Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ideal Alts Series | The Low Level Dungeon Farmer

Ideal Alts Series Continues On

The series of creating Ideal Alts continues today with another entry - The Low Level Dungeon Farmer.  This is the 4th installment in the Series on Ideal Alts.  If you are looking for ideas for a new character or swapping professions be sure to dig into this great series.

Ideal Alts Series

The Low Level Dungeon Farmer

Role:  The Low Level Dungeon Farmer varies greatly from The Dungeon Farmer.  The Dungeon Farmer focuses on profiting from the high end dungeons and heroic dungeons.  The Low Level Dungeon Farmer requires a separate set of skills to match the goal of farming the low level dungeons most effectively.  The goal is to farm lower dungeons for prime items and materials in as fast as effectively as possible.

Class:  Rogue
One of the big differences between the current Cataclysm level dungeons and the lower level versions is the lack of chests within the Cataclysm dungeon content.  The low level dungeons have a lot more chances to spawn chests within the instances and some of those chests are locked.  Without a rogue (or a pricier option blacksmith lockpicking or an engineering lockpicker) all of the locked chests will be unable to be looted.  So a rogue is the Ideal Alt for the access to all locked instance chests.  The BoE blues and recipes items that can be found within these chests cannot be overlooked.  The ability to stealth undetected directly to instance bosses is a great benefit.  Pickpocketing can also add a slight boost to earnings.

Race:  Horde - Troll / Alliance - Worgen
Not many of the races have racial traits that help a rogue character, but Worgen is definately the ideal choice for any skinner.  The extra 1% crit is nice on a rouge too along with a 2nd sprint-like ability in Darkflight.  The Troll does get 5% extra damage to beasts and has regeneration and bow and thrown weapon bonuses.  That as good as it will get for the Horde racial options for a rogue.

Professions:  Enchanting and Skinning
Enchanting is a must.  The whole reason for farming dungeons is mainly for 4 things:  Enchanting Materials, Cloth, Blues and Recipes.  There is no bonus for being a tailor in the lower level dungeons.  Lower end dungeons don't have many herbs or mineral veins when compared to skinnable mobs, so Skinning is the ideal choice for a 2nd farming profession for the lower instances.  There are some super profitable farming spots for skinners within instances.  One of the best spots for gathering Rugged Leather in Cataclysm is inside of Dire Maul.  Rugged Leather brings a premium price these days on the auction house.

Worgen Rogue Low Level Dungeon Farmer

Ideal Alts - The Low Level Dungeon Farmer

  • Worgen
  • Rogue
  • Enchanter
  • Skinner
  • Stealth Right To Bosses
  • Sprint + Darkflight - Super Speed Buffs
  • Can Pick Locked Chest
  • Pickpocketing
  • Option to Disenchant Anything
  • +15 Skinning Skill
  • Faster Skinning
  • +1% Crit
  • Get In, Get Out, And Repeat


  1. I have two points here:

    1. An enchanter should be in a lvl 23+ guild for bountiful bag. Just ask in trade and you will get in one.

    2. For class a druid should be consider. You will still have stealt. You will lose pickpocketing which is very low gph. The biggest loss will be lockpicking. Now what do you get for being a druid? Bear form! Because of the way savage defense you can solo anything up to wrath HCs without taking any dmg.

  2. Skipping trash doesn't sound like that good of a deal, not only because of the instance limit per hour, but also rarely do bosses drop anything that's more valuable than a trash mob could drop.

    Except large brilliant/radiant shards are an exception often :)

    But aye, rogue for chests ftw! Blade Flurry from combat spec should speed the farming a lot, unless you are high enough level to use FOK instead.

  3. @fhojholt

    I did consider druid, with the stealth and easy tanknig abilities, but decided to settle on the rogue, for the lockpicking ability. And a druid using obsidium skeleton keys wouldn't be cost effective for the plan of this alt character.

  4. You can also do a little pvp on the rogue and buy things like Sergeant's Cloak to DE into Large Brilliant Shards.

  5. I wouldn't skip any of the trash mobs they often drop high value greens that are used for Transmog and evey once in a while they will drop BOE items unlike most of the boss. And a druid or shaman would help speed things along due to the fact they can change into a Deer and Wolf while pulling the whole dungeon.


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