Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gag Gifts For The Really Naughty

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50 Ways To Eat Cock Cookbook
50 Ways To Eat Cock!

Penis Themed Gag Gifts 

Maybe you are searching for the perfect gag gift for a friend or know someone who has been extra naughty this year.  Maybe you are shopping for the funniest white elephant gift exchange item you can find or you are looking for just the right Christmas gift for that person with the perverted sense of humor.  You could even be planning the perfect Bachelorette party, where cock shaped treats are definitely not a limp choice!  These penis themed gag gifts will make for some laughs and smiles when your victim finds out just what is in store for him or her.

Forget coal for that naughty guy you know.  Fill his stocking full of cock soup, spotted dick pudding, and rainbow cock pops and maybe he will take the hint to be a little nicer next year!  So here's a collection of some of the wittiest and funniest penis themed gag gifts that I could put together for your entertainment and to help you get ideas for your next victim.

Penis Themed Gag Gifts, Stocking Stuffers, & Novelty Items

I hope you've enjoyed this collection of penis themed gag gifts.  These penis gags are perfect for stocking stuffers, Bachelorette party favors, jokes, and gag gifts.  I bet you can't wait to get your hands on a few of these naughty gag gifts!

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