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WoW TCG Reign of Fire - Contains All Old Loot Cards!

Gifts For Gamers:  World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Expansion

Timewalkers: Reign of Fire

Reign of Fire Booster Packs - Warcraft TCG Loot
WoW TCG Reign of Fire Boosters

This expansion for this WoW TCG is awesome because it contains all the previous loot code cards ever created and now with new improved drop rates!

The Reign of Fire WoW TCG Expansion Launches Soon!

The highly anticipated newest expansion for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game is launching very soon.  The Reign of Fire expansion is the last of the 3 expansion sets in the Timewalkers Block.  Even players who do not play the WoW TCG are excited about this release, which may become the best selling WoW TCG expansion of all time.  The Timewalkers: Reign of Fire expansion release date is set for July 23rd, 2013.

You may recall me discussing Reign of Fire with Rez and Nonmail on The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast Episode # 53 - "Party Pooper".  This WoW TCG expansion is highly anticipated by World of Warcraft players because of two awesome things:

  1. Every WoW Loot Card ever created in the previous WoW TCG sets will be included in Reign of Fire!
  2. The drops rates of all loot cards has been increased so you have better chances to get loot code cards!
The drop rate of the rare cards alone has been doubled and the common and uncommon cards have had their drop rates increased significantly as well.  So you now have even better chances to pull one of the awesome loot cards like the Spectral Kitten, Spectral Tiger Mounts, Feldrake or any of the other cool WoW loot codes.

Reign of Fire Boosters For WoW TCG
Reign of Fire Booster Box

Pre-Order Reign of Fire Boxes For Stupid Cheap Right Now!

One of the top deals I've found online for the Reign of Fire expansion is on Amazon.  The individual booster packs are priced at $3.99 MSRP, but at the time of writing this you can Pre-Order a Reign of Fire Booster Box for only $99 with Free Shipping!  That's $134 worth of booster packs for only $99!  If you are looking to try your luck at pulling loot cards, then you shouldn't sleep on this deal.  There are only 9 boxes left for pre-order and they just were added to Amazon last night!

Pre-Order Sale pricing is over, but more boxes are currently available:

Get Your Reign of Fire Booster Box Now!

Currently there are no individual Reign of Fire booster packs available for pre-order, but they should be on sale after the expansion officially is released on July 23rd.

Remember since this new TCG Booster set includes all previous expansions loot cards, these booster make for amazing stocking stuffers or gifts for gamers!  Every pack is a chance to pull something awesome that can be used in game by World of Warcraft players.

Good luck and happy loot pulling!

Let us know in the comments what loot code cards you pulled from your Reign of Fire booster packs.


  1. I wanted to let you know I got my box today via USPS. Inside the case I received 3 TCG Lootcards, A Slashdance (Party Grenade), a Landro's Gift Box and a Feldrake mount. I want to try my luck with the gift box, I'm expecting pet biscuits w/ my luck but the Feldrake is a +.

    1. As I thought, I received 50 Pet Biscuits from the Gift Box, it was worth a shot. =)

  2. My first box had the spectral tiger mount card in it! I also received a landro's loot box. I had three other loot boxes and turned them all in. Of the four, one had the x-51 nether rocket inside.

    Needless to say I'm a happy camper.

    1. Grats! It's too bad they are not making any more of these loot cards.


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