Friday, June 24, 2011

Frost Lord Ahune Cloak Drops Increase Enchant Sales

Midsummer Fire Festival

The Midsummer Fire Festival is now in full swing on all World of Warcraft gaming servers.  While this WoW holiday is a great time for leveling alts with Midsummer Bonfires, it is also a great time to make some easy gold from those Midsummer bonfires, Fire Festival Dailies (torch tossing and torch throwing), and killing the yearly holiday boss, Frost Lord Ahune.

Cloak Drops From Frost Lord Ahune

With the ease of running the 5 man Holiday Dailies to kill the Frost Lord Ahune, many characters will be getting easy to obtain upgrades for their back gear slot.  These cloaks are not the absolute best available and many main characters already have epic cloaks from reputation purchases with the various Cataclysm factions in World of Warcraft.  The majority of players that will be needing and equipping these new epic cloaks will be alt characters

Since most of the players equipping these new cloaks will be alts, I wouldn't focus on posting the top end enchants for cloaks.  These alts will be more likely to purchase the next best enchant over the best in slot cloak enchant.  With Patch 4.2 coming soon and new raid content on the horizon, not many players are shelling out the big bucks for enchants or gems.  So this could be a great way to dump off some of the extra enchanting materials you may have stockpiled from all of the obisium ore shuffling.

So take a peek at the auction house and see if you can make some headway into the clock enchants market during the short Midsummer holiday season.

Anyone else seeing sales of upgrade items slacking off as players wait out the new Patch 4.2?


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  1. Enchanting sales for me are pretty terrible right now. Gems are still as good as ever, though.

    Something I'd like to add is that the Frost Lord cloaks are so much easier to obtain than having to put up with hours in the new Zandalari heroics. Far too often, players aren't even able to finish them. So for those that have given up on them, this holiday will just hand them a new cloak for maybe 5 minutes of work for each kill.


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