Saturday, August 28, 2010

Terokk the BoE Loot Pinata


Terrok, the undead leader of the Arrakoa in Skettis, Terrokar Forest is a loot pinata.  This guy is summonable after the required quests are completed to unlock him.  He drops amazing loot that is mostly BoE.  This loot consists of Blue BoE gear with , but unlock world drops, these random stats are very good and correct combinations making them viable for resale.  He also drops 2 BoE epic cloaks that are good as well.  But the best item he drops is BOP, the rare Time-Lost Figurine.  This dandy little trinket will turn you into a random Arrakoa for 5 minutes!  Brr'awk!  Check out his Loot List.

Here is how you unlock Terrok.  In Skettis (flying mount required), grab the quest to gather Shadow Dusts from the Arrakoa around Skettis.  You turn 6 Shadow dust in to the npc Severin to receive an Elixir of Shadows.  Imbibing the Elixir of Shadows allows you to see more mobs around Skettis, the Talonpriests and the Time-Lost Arrokoas.  These now viewable mobs will drop Time Lost Scrolls.  It takes 10 Time Lost Scrolls to summon one of the 4 mini-bosses at the skull piles around Skettis.  These mini-bosses are Karrog, Gezzarak the Huntress, Darkscreecher Akkarai, Vakkiz the Windrager.  Each of these min-bosses drop an item.  When you collect all 4 your turn them in to get the item used to summon Terrokar.  He can be summoned once every 15 minutes, but does require you to gather the other mini-boss items again.

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