Tuesday, June 14, 2011

That Dreaded Time Of Year Again

Schools Out For The Summer

School's Out - Cons

Yes it's that dreaded time of year again when high schools and colleges have recessed for the summer session.  Most schools are either already out or will be wrapping up their school year soon.  The high schools and grade schools here in St. Louis have just let out.  Why do I say "that dreaded time of year" again? 

Well, if you don't already know that there is an increase in players over the summer months.  Some people will claim that more players take time off during the summer months and this results in less players.  This may be true for guilds, when getting a raid group together can be tougher over the summer months, due to summer vacations and more family outings, and holidays. 

Overall though, nearly every World of Warcraft server will see an influx of both new and returing players.  There will be many more players online during the weekdays as there is no school in session.  I call it "that dreaded time of year" because by the end of the summer, I will be ready for these kids to get back to school.  Why?  The increase in players with more available playtime means increased competition.  And from my experience, there will be a lot more auction house camping during the week days.  So competition will be more fierce the next few months in many markets. 

Maybe you used to own a market completely, but now someone has invaded your market and undercuts you every time you post a new item.  Might be a school kid with no time limitations.  You could be in for a nasty dog fight.  By the end of the summer session you too will be ready for these kids to get back to school and get out of our auction house markets!

Schools Out - Pros

Not everything related to an increase of players is bad.  There are a few benefits to an influx of new players.  Earlier I wrote about waiting until schools are out to start stockpiling for Patch 4.2.  With the increased competition, prices tend to drop.  This is especially true with farmed materials.  No one can compete with a botting farmer like a school kid with unlimited playtime.  So start looking for those farmed items that will drop in prices.

It's also a good time to start breaking out any old leveling gear that hasn't already sold.  New players or players rolling alts due to the lack of raiding will be looking for easy gear upgrades on the auction house.  Another good seller will be those profession chokepoint items that are needed to level a profession (like mercurial adamantite).  New players bring new professions that need leveled, so be ready to supply them the items they need.  A good example for a blacksmith to profit off of new players with new professions is with the production of the enchanting rods for aspiring Enchanters.  Don't stop with just supplying the rods.  Try to supply other items needed for enchanting rods.

Also the glyph market may see a resurgence in sales over the summer months.  Continue to be on the lookout for those odd craftings items that uneducated new players will be tossing on the auction house at prices below their true value, like Spider's Silk, Perfect Deviate Scales, and Arcane Crystals.

So try not to let the increased competition get the best of you.  You may have a tougher time in your regular markets, so start looking for new markets to branch out into to further diversify your profit making options.


  1. Nice post Cold - we have different school times over here so it's good to know when it's happening for you guys.

    : )


  2. Great post today Cold. Got my vote for most interesting post in a long time from any blog.

    Addicted To Azeroth

  3. Good job cold and right on the mark! Thanks!

  4. I hate summer! It's so friggin hot, there's nothing good on TV, and my job gets overrun with kiddos.


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