Monday, September 24, 2012

Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm - Don't Fish Without It

Catch Extra Fish In MoP Pools
Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm
 Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm

The Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm is another of the Rare Spawn Lost And Found Items that we talked about last week.  The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick is the other main Lost and Found Rare Item that I recommend that you target along with the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm as the two must have items from the new rare loot system.

The Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm (previously known as the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Lure in the MoP Beta) is a BoP item that gives you a 1 hour buff that gives you a chance to catch extra fish from Fishing Pools in the Zones of Pandaria.  Early reports suggest that the total fish caught from using the Fishing Charm in MoP Pools rewards an extra 20% of fish. The Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm is not consumed when used, but you will need to acquire one of each of your Fishermen as it is BoP.

How To Get Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm
Ghostly Pandaren

Where To Find The Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm?

The Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm can be obtained in the MoP zone Valley of the Four Winds.  It is awarded from talking to the Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman at the Northern edge of Cattail Lake.  The Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman is a rare spawn NPC and he only awards 1 Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm per appearance, so you must be the first to talk to the Ghostly Fisherman and then select the dialogue to receive the Charm. 

Obviously anyone planning on Fishing in Pandaria will want to grab this Charm and fish in the pools of the Pandaren zones to get an extra 20% fish.  Again, just like the Ancient Pandaren Mining pick is a must for Miners, the Charm is a must for Anglers.

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