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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

20 Days Of Gold Making - Day 4 & 5 - To Bank Alt Or Not?

This entry is part of a series of gold making posts answering the questions in the 20 Days of Gold Making Challenge started by Nev over at Auction House Addict.  If you also blog, then be sure to check out the gold blogging challenge for post topic ideas.

20 Days Of Gold Making (Days 4 & 5)

Do You Use A Banker Alt / Guild?  When Did You Start Using It & Why?

This is one major area where I differ from a lot of other World of Warcraft gold makers.  I don't use bank alts.  Sure, I have guilds that are just overflow & stockpile storage banks, but I definately do not have a dedicated banker. 

All of my characters are crafters, so they each are responsible for purchasing their own materials, crafting their products and listing them on the auction house themselves.  Why?

Why Each Alt Sells Their Own Items:
  1. Inventory Management - It's much easier to see when you are low on stock when on the characters that creates and stores the items themselves instead of digging through add-on info that is only as accurate as the last time you logged every alt of yours and pulled every single item out of each mailbox.  How often is that?  Never.
  2. WYSIWYG Purchasing - Everyone buys their own materials.  No need to worry about who has what, who needs what, and who to mail more stuff to.  They just buy their own supplies, use their own, and store their own.
  3. Less Mailbox Jams - Each mailbox is much more manageable when broken down into 1-2 professions per character.  Glyphs are bad enough to relist alone, I wouldn't want hundreds of other items mixed into the expired auctions with them.
  4. Easier Relisting On Remote AH - Much smaller expired lists per auctioneer means I have more relisting options from my multiple mailboxes, instead of everything locked behind the next 50 expired auction mails.
  5. Time Saver - Less time mailing materials and finished products around, smaller mailbox back ups, and a quicker inventory assessment all speed up the time required to keep crafting and selling streamlined.
These are my own personal preferences, but many others go with a dedicated bank alt or two.  I don't see the benefit of cramming everything onto a couple of alts to do all of the ugly work.  In my opinion it's actually slower to send everything to one alt who gets stuck collecting, sorting, taking inventory, posting, and relisting all on his own. 

Day 5 Question Is:  Do You Keep The Same Banker Alt Or Do You Change Them Up & Why?

Since, I don't even use a banker alt, I'll be skipping this question.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are You Saving Your Shiny Rewards?

Goldgrub da Goblin Warrior
A Shiny Reward

One of the most profitable rewards, monetarily speaking, of any quest in all of World of Warcraft is the loot from the "A Shiny Reward" quest.  This is a short 2 part quest chain that begins within the new 5-man Heroic Zul-Gurub.  Part 1 of the quest chain is the "Booty Bay's Interests" quest, which starts from the Goblin Overseer Blingbang.

Quest Chain Part 1:  Booty Bay's Interestes -  Kill Jin'do the Godbreaker in H-ZG and collect the quest item.
Quest Chain Part 2:  A Shiny Reward - Find the treasure chest at Janeiro's Point NW of Booty Bay. (Inside the Statue)

Upon quest completion, you will receive:

If you sell all 4 items to a vendor, then this quest's rewards combined with the gold from the quest will earn you a whopping total of 174g 98s 87c.  Pretty nice payday for a single quest.  Did you sell yours to the vendor?

Breaking Down The Shiny Rewards

Black Ice - This hefty diamond ring will get you 100 gold from any vendor.  Unfortunately, this ring is bind on pickup, so you can only flash your new bling bling ring on your level 85 that completed the quest.  It is a visible ring that can be seen on your character.  It is huge and it does sparkle on your hand.  Being BoP limits our options for this one though.

Tarnished Crown - This one can be seen in the image above on my Goblin Warrior Twink, Goldgrub.  It doesn't bind to your character at all.  So you can trade it, sell it, equip it, move it from character to character, etc.  This is a nice one to sell to low level twinks that can't wear anything on their head gear slot.

Gem Studded Bracelets - Like the crown, it doesn't bind at all.  Another one to sell to lower level characters.  Bank alts can pimp out with these glamorous bracelets.  They may bring considerably more value on a role-playing server (as would any of these).  Not that great for level 1 twinks though as they don't accept many enchants.

Golden Necklace - The least valuable of all 3 of the non-binding shiny rewards as this one gives no visible character display on the item.  Really just for decking out a bank alt's neck slot.  Shouldn't sell for as good of a mark-up as the other two.

Server and Faction Transfer Options

All 3 shiny rewards (Golden Necklace, Gem Studded Bracelets, and Tarnished Crown) have something peculiar about them as well.  They are all stackable and will stack to a stack size of 20!  What does that matter?  Think deeper...give up?  Ok.  With the ability to stack 20 of these at once it creates a great item for server transferring or faction transferring.  You get 20 gem studded bracelets x 33+ gold each = over 660g of vendorable loot in a single bag slot.  That is some pretty good gold per bag slot ratio for a player looking to transfer and take as much gold as possible, or for a player looking to faction transfer and bring some quick sources of starter cash. 

Shiny Rewards Speculation

The Black Ice diamond ring is bind-on-pickup, but would be so much more valuable if it was bind on equip and could be sold.  What if blizzard changed it to bind-on-equip?  I doubt they would change it to bind-on-equip.  They might change it to Bind-on-Account though, so saving it could get it on your pimped out banker toon later.  Can't hurt to save it away though instead of selling to the vendor.

I am saving all 3 of my Shiny Rewards that don't bind.  Why?  Remember how valuable the Red Bandit Mask was?  This could eventually become as rare as those items, should something change with the quest.  Maybe once Patch 4.2 is released, they will remove this quest altogether.  Blizzard has done stranger things.  Maybe one day these super sexy twink / bank alt items will no longer be obtainable and you will wish you hadn't sold yours to the vendors.  We can toss em in the bank and hang onto them for safe keeping.  I mean who needs a lousy extra 175g anyways at level 85.  We can only hope they go the way of the other vanity items that have been removed.  I'm playing it safe and banked mine.  

Did you bank em or did you sell yours to the vendors?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ideal Alts Series | Building A Better Bank Alt


Building A Better Bank Toon

My good friend Wes of The Auction House Junkies Podcast ran a nice series on his great World of Warcraft gold making site  Wes's 3 part series was on Building a Better Bank Toon and covered an area that a lot of players forget about.  There are some interesting ideas in the comments as well of those posts.  So if you haven't read Wes's series yet, make sure to check it out.

Wes's Building A Better Banker Series
  • Part 1: To Level or Not to Level?
  • Part 2: Choosing the Best Class
  • Part 3: Professions?
I had left a comment on the original post asking what was a bank alt.  It was a serious question as I don't consider any of my alts to be a bank alt. 

Cold said...

I'm confused a bit.

What's a bank alt? I don't think I have one.

I have 9 characters that are all levelers, crafters, and gatherers. They all list items on the auction house, gather mail, etc. They mail items to each other. They have multiple guild banks for storage.

I guess the closest thing I have to a bank alt would be my Twink I am working on. Since he's just a liquidator of guild overstocked items at the moment.
Ideal Alts

Then I realized that I haven't had a bank alt character in quite some time, or at least what I would consider to be a bank alt.  I thought about the idea more and realized that while I do have 10 characters that all contribute (well the twink isn't a contributor, so 9), they all have specific functions.  They all operate as a link in the chain that runs the Gold Factory.  When I look at the alts I created, I know that I could have done a much better job of tweeking out their roles with better combinations.  Many of the reasons for certain combinations have changed, as Blizzard is always making changes.  So a once great combination, may not be the most wanted currently.

So I am going to be starting a new set of posts here at Cold's Gold Factory on some ideal combinations for your alts based on specific functions that they perform.  Some of the posts will be based off my current characters.  Others may highlight a great combination for those of you looking to start leveling some alts.  What to do with alts? is a very common question I am asked.  These posts should help to steer some of you with ideas and roles.

So check out Wes's post at CappedbyCata on Building a Better Banker and come back tommorrow for the first installment of Ideal Alts.  I will be talking about an Ideal Alts : The Dungeon Farmer.
See Ya Then!


PS:  Hagor says go check out Goldgrub's Goblin Academy.  An All*Star Staff of bloggers and podcasters waiting to teach young goblins and new players in World of Warcraft.


Ideal Alts Series