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Top 5 MoP Rare Elite Vanity Items For Gold Makers

Vanity Items in MoP for WoW Gold Making
Top 5 Rare Spawn Drops In MoP
 The Top Five Vanity Items From MoP Rare Elite Drops

Rare Elite Spawns in the Mists of Pandaria expansion will be dropping specific vanity items when killed, as opposed to just random gear or random stat created blue gear.  There is a great variety in the items that are dropped by the specific rare spawns in Mists of Pandaria.  Some of them truly are just vanity items that give color changes, special appearances, or are just plain fun vanity items.  There are MoP elite rare spawns that drop companion pets and other items that give temporary pets also.  Then there are some of the items that are a head above the other items and are more useful than your typical vanity item.  Let's take a look at my Top 5 Most Useful MoP Rare Spawn Vanity Items For Goblins.

Top 5 Most Useful MoP Rare Spawn Vanity Items For WoW Gold Making

In my opinion, these are the top 5 most useful rare spawn vanity item drops from the new Mists of Pandaria rare spawns.  These are mainly beneficial to farming characters and can increase your output of materials and gold alike. 

  • Forager's Gloves - Forager's Gloves are a blessing for almost any farmer, whether you are a Skinner, Miner, Or Herbalist!  The Forager's Gloves are BoP cloth gloves that while equipped "allow for faster gathering of resources in Pandaria".  Yup.  They are exactly what they sound like.  They decrease your materials collection time!  Note: The Forager's Gloves effect does not stack with racial abilities that already increase collecting time, like the Tauren Cultivation skill or the increased Skinning speed of Worgens.  Now other races can be just as fast as those speedy Tauren Herbalists and Worgen Skinners, when they wear these new Forager's Gloves.  Check out the collecting speed decreases from these great gloves!  Drops from Korda Torros in Kun-Lai Summit.
Skinning Time: 2 seconds -> 0.5 seconds with Forager's Gloves
Mining Time:  3.2 seconds -> 1.7 seconds with Forager's Gloves
Herbing Time: 2 seconds -> 0.5 seconds with Forager's Gloves

  • Hozen Peace Pipe - The Hozen Peace Pipe is going to be a huge gold maker for anyone lucky enough to find one early and who is also willing to sell their Hozen Peace Pipe.  The Hozen Peace Pipe is a non-BoP consumable that increase your reputation with most of the new MoP faction reputations by 1000 per Hozen Peace Pipe used!  This includes factions like The Tillers, Lorewalkers, Could Serpents, etc, but does not currently (per MoP Beta testing data) include The Brewmasters or The Black Prince.  In the right hands, these things will give a huge advantage in WoW gold making.  Any Blacksmith, Tailor, Or Leatherworker able to farm or purchase Hozen Peace Pipes will have a huge advantage at getting to the reputation gated Mists of Pandaria crafting recipes quicker than anyone else.  The reputation provided via the Hozen Peace Pipe works all the way to Exhalted status.  Drops off Scritch in Kun-Lei Summit.

  • Battle Horn - The Battle Horn is a great addition to any farmers arsenal, especially any farmer with limited range-based attacks.  The Battle Horn is a BoP horn that when blown attracts all enemies within 40 yards.  This will be helpful for pulling even larger packs of mobs at once for your new AoE Looting strategy.  There is a 2 minute cooldown on the Battle Horn, but if used on a farming character with Skinning, I bet you hardly notice the cooldown as an issue.  Drops off Blackhoof in Valley of the Four Winds.

  • Golden Fleece - The Golden Fleece is another nice item for any mob killing farmer.  It is a BoP unique trinket, so it will require sacrificing a gear slot to use.  For this reason it will work best later on when you are farming mobs that don't require your full firepower, thus allowing you to swap out a trinket for increase gold finding.  The Golden Fleece text reads, "May cause extra gold to drop whenever you kill a target that yields experience or honor."  When you kill a player or mob (that awards honor or xp) there is a chance that the dying mob (or player) will explode into a pile of gold coins, just like the Treasure Goblins in Diablo 3.  The procs even sound like the D3 Treasure Goblins!  Here's the catch though.  Anyone can loot these piles of gold coins, so make sure to grab 'em quick!  Each pile can contain around 10 to 30 gold each, and each kill gives a chance at the Golden Fleece triggering for extra gold.  Drops off of Omnis Grinlok in Dread Wastes.

  • Helpful Wikky's Whistle - The Helpful Wikky's Whistle is a pretty interesting BoP vanity item that calls forth a Helpful Wikky (a small Hozen) that you talk to once summoned and then talk to again after you kill 50 mobs without dying.  Once you acquire the 50 kills and talk to the Helpful Wikky, he will award you a Bag of Helpful Things, which can contain Motes of Harmony, Elixers, Potions, and other helpful goods.  Unfortunately he can only be summoned once per 2 hours and dying wastes your use of this vanity item, but it takes just a single bag space to give the chance at extra goods every 2 hours.  Drops off Major Nanners in Vale of Eternal Blossom.

In my opinion, these are the top 5 most useful vanity items that will drop off of the new Mist of Pandaria rare spawns. 

Are there any other rare spawn dropped vanity items that you are excited to hunt down as well?

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  1. Everything except the Peace Pipe seems to be BoP. :(

  2. Yes, unfortunately most of the Vanity Items from the MoP Rare Spawns are BoP. That means you've gotta get your characters out in the world and hunting for those rare spawns on the individual characters that want the items. It's another way of enforcing the "We want players out of the cities" approach that Blizzard has taken for Mists of Pandaria.

  3. As a self confessed 'solo farming addict' I am really looking forward to all of these new additions to make my farming time even more profitable.

    I absolutely love the direction Blizzard are taking with rares in MoP, just another reason to get out into the world and explore the content.


  4. A Must have for any PvP enthusiast. This item allows you to dismount an opposing faction from their mount. It has a 15 minute cooldown. You must be standing still when you use it as it has about a 1s cast time and 'roughly' within 40yd range.
    Hardened Shell


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