Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blacksmith LockPicking

We all see the people in trade chat looking for a rogue to pick their newly found locked boxes.  And always offering tips.  Why leave all the easy tips to just the rogues?  Blacksmiths have a perfect viable source of income that I bet you never even gave a second chance. Well let's take a look at this idea. Blacksmith Lockpickers For Tips or Fees. 

Titanium Skeleton Key

Requires Blacksmithing (430)
Item Level 80
Use: Allows opening of locks that require up to 400 lockpicking skill.
The skeleton key is consumed in the process.

The recipe is 4 Saronite Bars and 1 Titanium Bar.  Here's the kicker though.  Each Craft creats a Stack of 20x Titanium Skeleton Key.  So now let's do the math.  As I showed yesterday, turn 8 Saronite Bars into that Titanium Bar via an Alchemist.  So we will need a total of 24 Saronite Ore per set of 20 Lockpicks.  Right now Saronite Ore is at 14g per stack on my server.  It takes 1.2 stacks of Saronite Ore at 14g per stack for a total of 16.8g per stack of 20 Titanium Skeleton Keys. 

So it would costs less than 1g per box opened (84 silver actually).  Think tips would be able to cover that?  Hell Yes!  On my rogue I get tips of 5g per box almost standard without even mentioning anything.  Some people tip 10g or more for a single box.  And sometimes you will get 100g from someone for a opening a few they have been saving up.

Well, this wouldn't be a major source of income, but it is free, easy, quick money.  So don't let those people in trade chat go away unhappy or to a rogue.  Use your Titanium Skeleton Key to turn a nice profit and dip into those rogues pockets for a change!

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