as stated in his trade chat advertisement, that would bring the total cost to 6000 gold.  I ask for a bulk discount since I am going to be buying him out of his for sale stock of cut red gems.  I'm thinking 5.5k (500 off) would be a nice bulk price discount for saving him the trouble of selling the rest.  He responds back with 3.5k gold for all 60 Bold Inferno Rubies.  Oh WoW!  What a crazy bulk discount, that's almost half off!  So I buy the 60 Bolds for 3.5k gold, which equates to under 59 gold per gem.  Remember, they are currently selling for around 150 gold.  I go ahead and buy all 20 Brilliants Inferno Rubies as well, for a total of 1.2k, another great deal.

I quickly try to get this guy hired and constantly sending me cut gems COD, but he replies with, "I think that's all I should sell you, since I hear the might be used in the next patch."  "Plus I'm tired of farming."

I'll check back in a day or two and see if he's hungry for some more quick gem sales.

Moral of the Story:  Don't write off all of trade chat.  You never know when you will find a great deal you otherwise would have ignored.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

WoW Patch 4.3 Epic Gems Compilation from Multiple Bloggers

WoW Patch 4.3 Brings Epic Gems

WoW Patch 4.3 Epic Gem & Jewelcrafting Discussions

Epic Gems are a super hot topic right now as we have learned a lot about the fate of Jewelcrafting recipes, Alchemist Epic Gem transmutes, and Epic Gem drop sources that will be coming in WoW Patch 4.3.  Here is a collection of some of the best blog posts and discussions on Epic Gems from around the WoW gold making blog-o-sphere.  If you are looking to make gold off of Epic Gems in Patch 4.3, then be sure to check out these great reads from various authors and sources.  Can't wait to start making gold in WoW with the Epic Gem additions coming in the next major WoW patch.

Epic Gem Tips and Ideas From Cold's Gold Factory
Epic Gem Speculations and Discussions From Auction House Junkies
Epic Gems Preparations From Capped By Cata
Epic Gems Goodness From WoW Insider: Gold Capped
Epic Gem News From Kaliope's WoW Crafting Blog

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Patch 4.3 Cata Epic Gem JC Recipes & Tome Of Burning Jewels

WoW Patch 4.3 - Tome Of Burning Jewels (525 JC)

Shout Outs to The Godmother over at ALT:ernative who broke the news on the Jewelcrafting recipes and MSherretz on Twitter, recent Auction House Junkies guest on Episode 16, who tipped us off over Twitter of the news.

Patch 4.3 Epic Gem JC Recipes From Vendor

It's going to cost 5 Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Tokens for each Epic Gem recipe cut, per the PTR.  A second option costs only 4 Illustrious Tokens, The Tome Of Burning Jewels, but the recipe it awards is chosen at random.  You get the option of spending 5 JC tokens for the new epic gem cut of your choice, or pay only 4 Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Tokens for a spin on the wheel of random recipe selection.  Um, no thanks.

Should I Buy Epic Gem Cuts For 5 Or Tome Of Burning Jewels For 4?

As a Jewelcrafter looking to make gold in WoW, you will be much better off by spending the 5 Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Tokens on the top earning Epic Gem cuts for your server.  This will help ensure that you are not wasting your Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Tokens on Epic Gem recipe cuts with weak gold earning potential.  Once you have a solid arsenal of profitable Epic Gem cuts that are in high demand, then you can try the more risky option of going for random Epic Gem JC Recipes.  Be careful though, do you really want to risk 4 JC Tokens on a chance to get a +Hit/+Expertise Epic Gem or another garbage green epic gem cut?  Just pay the 1 extra Token and pick the Epic Gem pattern that you want.  Forget the risk, take the smart approach and buy your patterns wisely.

Do you have a bunch of JC Tokens saved up or did you start to buy more recipes thinking that your JC tokens would become useless?  I have 60 saved up at the moment, so that's an easy 12 patterns to get me started once WoW Patch 4.3 drops.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Patch 4.3 Epic Gems From Alchemist Transmutes & Cut By Jewelcrafters

Patch 4.3 News on Epic Gems

Hooray!  More news released on Epic Gems in Patch 4.3  We now have data-mined information from the Public Test Realm (PTR) for Patch 4.3.  Check out the complete coverage of Patch 4.3 items, maps, gems, recipes and more over at Wowhead.

Disclaimer:  PTR data-mined information is subject to change

Epic Gems Will Be Crafted By Alchemists

Although Pyrite Ore will not provide Epic Gems from Prospecting, Epic Gems will be able to be crafted by using Alchemy Transmutes.  This is good news as raid drops will not be the sole source of Epic Gems in WoW Patch 4.3.  Alchemists will be able to get 6 new recipes in Patch 4.3 and those recipes will be for Transmuting the Epic Gems.  The current data-mined Alchemy recipes do not show what materials will be required for the Epic Gem transmutes, but at least we know raid bosses will not be the only source of Epic Gems.  I'm going to assume that the Alchemy Transmutes will share the cooldown with all the current Alchemy Transmutations.  And you can bet that the Epic Gems transmutes will require multiples of Cataclysm Herbs and Cataclysm Rare Gems.

Epic Gems and Their Transmutes

Red Epic Gems:  Queen's Garnet  -  Transmute: Queen's Garnet
Blue Epic Gems:  Deepholme Iolite  -  Transmute: Deepholme Iolite
Yellow Epic Gems:  Lightstone  -  Transmute: Lightstone
Purple Epic Gems:  Shadow Spinel  -  Transmute: Shadow Spinel
Green Epic Gems:  Elven Peridot  -  Transmute: Elven Peridot
Orange Epic Gems:  Lava Coral  -  Transmute: Lava Coral
Note:  No Prismatic Gem Found Yet

Epic Gems Will Be Cut By Jewelcrafters

Jewelcrafters will again be able to cut raw Epic Gems into their cut versions, which is great news for those of us that make a lot of gold with our Jewelcrafters.  There doesn't appear to be a new source of currency, so we can assume that the current JC Daily tokens will be required to purchase the new Epic Gem Recipes or a new item that awards Epic Gem Recipes.

Tome Of Burning Jewels

There is an item listed in the data-mined information called the Tome Of Burning Jewels.  The Tome Of Burning Jewels is a Bind-On-Pickup item that could be a raid boss drop, or a vendor purchased item.  I doubt it is a world drop since it is soulbound.  Since it is soulbound, there is no way to sell these Tomes to other JCs.  So it is NOT a Jewelcrafting equivalent of the Book of Glyph Mastery.  Is it possible that Jewelcrafters can only purchase the Tome of Burning Jewels with their JC Tokens?  Will Jewelcrafters only be able to learn their Epic Gem recipes at random choices, instead of picking which Epic Gem Cuts to get first?  Wouldn't that make for some crazy random distribution of Epic Gem cuts where your profits or market control will be based off of the random number generator?  My bet is that the Epic Gem Recipes will be added to the near empty JC vendor out in the Twilight Highlands.

So with the current Patch 4.3 PTR data-mined information we can see gold making options will be available for Epic Gems.  So keep saving up those JC tokens and start looking for a variety of Cataclysm Herbs to pair up with rare gems to start Transmuting Epic Gems.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Cataclysm Patch 4.3 Epic Gems - Pyrite Ore Is Fool's Gold After All

"I Pity The Fools That Stockpiled Pyrite Ore For Epic Gems!"

Cataclysm Patch 4.3 Epic Gems Will Come From Raid Bosses Only

Yup. That's correct.  Ghostcrawler (Greg Street) has finally spilled the beans on where Epic Gems will be coming from.  It is confirned that Epic Gems will be added in WoW Patch 4.3, which is also the last major content patch for the World of Warcraft Cataclysm expansion.  Epic gems are going to be coming from the new Deathwing raid content and will drop from normal and heroic mode bosses only (and not at all for the new easy difficulty raid option that is coming too).

These raid bosses will offer a rare drop "geode" for killing a raid boss in the new Patch 4.3 Deathwing raid content.  If the "geode" drops from a rare boss, each raid member will get their own "geode", which can then be opened to see what gems are inside.  There can be an epic gem or a rare gem.  This reminds me of the individual holiday boss loot bags (Like the Keg-Shaped Chest from killing Coren Direbrew, the Brewfest Boss), where you get your container and open it to see what you got.  Everyone gets one and everyone gets their own RNG roll when they open their "geode" container.  This helps eliminate the loot getting divided up in groups as everyone will get their "geode" and a chance at getting an epic gem.

Cata Epic Gems Unanswered Questions

That is a quick summary of what we currently know based on the various Blizzard staff interviews and Patch 4.3 information releases.  There are still some things that are unanswered that pertain to Epic Gems.  Hopefully we will see a Patch 4.3 PTR soon and learn more information on the fate of Epic Gems and Gem Cut Patterns.  These are the main questions that still need to be answered.
  1. Will Epic Gems inside the "geodes" be raw Epic Gems or cut Epic Gems?
  2. Will these Epic Gems be soulbound (BoP) or tradeable (BoE)?
  3. Will there be Jewelcrafting recipes for cutting these Epic Gems?
  4. What will the currency be that is used to purchase these Epic Gem recipe cuts?
In the notes there was a mention of new crafting recipes coming in WoW Patch 4.3, but there wasn't a specific reference to what professions would be getting new recipes.  Maybe there will be new recipes for Epic Gem Cuts or maybe new recipes for multiple professions.  We just have to wait and see to find out when more information is available.

Jewelcrafting in Patch 4.3 is not going to be the big gold earning profession that we all assumed it would be once Epic Gems were added into Cataclysm.  Even if Blizzard adds Epic Gem Cuts into the game and the Epic Gems from "geodes" are tradeable, they will still be rare and not a widely distributed commodity.  Only raiders will be able to obtain them.  As Jewelcrafters we may be stuck working mainly just for tips on cutting Epic Gems and we all know what a nightmare that fee pricing / tipping model that can be.

Pyrite Ore Is Fool's Gold

Pyrite Ore is also dubbed "Fool's Gold" in the real world.  You didn't invest too heavily into Pyrite Ore hoping to get rich when Epic Gems became available from Prospecting did you?  Pyrite Ore as a source of Epic Gems was nothing but pure speculation.  Today that speculative bubble burst and ruined the risky plans of many who choose to stock up on Pyrite Ore.  Today the prices are already crashing down and stacks are already under 100g for full stacks of Pyrite Ore on my server.  I feel bad for the foolish players that stocked up too much on speculation.  As in anything, it is a lesson to be learned.  Speculation is all about High-Risk taking in hopes of a High-Payout Reward should that speculation become true.  As with any major stockpile on speculation, you simply must have an escape route in case things don't work out as planned. 

If you didn't stock up of Pyrite Ore, then you can take advantage of the incoming Pyrite Ore crash.  Truegold Transmuting, Ebonsteel Belt Buckles, and Pyrium Bars are 3 outs you can take to unload your Pyrite Ore without losing too much gold.  You can also prospect and sell the rare gems you get, but be careful.  Volatile Earth and the current gems markets should both see prices continuing to drop as players churn through their massive stockpiles of Pyrite Ore.  I would hold onto Chimera's Eyes at this point until we know more.  If there is a new Prismatic Gem, it is possible that the "geode" would contain 1 piece that needs a Chimera's Eye added to it to become a full Prismatic Tear type gem (that is if the "geode" drops uncut epic gems).  I will work up another post to show ways to unload Chimera's Eyes for those of you that need tips on moving any that you may have stocked up on hoping for a new Prismatic Tear Epic Gem.

As of now, we just have to wait it out and look for more answers to our unanswered questions about Epic Gems in WoW Cataclysm Patch 4.3. 

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Which Epic Gems Cuts To Buy First For WoW Gold Profits?

Note: Epic Gems In Patch 4.3 Are Going to Drop Inside Of Raids (Info just released today Sept 19th).  This post was written as speculation on epic gems prior to the announcement.  You can still benefit from this post, if you are a newer Jewelcrafter looking for which rare patterns to start selling.  The gem pre-fixes are the same for rare gems and epic gems.  Pyrite is Fool's Gold after all.  What is still up in the air is whether the raid boss dropped epic gems will be dropping as cut or uncut epic gems.


Which Epic Gem Cut Recipes Should I Get First?

If WoW Patch 4.3 brings us Epic Gems as we are hoping for, many of us will have a surplus of saved up Jewelcrafting daily tokens from Jewelcrafting dailies ready to spend on the new epic gem cuts.  Hopefully Blizzard sticks with the same epic gem recipe formula and makes the cut epic gem patterns available for Jewelcrafting tokens.  It is speculated that each epic gem recipe will require 5-6 Jewelcrafting tokens.  (Remember everything is pure speculation at this point.)  If epic gems do come to World of Warcraft within Patch 4.3, there will be another massive wave of gold making opportunities.  Which patterns / recipes / cuts should you buy first to maximize your investment of Jewelcrafting tokens?

The Gem Array at The Undermine Journal is a great starting place for deciding which gem cuts to sell.  When using the Gem Array at The Undermine Journal, you can get a quick snapshot of the current gem cuts and what they are selling for on your server.  Remember that every server is different.  What sells for top gold on your server may sell for much less gold on another.  There can even be heavy price fluctuations between each faction's auction houses on your same server.

Epic Gem Cut Recipe Choices

Epic gem cut patterns, regardless of how they are introduced into WoW, will not all be available to you as soon as they are added to the game.  Which epic gem recipe cuts you purchase first is very important for maximizing your gold making possibilities.  Buy the correct epic gem cuts early on and you can make a hefty chunk of WoW gold.  Buy the wrong epic gem cuts and you may squander away some major gold making chances.

I would suggest starting with purchasing the recipes for the main epic gem cuts for each color.  By main cuts I mean the epic gem patterns that tend to sell in great volumes because of the awesome and highly desired gem stat combinations.  I suggest that you first acquire 1 epic gem cut in each color, as well as all 3 of the major red gems that provide solid primary stat boosts.

Main Cuts To Buy First:

  • Bold (+ Strength)
  • Brilliant (+ Intelligence)
  • Delicate (+ Agility)
  • Solid (+ Stamina)
  • Rigid (+ Hit)
  • Fractured (+ Mastery)
  • Smooth (+ Critical)
  • Purified (+ Int and + Spirit)
  • Veiled (+ Int and + Hit Rating)
  • Jagged (+ Crit and + Stamina)
  • Puissant (+ Mastery and + Stamina)
  • Reckless (+ Int and + Haste)
  • Potent (+Int and + Crit)
  • The New Tear (+ All Stats)  - This is going to be a nice gold making epic gem cut and it is going to be a major gold maker for those that took my advice and stocked up on cheap Chimera's Eyes
I would grab all 3 of the red gems, then work on getting at least 1 in every color (so you don't have epic gems piling up on you waiting for a epic gem cut pattern of the chosen color).  Once you have all 3 red epic gem cuts and 1 in each color, then you should start looking to expand even further.  An options of starting out filling an epic gem niche market early into the days following the release of the epic gems could be a very profitable adventure as most players will head for the main cuts first.  If you pick up some of the main cuts and then focus on a specific niche (like the tanking or PvP niches) you may see less competition and more profits.  So pick your patterns wisely, plan ahead and venture on into the gold making bonanza that will be epic gems.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reader Submission: Fire Prisms, Heavenly Shards, & Gems

WoW Gold Tips From Loyal Readers
Reader Submission On Fire Prisms, Gems, and Heavenly Shards
Hi Cold! 
As all AH goblins I too found myself in a bit strange situation during the summer: I have some stockpiles and plans to use it, but my buyers are swimming on a beach, far from the WoW AH and from my sales. 
While thinking about a solution (and reading great gold blogs like yours), I was just starring at my big pile of Elementium Ore. I must say, I was a bit mad at myself and while I was bored, I started to prospect my ores. I found myself with dozens of stacks of uncut gems and did not know what to do with them. Okay, cut the blue ones, stockpile some greens for the JC dailies (now I have enough Zephyrites for almost a year ahead, even if the JC daily is "Nibbler! No!" every day), maybe make some Fire Prisms (thanks on that tip tho!). 
"What to do with those greens for which I simply don't have the space to store?" - I asked myself. Well, I had plenty of time and remembered those WotLK times, when the vendor price for some JC items was bigger than their material cost. Of course, this was not a big deal, you could only profit 0.5 - 1g per cut, but hey! that's more than nothing. I made from all of the greens some rings and other jewelries and started to vendor them. Here came one thing that I didn't think on before: I forgot that there's a chance for a blue item to be crafted! Of course I immidiately started mass producing these rings/necks and sent all of the blue ones to my enchanter for Disenchanting! I've got a lot of Heavenly Shards and Small Heavenly Shards, the former selling around 100-120g, the later for 25-40g (!) on my realm. I'm not such a big AH goblin as the gold bloggers, but I made like 8-10k profit (not sales, that's the raw profit!) just alone from these Shards. 
The green rings/necks vendor for 5.5g each, need a Jeweler's Setting (1g50s before rep discounts), so if you happen to find ANY uncut Cata green gems (except for Zephyrite ofc) around 3g (which probably you won't on the AH), you are still profiting ~1g per ring/neck and you have a chance for a Small/Heavenly Shard for even more. 
I didn't make complete calculations yet (spreadsheet incoming soon!), but from my experience, the equilibrium price for an Elementium Ore is around 1.5-1.7g each (30-35g per stack), with the prices on my realm. 
Don't get me wrong, this whole thing is not new discovery, but many people might forget about this market during the summer and thought I share it with you (and your readers, if you happen to post about it). 

Please let me ask you two questions:1. Is there a way or do you know about a way to mass produce Small / Heavenly Shards, except the method described above? Of course I don't want to flood my market to drive the prices to low, but from the Prospecting business I simply can't get enough of it. 
2. Is there a way to efficiently store Fire Prisms? I'm preparing for the epic gem market (which might not even happen with the last content patch being the next one, 4.3), but as Fire Prisms are unique, I have to store them in my mailbox, constantly mailing them from one toon to another, which is a bit inconvinient. 

Thanks in advance!KhasDylar
Cold's Response

Thanks for the Reader Submission KhasDylar!  You remind us of some important gold tips.  Everyone is so focused on the current hot money makers that we often forget to check back to the older strategies we've used previously or in older expansions.

Here are the answers to your questions:

Heavenly Shards
1)  Heavenly Shards are going to come from disenchanting.  I often search for items that disenchant into a Heavenly Shard right on the auction house in WoW.  Buy it, disenchant it, and toss the Heavenly Shard back on the auction house for a profit.  Another option for crafting items to disenchant yourself is Stormforged Shoulders (made by Blacksmiths).

Fire Prisms
2)  Fire Prism storage doesn't have to be such a space and time consuming process for you.  Try tossing them into a bank or guild bank.  The Fire Prisms are unique so you can't have more than 1 on you, but you CAN toss them in the bank along with others.  That's how the last reader who submitted his speculative ideas on Fire Prisms storage for epic gems keeps his stored.

Got a reader submission idea or a topic idea for me?  Send them in and receive full credit, if your submissions, guest posts, or topic ideas make it to the live blog.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chimera's Eye - The WoW Epic Gem Project


Chimera's Eye

The Chimera's Eye is a raw material that is used by the World of Warcraft Jewelcrafting profession.  Currently the Chimera's Eye is a reagent in the Jewelcrafter only Chimera's Eye gems as well as a handful of blue Jewelcrafter crafted jewelry pieces for the neck and ring slots.  A pair of Chimera's Eyes are also required in the only other craftable to utilize these, the novelty item - Rhinestone Sunglasses.  A few of the jewelry pieces that require Chimera's Eye have potential to be profitable, but overall they haven't been moving too well for me.  If you listened to the latest episode of Auction House Junkies, then you may have heard my own plans for Chimera's Eye.

The Chimera's Eye Epic Gem Project

Chimera's Eye is the direct equivalent of the Dragon's Eye from Wrath.  Dragon's Eye was the primary material required for creating the epic Prismatic gem, Nightmare's Tear.  Following similar logic, we can expect to see Chimera's Eye as the primary material required for creating the upcoming epic prismatic gem equivalent for Cataclysm.  So I have purchasing Chimera's Eyes off of the auction house every chance I get. 

Why Buy Chimera's Eye?
  • Once Epic Gems are added to WoW, the demand will skyrocket.
  • Chimera's Eyes can be flooded at times on the auction house and can be available for cheap and in quantity.
  • Chimera's Eyes cannot be crafted reliably from Fire Prisms and they have a 24 hours Cooldown.
  • Some impatient players are spending JC tokens to buy Chimera's Eyes to sell on the WoW AH.
Due to 24 hr Cooldowns, the non-profitability of crafting Fire Prisms (as opposed to better uses for the required materials),the randomness of Fire Prisms containing Chimera's Eyes, the shift to saving and spending  JC tokens for Epic Gem patterns, the rush for the new Nightmare's Tear Cataclysm equivalent, and the rising costs of or will ALL play a role in 1 thing - an upcoming demand spike followed by a supply shortage of Chimera's Eyes once Epic Gems are finally implemented.  Think smart and think ahead too.  Stock up now to profit later. 

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fire Prism Strategy and Epic Gem Speculation

Will Fire Prism Contain Epic Gems?
The Fire Prism

A Fire Prism is crafted by Jewelcrafters and is limited to crafting only one per day.  The Fire Prism takes 3 of each uncommon gem to craft and is therefore a very expensive Jewelcrafting item to craft.  Those gems can be used in more efficient ways to make a profit on the World of Warcraft auction houses in Azeroth.  The benefit of crafting the Fire Prism is that it will produce multiple rare gems and a chance at containing a Chimera's Eye.  The rare gems contained inside the Fire Prism rarely are worth the value of the uncommon gems being used to create the Fire Prism.  Of course, you can get the occasional nice Fire Prism that contains 3 Inferno Rubies and a Chimera's Eye in the 1 Fire Prism, but those are rare occurances. 

Epic Gems Speculation

There is much speculation about the introduction of epic gems into the current World of Warcraft player environment.  As of right now there is no evidence of anything related to epic gems and the epic gem patterns.  Everything is purely speculative at this point in regards to epic gems.
  • When will epic gems be introduced into WoW?
  • Will epic gems even be added?
  • If epic gems are added, where will they come from?
  • If epic gems are added, who will sell the epic gems recipes?
  • What will be the required currency for buying the epic gem recipes?
  • Will Pyrite Ore be prospected into epic gems?
  • Will Fire Prism have a chance to create epic gems?
Fire Prism To Contain Epic Gems?

Today we are looking at the Fire Prism and speculating on the future of epic gems coming from inside Fire Prisms.  I know of at least one follower that has been stockpiling his Fire Prisms unopened in the bank.  Currently he has around 50 unopened Fire Prisms stored up.  Why?  In Wrath of the Lich King, Icy Prism had the ability to create epic wrath gems when opened.  Assuming the similar fate for the Cataclsym equivalent, Fire Prisms will probably have a chance to create epic Cataclysm gems when opened. 

If epic gem creation is patched and added to Fire Prisms, then the Fire Prism will be a much more profitable item to craft, especially when epic gems are first introduced and the demand is outrageously high.  This reader will have a lot of Fire Prisms all ready to be opened with a chance for each Fire Prism to contain epic gems.  These epic gems could provide the jump start and early advantage to profitting from the first days of epic gem sales.

I am in agreement that eventually Fire Prisms will have a chance to contain epic gems.  Of course this is speculation, but it is based off of the historical change to Icy Prisms.  The area that I start to ponder is whether the pre-crafted Fire Prisms will contain the epic gems.  When are the contents of the Fire Prism set?  Is it when the item is created or are the contents set when the Fire Prism is opened?  I don't know for sure, so I haven't been crafting any Fire Prisms myself to store for later.  This is an option for consideration, if you like to take risks.  At this point I can't say that it is a guaranteed effective strategy, but is an option for you to consider.  It could be worth stocking up the unopened Fire Prisms or it could be a waste of materials and bank space.  We just don't know yet, but that's what speculation is all about.  It's trying to figure out ahead of time what we think will eventually happen with epic gems.

Anyone else been secretly stockpiling these unopened Fire Prisms?
Got any other fresh ideasin regards to epic gems speculation?

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nightmare Tears & Prismatic Sockets in WoW Patch 4.2

"It's not new, but the Nightmare Tear (prismatic gem) is selling like hotcakes to all the higher levels that are getting new gear with prismatic sockets and don't know that you can put any gem into them... Easy 450-550g a pop for these on my Horde server (<250g each on the Alliance side). Been selling 2-5 a day. Yes, each one requires a dragon's eye, but I've been able to buy them fairly cheap (<150g each most of the time) so far and actually those prices are falling after a brief spike over 200g."  - Matthew
Nightmare Tear

Good ol' Nightmare Tear.  You remember the Nightmare Tear prismatic cut from Wrath of the Lich King?  I've had a few reports submitted of people selling these like crazy since the release of World of Warcraft Patch 4.2.  There are no armor pieces dropping from the new content that include prismatic gem slots.  The wave of gear from new content always leads to more gem sales and players are looking for a gem to slot into the sockets of their new armor pieces.  Blacksmiths can create prismatic (or uncolored) sockets for 2 of their pieces of gear and the Blacksmith crafted Ebonsteel Belt Buckles also create a prismatic socket when added to a belt item.

Prismatic Gem Sockets
Prismatic Gems can be placed in a red, blue, or yellow gem socket.  Foolish players believe that prismatic gems are the only option for filling prismatic sockets.  A wise player understands that a prismatic gem socket can hold any color gem.  Newsflash: You don't have to put a prismatic gem into a prismatic socket.  I believe players are getting pismatic gems and meta-gems confused.  A meta-gem has to be placed into a meta-gem slot, but a prismatic gem can be placed into any slot.  Only one prismatic gem can be used per WoW character, since they are unique.

Selling To The Foolish
The World of Warcraft player base as a whole tends to be uninformed and ignorant, as evidenced again by the rush of sales for old outdated prismatic gems for the new gear.  Be sure to take advantage of this unexpected rush before these foolish players are enlightened by their guild mates that know better. 

I have been consistently buying cheap priced Dragon's Eyes in order to sell Nightmare Tears.  I have previously been selling these to leveling characters and higher level twinks.  Since the Patch, this market has been welcoming more and more buyers.  Although these buyers are foolish players that probably don't know any better, I'll continue to take their gold.  If no one is supplying the Nightmare Tears on your server, then test out the market and see if there are foolish players waiting to line your pockets as well.  Other than buying the Dragon's Eyes from the auction house, another great source is from your Jewelcrafting profession since there is no cooldown on Icy Prism anymore.

Is your server also full of fools?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Patch 4.2 Inferno Ruby Cuts - Sell Now or Holdout?

Patch 4.2 Is Here

Patch 4.2 is here already, which brings an end to stockpiling for Patch 4.2.  Now is the time to unload some of your stockpiled items and turn those items into profits!  One of the most popular items to stockpile for Patch 4.2 has been Inferno Rubies.  Many bloggers discussed transmuting Inferno Rubies from Heartblossom and Carnelian, saving them from Elementium shuffling, or just buying them when the raw price is low.  Inferno Rubies are always a great investment because of the wave of demand that comes any time a new patch contains upgrades.  Combine that with the end of the arena season and the upgrade of PvP gear patterns and you have a lot of players looking for gems for new gear.


On a side note, I would like to discuss the whole stockpiling philosophy.  One of the common mistakes I often see when stockpiling is from players blindly following advice on what to stockpile.  It happened with Saronite Ore at the End of Wrath and happened with the beginning of Cataclysm.  One of the most important things to have figured out early into your stockpiling endeavor is to know when and how you are going to utilize those stockpiled items.  You don't want to be stockpiling without a good action plan and or an exit strategy.  Knowing when to unload your stockpiled items is equally important as choosing the right items to stock up on.

Inferno Ruby Cuts - Sell Now Or Hold Out?

Stocking up on Inferno Rubies was a great idea, since the red gems are the best sellers on probably every server in World of Warcraft.  The problem comes when everyone else is stockpiling the same Inferno Rubies. Since most people understand that red gems sell the best and are some of the quickest movers, many other people have also stockpiled Inferno Rubies.  While there is a major demand spike, there also are a lot of suppliers of those same red gems thanks to stockpiling efforts.  This leads to an initial period of heavy competition with lower prices than are expected due to the excess supply of Inferno Rubies.  

Patch 4.1 Observations
In Patch 4.1, I observed the same typical price fluctuations for high demand items that were stockpiled and then unloaded after the patch.  On my server, Patch 4.1's first day saw the Inferno Ruby cuts selling for around 60-75 gold each.  The price dipped as low as 45-50 gold for most red cuts, then started to make a gradual climb.  By the 1st weekend, the cut Inferno Rubies had risen to around 150g each and continued to rise to around 200-225 gold the second week.  The price leveled out to around 120-140 gold per Inferno Ruby cut by the end of the week.

Selling on day 1 of the Patch, may not be the best time to sell due to the extra competition.  The demand is high after a patch, but the supplies are super high as well.  The market can easily become saturated as the people who read blogs and only understand basic concepts start to sell all cut red gems after the patch because that is what the blogs said to do.  Stockpile Inferno Rubies and then sell cut Inferno Rubies after the patch is all the beginning auctioneer could comprehend.  These guys battling it out on the auction house dropped the prices of the cut gems lower than they were selling for prior to the patch!

Wrapping It Up
So in closing, if the prices aren't nice enough yet to meet your expectation, then don't sell yet.  A more experienced auctioneer will wait out the initial supply dump and hold onto their gems to sell for premium prices once the massive supply of Inferno Rubies starts to dwindle.  Some bloggers would argue and say that, "as long as your making a profit, keep selling every day."  In my opinion, that is very poor advice.  Why sell for 50 gold today what you can sell in 3 days for 200 gold each?  By choosing to compete in the lower priced times, you are doing nothing but contributing to the prices staying lower for longer.  Just like when you are posting on the AH, if your markets items are priced higher, you may be more likely to list the auction for 48 hours.  When the price is okay, but not ideal, you may only list for 24 or 12 hour auction duration.  When the price is barely over profitable I hope you are either waiting for the price to rebound or are resetting the market.  You aren't wasting all of your time working for coppers are you?  

On the flipside, if you see the red gems at a nice low price, thanks to gems now stacking, I would buy up some for later use since there isn't the major bag or bank space issues anymore.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

WoW Patch 4.2 Stackable Gems - Good or Bad?

Cut Gems Will Stack

In World of Warcraft Patch 4.2, we finally will be able to stack cut gems in stack sizes of 20.  Jewelcrafters everywhere will be dancing in the streets!  The player base has been wanting this change implemented for as long as the Jewelcrafting profession has existed.  So this will obviously be great for saving bag space, but what else does it mean?  Will stackable cut gems lead to more sales?  Less sales?  No difference?

From The Crafters View, Stackable Gems Will...

  • Decrease required bag space for crafting multiple gems for posting.
  • Greatly lighten the space requirement for storage of multiple cut gems.
  • Decrease the amount of crafting sessions.
  • Allow crafting larger quantities ahead of time.
  • Speed up the overall auction house process for gem sellers.
  • Allow cut gems to be sold in stacks.  I do NOT recommend listing stacks of cut gems.
  • Allow bigger batches of cutting and tipping in bulk.  Great when tipping for cuts that you don't personally have on your Jewelcrafting alt.
  • Speed up reposting of gems from your stacks, instead of doing the mailbox - auction house run.
  • Increase competition and undercutting as players have more pre-made cut gems to AH PvP with.
  • Be accompanied by lower listing fees for posting your cut gems on the auction house.
  • May end up trashing the market and turning it into an undercutting auction house camping market (like the glyph market) due to bigger bags, stackable cut gems, lower listing fees, etc.
  • Make buying out low priced cut gems for later flipping more viable of a profit strategy.
  • Make it harder to reset the market for specific gems.
From The Buyers View, Stackable Cut Gems Will...
  • Allow the pre-raid purchase of multiple gems, without sacrificing bag space.
  • Prevent hearths back to town for gear upgrades, when you can bring them along before the raid starts.
  • Clear up some guild bank storage space.
  • Allow cherry picking of gems at low prices to store for later use.
Will Stackable Cut Gems Affect Prices?

This question is a tough one to answer.  Will the stackable gems effect prices?  As Wes likes to say, "It's depends."  Yeah.  It depends.  Every server can have a different market response to this Jewelcrafting change.  Some servers may see a price drop.  Others can see a spike.  Others could have no change.

To really gauge the effect that this change has on your server, you can't judge until after the first couple of weeks of WoW Patch 4.2 have passed.  As soon as Patch 4.2 releases onto the live World of Warcraft servers, demand will spike for all gems as raiders are getting new gear upgrades and looking for new gems.  There is always an explosion of sales immediately following a patch that includes new content and new gear.  So you must wait until that Patch wave of gem sales is over to truly see if there is an effect on the cut gem markets on the auction house.

As you may have derived from the listing above, I am inclined to believe that the overall price of cut gems level out lower than before the introduction of stackable cut gems.  Think about it.  With stackable gems, there will be more players crafting full stacks of cut gems for their auction house business to save time .  If you normally post 3 of a gem and repost those when you get undercut, you no longer will be needing to cancel and repost.  You have pre-cut gems already in your new JC bags that you can immediately undercut with.  

As sales start to slow, there will be more crafters with excess gems to post against all of the other crafters with stacks of gems.  If more players cut gems in large stacks, then you can't help but see a price drop as the supply increases.  Some players will be crafting full stacks of poor selling gems, which will further drive the prices down.  It is possible that players will buy extra gems to have on them prior to raids, but I doubt this extra demand will trumph the price dropping hammer of cut gems being able to stack in lots of 20.  Hopefully we won't see a major undercutting war market wide like we currently have in all areas of the glyph market.

What do you guys and gals think will happen when gems are able to stack?

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Dark Jade and Shadow Crystal Return To Value

Dark Jade and Shadow Crystal

Oh how I loathed thee...

If you were using your jewelcrafter during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion era, then you probably hated Dark Jade and Shadow Crystal as much as I did.  These were useful for damn near nothing, yet they continued to pile up as a bi-product of the Saronite Shuffle.  The Saronite Shuffle was the way to shuffle Saronite Ore back in Wrath of the Lich King, similar to how we currently shuffle Obsidium Ores

The problem with the Saronite Shuffle was that it wasn't as efficient as the current Obsidium Shuffle.  Today you will see bloggers and players complaining about their stacks of Zephyrite gems and what to do with them, but this is nothing compared to the problems we had finding uses for Dark Jade and Shadow Crystals.  The Dark Jade could be sold on days when it was required for the Dalaran jewelcrafting daily, but unlike the current Cataclysm JC dailies, only 1 was required.  This method wasn't the most effective way to unload the tons of Dark Jades, as all Saronite Ore prospectors were also accumulating stack after stack of Dark Jade and Shadow Crystals.  The only other option was crafting the focusing crystals, which never caught on over here at my server.

Both Dark Jade and Shadow Crystal continued to pile up in guild banks and character banks everywhere.  Some players would resort to just vendoring these gems as they were next to worthless.  There wasn't a way to shuffle them into jewelry for disenchanting for a profit.  The only real use of Dark Jade and Shadow Crystal was in the daily cooldown for crafting Icy Prisms, but being limited to 1 per day didn't help the massive stockpiles of Dark Jade and Shadow Crystal.

Icy Prism Cooldown Removal

Then things changed.  With the release of World of Warcraft Patch 4.1, came the removal of the Icy Prism cooldown and many of us rejoiced.  Why?  Because now we had a way to utilize all of those extra Dark Jades and Shadow Crystals.  I never sold any of my Shadow Crystals or Dark Jades to the vendors.  I tucked all of my stacks away in a guild bank and let them sit.  I originally planned on selling the stacks to players leveling Jewelcrafting as a new Profession in Cataclysm, but sales didn't work there either.  So back in the bank they went.  Since the removal of the Icy Prism cooldown, I have been making great profits in the Wrath Jewelcrafting gems markets.  There aren't many competitiors, if any.  I am glad that I saved these horrible gems from Wrath because they are now useful in crafting Icy Prisms.  My old stacks of both Shadow Crystal and Dark Jade are almost completely exhausted.

I'm not just using them for my own Icy Prisms.  As other players got fed up with these gems and vendored them at the end of Wrath of the Lich King, I have been able to sell some of my gems on the auction house as singles for other JCs looking to make Icy Prisms.  These same Dark Jades and Shadow Crystals that at the end of Wrath couldn't be sold for a single gold piece, are now selling on my server for 8-10 gold each.  This is why I like to stockpile materials that may be used eventually, as opposed to vendoring then to save the bank space.  (When you have 6-7 guild banks, space isn't a real issue anyway.)  If you are a stockpiler or a hoarder, be sure to periodically clean out your banks, as you don't want items decaying in your banks.

Sometimes its good to be a hoarder, as Blizzard may make a change that will allow you to profit from your stockpile. 

Anyone else been unloading these darn Dark Jades and Shadow Crystals?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ideal Alts Series | The Solo Raider & World Boss Killer

Ideal Alts Series Concludes

    The awesome World of Warcraft character building series on Ideal Alts comes to an end today.  This will be my last installment for this series.  The alt character templates that I came up with are by no means exactly perfect as these ideas are based on my own personal preferences and ideas.  You may tweek them to meet your exact needs.  Hopefully, they have inspired you to make a new alt, with a specific role.  Or they may have given you some ideas for starting your very first alt character!  The great thing about World of Warcraft is the variety between builds and specs and this is no different with the alt characters in WoW.  So have some fun with a new alt, but plan ahead.  I may eventually do a post about some more Ideal Alt ideas, but I also may be opening the Ideal Alts topic idea up to the other bloggers by using it as the WoW gold blogging carnival topic.

    Readers:  Is this a topic that you readers would like to see explored further by various bloggers?
    Bloggers:  Sound like a good topic for you to do a post on?

    Ideal Alts - The Solo Raider & World Boss Killer

    The Solo Raider & World Boss Killer is a super fun alt to play.  This is the type of character I play as my main, although my professions are completely different.  This Ideal Alt actually makes an amazing main character and can be a legitimate high end content raider and can  fulfill the solo raider and world boss killer roles as well.

    Role:  The Solo Raider's role is to be able to run old raid content, solo old heroic instances, and kill world bosses all by yourself.  The combination of professions will allow for maximizing your raiding ability as well as maximizing two of the best potential gold making professions in the game.  The Dungeon Running Ideal Alt varies greatly from the Solo Raider.  The dungeon runner can't solo raids and is a support character for dungeon groups (since it's a healer).  The solo raider needs to be able to kill and heal itself somehow or it just won't last.

    Class:  Deathknight - Blood Tank
    Some would go with a Paladin, but to me a deathknight blood tank is the better choice.  Stacking mastery will get you a really nice raid tank that can solo the old raids and world bosses with help from no one.  DKs tend to be faster killers than Protection specced Paladins.  Death Strike buffed with stacked Mastery rating, the ability to heal yourself with deathcoils while Lichborne, and the ability to explode a ghoul for a ton of health make this an awesome self healing damage dealing solo spec for the role of farming old raids.  Having an army  of ghouls as well as a single ghoul and a dancing rune weapon are also excellent additions to your arsenal of abilities.  The various cooldowns are great for mitigation when those big raid boss hits come at you.

    Race:  Horde - Tauren  /  Alliance - Night Elf
    Really, any race would work.  I would lean towards Night Elf for their Quickness ability which gives an overall 2% more chance for mobs to miss you.  That is a nice bonus when facing raid bosses and world bosses.  On the horde side Tauren is nice for the base health increase, which plays well with death strike too.  You could pick another race for their profession bonus, but once your maxed skill, the bonus has less luster.

    Professions:  Jewelcrafting and Enchanting
    Enchanting and Jewelcrafting alone are 2 of The Big 3 Professions when used in shuffling, so there is a ton of gold making ability with this combination.  Having 2 of the 3 major shuffling professions on the same character is a huge time saver.  For raiding though, you get extra stats from using the Jewelcrafter only gems and the Enchanter only ring enchantments.  That's a lot of extra Mastery rating to stack to further buff that Death strike.  Enchanting allows you to disenchant anything you come across and both Enchanting and Jewelcrafting allow you access to some of the old patterns / recipes that are BoP or only drop if the profession is present for the kill.

    You can also dabble in PvP since you are going to be shuffling items in town for profit.  Shuffling ores takes forever and you can get into the PvP queue while doing your work.  Once you are inside you the battleground you can either help your side try to win the battle (Blood knights are fun and survivable) or you can continue your shuffling inside the battleground while you gain free honor.  Yeah, that won't make you any friends in the battleground, but greedy goblins don't need friends.  You can then turn that free honor in and get some Large Brilliant Shards for your honor or  use that honor to get other enchanting materials from disenchanting items.

    Ideal Alt - The Solo Raider & World Boss Killer
    • Night Elf
    • Deathknight Blood Tank
    • Jewelcrafter
    • Enchanter
    • Extra Powerful Gems
    • Extra Ring Enchants
    • High Survivability
    • Get BoP and Prof Only Recipe Drops
    • Farm BoE Epics
    • Can Also Be An Awesome Main