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Ideal Alts Series - The Collector

Ideal Alts Series Continues

Today we have another installment in the series on Ideal Alt World of Warcraft Characters.  This series is geared to give you some ideas on various types of alternate characters to add to your World of Warcraft gold making arsenal, or the Gold Factory as I call it.  Here we are taking a look at some of the roles that your alts may perform.  We are looking to maximize the benefits of each specific type of these Ideal Alts to get the most out of each individual character slot, since we are limited to 10 characters per server (per account).  Yesterday I discussed the Ideal Alt - The Dungeon Farmer and today we will be looking into another Ideal Alt - The Collector.

Ideal Alts - The Collector

Role:  The collector is an important alt character in many gold making line-ups.  The collector is an alt that has the sole duty of traveling around and collecting items to sell on the auction house.  This ideal alt is not a farmer.  The collector is strictly a buyer.  He is a buyer of vendor sold goods.  He collects items from npc vendors to flip on the auction house for a nice profitable mark-up.

Class:  This one is a no brainer.  Which class is the most portable (No pun intended)?  The Mage class is far superior to any other option.  Mages can port to the major cities in a few seconds, thus making them the absolute ideal class for your Collector Alt.

Race:  Horde:  Goblin - Alliance: Any would work fine, but I lean towards Worgen for their Darkflight racial ability, which would assist in running to and from various vendors.  Goblins are an easy choice as they get the Best Deals Anywhere (20% off all reputation linked items) and Pack Hobgoblin (1 minute of bank access every 30 minutes) racial bonuses.  Pack Hobgoblin is a great help when out purchasing large quantities of items in remote locations with no mailbox access.

Professions:  Engineering and Inscription.  Engineering is an awesome addition to a mage's portal library as being an Engineer is sorta like being a ghetto mage.  Mages can teleport to many cities, but an Engineer can port himself to a lot of wilderness locations in Northrend via the Dimensional Ripper.  Depending on your engineering specialization choice, you can also use an engineering transport to get to Toshley's Station and Gadgetzan (if Gnomish Engineer) or Area 52 and Everlook (if Goblin Engineer).  Since your main role is to travel around and grab items to flip and some of those items are in remote locations, having a Mage who is also an Engineer is by far the most mobile of all character options.  And while you are in those remote locations you can use your Zappthrottle Mote Extractor while in Outlands and Northrend for free primals and eternals.

Any of the other professions would work alongside Engineering, but I chose Inscription as the best 2nd profession for The Collector Ideal Alt.  Why?  Because your main job as The Collector is to gather items to flip for profit then post on the auction house.  This means you will be spending a great deal of time within cities, so barking is a great secondary income source.  You're going to be in a lot of cities, so you can bark Mysterious Fortune Cards and make a killing like I do. 

So we have came up with the best combination for a Collector type of Ideal Alt, whose main role is to travel around and collect items to buy from vendors and sell for a profit.  This character would be ideal for getting into recipe flipping, selling vanity pets (like Winterspring Cub), sporregar cooking recipes, and tons more!  The engineering choice is excellent as a goblin spec engineer can port to Area 52, look for Adamantite Frames and Khorium Power Cores on the engineer vendor, then can fly to Stormspire to pick up companion pets.  The Engineer also gets quick and easy access to the Scholazar Basin Oracles' Egg for hatching your way to easy gold.

Ideal Alts - The Collector
  • Goblin
  • Mage
  • Engineer
  • Scribe
  • Mage Portals and Engineering Portals - Most mobile of all characters
  • Forged Documents Daily
  • Mysterious Fortune Card Barker
  • Pet Seller
  • Recipe Flipper
  • Glowcap Investor
  • Zapthrottle's Mote Extrator for free primals and eternals while traveling
  • Dimensional Portal chance for access to the rare undergound vendor in Dalaran
  • Glyph Seller
  • Engineering Pet Crafter
  • Fast Access to a Neutral AH (to buy and sell cross faction pets)
  • 20% off reputation linked vendors
  • Goblin banking every 30 minutes
  • Engineering access to mailbox, vendors, and bank access in the wild
  • Plenty of ways to profit with The Collector Ideal Alt
Anyone have a better combination?


Ideal Alts Series


  1. Goblin don't have 10% discount on top off 10% exalted.

  2. @Tasunke

    Goblins are considered Exhaulted faction status will all factions as far as the pricing goes for faction discounting. Since they are considered Exhaulted they get the 20% off Exhaulted Discount.

    So anything that The Collector Alt would be flying and porting around collecting would get a 20% off discount as long as it has a faction associated with the vendor.

    Here's a WoWwiki link to review the pricing discounts for faction reputation.

    If I was a WoW player and was looking to start making money with another alt, I would roll of this character. You can make tons of gold with The Collector template. This is the most mobile and cost efficient way to take advantage of npc vendors.

  3. read the hotfix:

    "The goblin racial Best Deals Anywhere should now only be applying to vendors with associated reputations. It no longer incorrectly applies to vendors with no attached reputations, nor does it apply to flight path costs. (Note: the displayed costs for flight paths require a client-side patch to update and are not currently reflecting this racial change). In addition, it is no longer possible for goblin characters exalted with their guild to receive an extra discount on top of the exalted faction discount from guild vendors."

  4. @fhojholt

    You got it! that's why I said the discount only applies to vendors tied to a reputation discount, which many of the vendor patterns still do.

  5. The hotfix was aimed at the sands of time and pyrium laced vial (I got mine before the fix and saved a load... now a slightly sad goblin). The profession combo looks quite interesting. Personally I use my mage for the travel but didn't think about the profession side. Almost wish he were an engineer looking for that 'unknown' from the wormhole.

  6. I like the eng as a prof, never thought about it. But I hate barking anything in trade. You'll make a bigger killing, though, if you bark your portals lol. You could, of course, similarly bark JCing, which I for whatever reason prefer lol.

    Either one would work, though, if you like...people. I hate people today :p


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