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Ideal Alts Series | Building A Better Bank Alt


Building A Better Bank Toon

My good friend Wes of The Auction House Junkies Podcast ran a nice series on his great World of Warcraft gold making site  Wes's 3 part series was on Building a Better Bank Toon and covered an area that a lot of players forget about.  There are some interesting ideas in the comments as well of those posts.  So if you haven't read Wes's series yet, make sure to check it out.

Wes's Building A Better Banker Series
  • Part 1: To Level or Not to Level?
  • Part 2: Choosing the Best Class
  • Part 3: Professions?
I had left a comment on the original post asking what was a bank alt.  It was a serious question as I don't consider any of my alts to be a bank alt. 

Cold said...

I'm confused a bit.

What's a bank alt? I don't think I have one.

I have 9 characters that are all levelers, crafters, and gatherers. They all list items on the auction house, gather mail, etc. They mail items to each other. They have multiple guild banks for storage.

I guess the closest thing I have to a bank alt would be my Twink I am working on. Since he's just a liquidator of guild overstocked items at the moment.
Ideal Alts

Then I realized that I haven't had a bank alt character in quite some time, or at least what I would consider to be a bank alt.  I thought about the idea more and realized that while I do have 10 characters that all contribute (well the twink isn't a contributor, so 9), they all have specific functions.  They all operate as a link in the chain that runs the Gold Factory.  When I look at the alts I created, I know that I could have done a much better job of tweeking out their roles with better combinations.  Many of the reasons for certain combinations have changed, as Blizzard is always making changes.  So a once great combination, may not be the most wanted currently.

So I am going to be starting a new set of posts here at Cold's Gold Factory on some ideal combinations for your alts based on specific functions that they perform.  Some of the posts will be based off my current characters.  Others may highlight a great combination for those of you looking to start leveling some alts.  What to do with alts? is a very common question I am asked.  These posts should help to steer some of you with ideas and roles.

So check out Wes's post at CappedbyCata on Building a Better Banker and come back tommorrow for the first installment of Ideal Alts.  I will be talking about an Ideal Alts : The Dungeon Farmer.
See Ya Then!


PS:  Hagor says go check out Goldgrub's Goblin Academy.  An All*Star Staff of bloggers and podcasters waiting to teach young goblins and new players in World of Warcraft.


Ideal Alts Series

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