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Monday, January 28, 2013

5.2 To Kill Level 10 Twink Market

Say Goodbye To Level 10 Twinking

There's a major change coming soon to random battle grounds in World of Warcraft.  It's a huge change for twinking and will completely destroy the level 10 twink auction niche market.  Allthough level 10s will be hit the absolute hardest, there are ramifications in almost every other bracket as well.  I've already talked about this on The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast Episode #35, but I'll go into more detail here from a gold making standpoint.  So what's the big change?

Coming in Patch 5.2:
"Players in low level battlegrounds will have their effective level raised to the maximum level allowed in that battleground bracket. Players’ base stats and spells are scaled accordingly and are treated as the same level when determining hits, misses, and critical effect chance.”
So what it means is that every character in a battleground, regardless of actual level, will be treated as the max possible level for the battleground.  All base stats and spells will be adjusted up accordingly.  Gear shouldn't be changed, except maybe heirlooms scaling up to the new level, and I doubt you will be able to equip new higher level gear if you enter at a lower level.  This does have ramifications in all brackets, as far as spells and level scaling goes, but the biggest hit is to the level 10 twinks.

What is a level 10 Twink?

A level 10 Twink is a one man death dealing slaughterhouse, especially a hunter.  Level 10 is a very popular bracket for twinking because a level 10 twink can decimate an entire battleground if built and played properly.  The exploit still exist for getting your twink into regular (non-XP off ) battlegrounds with your own XP off and that's where it gets amazingly fun to slaughter undergeared players.  There are level 10 twinks out there with the highest possble honor kill achievements.  Yup, at level 10!

A level 10 Twink is so awesome because of some of the changes that Blizzard implememnted for low level players.  From level 1 through 10, all players get what I like to call, "Noob Buffs".  These are benefits that were designed to make leveling a new character faster, easier, and more enjoyable.  Problem is at level 10 you still have all the benefits and you can already enter into a battleground with level 10-14 players. 

These "Noob Buffs" are from how the game scales combat ratings and how abilities are translated into those combat ratings.  The lower level your character is, the more of a benefit you get from enchants, stats, buffs, etc.  So all level 1-10 characters get a boost to damage, as well as secondary attributes.  Level 1-10 characters also receive a huge boost to their rate of mana and health regeneration.  A level 10 twink can autoheal within seconds when out of combat, without the need for bandages at all.  If he's a troll twink it's even faster thanks to the Regeneration racial.

Lower brackets tend to favor the Agility based classes since they tend to have a ton of great enchants to add to many slots, even at lower level.  For this reason the lower brackets have historically be slanted towards Rogues and Hunters.  I love my level 10 hunter twink.  He destroys most anything in his path!

Once the new Patch 5.2 changes hit, he'll be dead and forced to level to 14 or will get deleted because 14 on 14 is, well, meh! 

Incoming Auction Market Changes

With level 10s becoming obsolete there are a few notable items to unload now before the changes come.  Most notable is the lvl 10 overpowered green Darkmoon chest pieces from the Tarot Decks.  These may still sell to levelers, but the value of them will plummet, especially on the +Agi and +Agi/+Sta leather chests as Heirlooms and crafted/dungeon/quest items become better choices at level 14.

On the other hand, Malachite Pendants could see a spike in sales and price as all the level 10 Agility class twinks level up to 14.  The +2 Agility necklace is the only option and has been a consistent seller for me at 25 gold each.  For the same reason, now is a good time to start hunting Slimey Murloc Scales to craft into belts as well.

So if you have a level 10 twink, then get to killing and enjoy your final days as a one man murder show.  You days are now numbered.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bargain Blues Stockpiling For MoP

Stockpiling WoW Blues For MoP
Hooray For Cheap Blue Gear!
 Bargain Blues Stockpiling

Right now there seems to be a crazy amount of underpriced blue leveling gear showing up on multiple auction houses.  I have been stockpiling a ton of great low level blue weapons and lower level blue gear because I am absolutely positive that I will sell it all for a major profit once Mists of Pandaria launches.  How can I be sure?  I do it every expansion and Mists will be no different.  Well, Mists is bringing us the Monk player class, which means a massive increase in demand on leather items, specifically agility based leather gear and jewelry. Oh yeah, we also get an 11th character slot in Mists.  That means even more new alts being created by those players who've been capped at ten characters for a while.

Why Blue Gear?

Blue gear is worth more than green gear because of increased stats, lower drop rates, less supply on the auction house (which gives more visibility to your blues), and for status effect for socials.  Some players with extra gold will pimp out their alts as they level and other players make low level battleground twinks.  Twinks are looking for best in slot gear and pimped out alts are looking for great blue gear with the stats to either increase survivability or ramp up their damage. 

I have been able to pick up an amazing amount of blue leveling gear pieces off of the auction house.  The majority of these blue items are way underpriced.  I'm snagging the majority of blue gear for under 20 gold apiece with a ton of it listing as stupidly low as 5, 10, and 15 gold.  So I have been buying up all of the good pieces (good as in proper stat combos) and banking them away for the new player rush. 

How To Search For Blue Gear To Stockpile

The ingame WoW auction house and the WoW remote auction house both use the same technique for finding good deals on the leveling blue weapons and gear pieces. 

  1. Select Armor auction group.
  2. Change to rare quality only.
  3. Search required level to 0-29
  4. Check all blue gear results for poor pricing.
  5. Buy the ones that have good stat combos and are poorly priced.
  6. Do the same for Weapons level 0-29.
  7. Then Armor 30-57.
  8. Then Weapons 30-57.
When determining a price point, even if you dont understand which items can sell for a lot more, you should be able to identify that any good stat combo blue item should sell for 75g or more.  So buy out anything at 50g or under that has a good stat combo.  Many of the excellent items will sell for over 100 gold easily and some as high as 300-800 gold if its a best-in-slot twink item. 

You can place extra emphasis on agility based leather gear, rings, and neckpieces because the incoming wave of monks will be easy targets to sell to.  Also place extra emphasis on non-BoA gear slots like Belts, Wrists, Rings, Legs, Neckpieces, & Trinkets. 

Here are some of the crazy stupid low prices I've paid while working on this sure-fire mega profit blue gear stockpile.
  • Cobalt Crushers 5g
  • Axe of Rin'ji - 3 at 7g ea
  • Frostreaver Crown - 12.5g
  • Watchmen's Pauldrons 4 for 5-10g ea
  • Sparkleshell Mantle - 3 for 10g ea
  • River Pride Choker - 12g
  • Yorgen Bracers - 5g
  • Thunderbrow Ring - 12g
  • Tigerstrike Mantle - 20g
As you can see these are top notch items that will sell for 150g minimum easy, but I will be pricing them 200 gold or more due to the demand spike and inflation.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!  I'm snatching tons of good blue gear to sell to the levelers, including the Tarot deck crafted blues that get listed too low.  You should be checking your auction house on your WoW server too! 

Idiot Jewelcrafters Who Just Give Stuff Away

Along the exact same lines, be sure to also keep a watch out for poorly priced jewelcrafting rings.  I've been seeing horribly low priced rings on multiple servers (been using the strat on 2 servers myself), which are obviously some idiot leveling his Jewelcrafting profession and tossing all the rings on the AH for stupid cheap.  They always come in big batches and are all the same price, regardless of stat combo!  That's about as dumb as you can get.  Aquamarine Signets take 3 aquamarines to craft and they sell for more than the foolish JC is listing the completed rings for.  And it's been the same thing with Sapphire Signets, stupid prices and a flat price regardless of stat combos.  These blue rings are being listed on the servers I'm on for 5g, 7.5g, or 10g each, even when they proc the uber stat combos!

Aquamarine Signets are crafted with Jewelcrafting, but 2 of the 3 stats on the rings are randomly determined.  Every ring will have +20 Attack Power, so I buy out the ones with combos that support AP.  I target these types:
  • +Agi/+Sta
  • +Str/+Sta
  • +Agi/+Dodge
Sapphire Signets work the same way.  Why are you selling that +14 Agility ring for 5 gold?  Nevermind, thanks for being so dumb!  I'll make the money you were too foolish to recognize.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Reader Submission: More 10-14 Twink Items To Craft For Profits

Reader Submissions are always accepted here at Cold's Gold Factory.  If you would like to do a guest post as a blogger or are interested in seeing your own tips in an online blog format, then feel free to send in your submissions.

Hey Cold!

I've been reading your website for quite a long time. I was quite surprised when I realized that you were twinking at 14 - Happily surprised. I'm an extremely long time twink in the 10-14 battleground bracket (Used to play 10-19). My toon is from Burning Crusade. I like this bracket and promote it a lot, so I was happy to see some new faces in our bracket. If you want to play some Exp-Off game, versus twink some times, you should check out Section 10-14. We schedule some Exp-Off games from times to times. It's lots of fun.

Okay, back on topic. Here are some items you can craft to make lots of gold in the 10-14 battleground bracket.
  • Gemmed Copper Gauntlets - BiS for Mail wearers.
  • Colorful Kilt - BiS for several 14 caster classes.
  • Flying Tiger Goggles (Engineering, but was changed from 4stam/4spirit to 4stam/4hit back in 4.2 or 4.3 (No one realized it though, hehe) It's great for those without a BoA head.
  • Simple Kilt - BiS for several 10 casters.
 Gemmed Copper Gauntlets are probably the most valuable.


 To finish here's a crazily good way to make lots of money on low level toon for this bracket:

Stendel's Wedding Band

It's fished from Westfall. It's a level 11 ring, but it's BiS from level 11-14 and probably maybe 15 and 16 twinkers also.

Easily sold for 1000 gold +. So it's an easy way to get some gold on a low level toon. Fishing chance are low, but most people get it between 200-850 catches,which is around 3-4 hours of fishing at worst. I have seen several players who got it in 2 or less hours.



A special thanks to Bankbeauty for the helpful tips on more low level items to craft and sell within the 10-14 WoW twinking niche market.  The new items can be sold in addition to the twink items I have already covered here on the blog.
One thing that is common among players who haven't twinked before is the doubt about how well or how much these types of items can sell for.  Once you have done some twinking yourself, you get a better understanding on the twinking market.  Don't be a naysayer and give a few of these markets a try.

Thanks again, Bankbeauty!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Voice Amplification Modulator - Caster Twink Gear

Voice Amplification Modulator - Twink Gear

Twinking Neck Jewelry

Have you ever heard of this craftable piece of neck gear?  Well, I hadn't even thought of it as a twink item until I was corrected by a commenter in my last post on the JC created twink item: Malachite Pendant.  I incorrectly stated that the Malachite Pendant was the only available neck gear for twinks in the 14s bracket.  So I looked into it and the commentor was correct.  There are actually two options for neck gear in the 10-14 bracket, the Malachite Pendant and the Voice Amplification Modulator. 

The Malachite Pendant (+2 Agility) is Best-in-Slot for any non-caster class twink, but is only available at level 13 and beyond.

The Voice Amplification Modulator is Best-in-Slot for any caster twink and is also the only neckpiece for a level 10-12 WoW character.

The Voice Amplification Modulator (VAM)

The Voice Amplification Modulator is a great caster twink neck piece.  Although it doesn't possess any stat increases, it does something very helpful for battleground caster classes.  The VAM reduces the duration of any silence or interrupt effects by 10%.  That is definately a better option for caster classes over the +2 Agility neck piece.  It also is the only neck piece worth wearing on a level 1 twink as the VAM has no level requirement, even though it is a level 58 item.

The Voice Amplification Modulator is crafted by the Engineering profession and it comes from a Rare Drop Recipe.  The rare Engineering schematic can only be obtained from the Risen Inquisitors in the Stratholme dungeon and requires 290 skill in Engineering.  The kicker is the no level requirement and the ability to be used by non-Engineers.

Raw Materials Breakdown For Voice Amplification Modulator
  • 2 Arcanite Bars (or 2 Thorium Bars + 2 Arcane Crystals)
  • 2 Ironweb Spider Silk
  • 3 Thorium Bars
  • 1 Gold Bar
  • 1 Runecloth
  • 1 Large Opal
Most, if not all, of these materials can be found for cheap on the auction house.  When combined together into a Voice Amplification Modulator, you can create an item that can sell for an easy 300-500 gold to the right buyer.  A normal leveling character will see no point in spending so much on a piece of gear that would be replaced quickly, but a twink will not only know the true value of the item.  They may have been searching for one of these VAM neck pieces for weeks.  A twink will pay top WoW gold for a Best-in-Slot item like the Voice Amplification Modulator.

After learning of this item from the commentor, I logged into my Engineer, Colddrawn, and found that I already have the VAM recipe in my schematics list.  So I will be testing this market out myself as I love niche markets that are gated by rare recipes (like the Rich Purple Silk Shirt market that I am still the only supplier in).  If you have the recipe as well, odds are there aren't any Voice Amplification Modulators on your auction house either.  The schematic itself is also a good option to flip, if you can find one grossly underpriced on the WoW auction house.

If you find yourself in the same shape as me with an untapped market on your server, be sure to review my tips on creating your own market.

Anyone else had any success selling Voice Amplification Modulators?

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Low Level Jewelcrafting - Malachite Pendant

Malachite Pendant Discovery

One of the benefits of doing activities within World of Warcraft outside of just making gold is that you broaden your knowledge base.  This also leads to the ability to discover new ideas or new possibilities for making gold in WoW.  If you've listened to the recent episodes of The Auction House Junkies podcast, then you know I have been having fun twinking alts for the low level brackets.  With this new experiment into level 10-14 twinking, I too have made a few discoveries.  Learning new activities within the game often leads to creative impulses and new ways to make gold.

Since I have been mainly working on twinking within the level 10-14 battleground brackets, I discovered one important thing.

Did you know that for the level 10-14 bracket there is only 1 neck piece available? 

And it is a low level Jewelcrafting item, the Malachite Pendant.  Since it is the only option for a twink neckpiece for level 13-14, these will sell to twinks of all kinds.
Malachite Pendant

The Malachite Pendant is a nice niche item for Jewelcrafters of all levels.  The required crafting materials are super common and cheap on most auction houses.  The Malachite Pendant takes only 1 Copper Wire and 1 Malachite to craft.  This is the only option for any level 13 or 14 twink, regardless of class, so they do sell on the WoW auction house.  I have been crafting and posting a few for 25 gold each, which is way more than the crafting cost.  They do sell, because there simply is no other option for gearing out a twink at that level bracket.  The great thing is that the Malachite Pendant adds +2 Agility.  Which 2 twink classes are most popular at low levels?  Yup, Hunter and Rogue are by far the most popular, which is another reason these are a great seller on any low level twink inhabited WoW server.  Even paladins, warriors, shaman, and other classes will wear this for the melee crit bonus that agility gives.

The Malachite Pendant is also a great option for crafting while you level a new Jewelcrafting character's profession skill.  It should be a nice addition to any common commodity crafting approach as opposed to the gold wasting power leveling approach.

So when you are out and about in other areas of Azeroth doing non-gold making activities, keep your eyes peeled for new ideas and options for making even more gold within the World of Warcraft.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are You Saving Your Shiny Rewards?

Goldgrub da Goblin Warrior
A Shiny Reward

One of the most profitable rewards, monetarily speaking, of any quest in all of World of Warcraft is the loot from the "A Shiny Reward" quest.  This is a short 2 part quest chain that begins within the new 5-man Heroic Zul-Gurub.  Part 1 of the quest chain is the "Booty Bay's Interests" quest, which starts from the Goblin Overseer Blingbang.

Quest Chain Part 1:  Booty Bay's Interestes -  Kill Jin'do the Godbreaker in H-ZG and collect the quest item.
Quest Chain Part 2:  A Shiny Reward - Find the treasure chest at Janeiro's Point NW of Booty Bay. (Inside the Statue)

Upon quest completion, you will receive:

If you sell all 4 items to a vendor, then this quest's rewards combined with the gold from the quest will earn you a whopping total of 174g 98s 87c.  Pretty nice payday for a single quest.  Did you sell yours to the vendor?

Breaking Down The Shiny Rewards

Black Ice - This hefty diamond ring will get you 100 gold from any vendor.  Unfortunately, this ring is bind on pickup, so you can only flash your new bling bling ring on your level 85 that completed the quest.  It is a visible ring that can be seen on your character.  It is huge and it does sparkle on your hand.  Being BoP limits our options for this one though.

Tarnished Crown - This one can be seen in the image above on my Goblin Warrior Twink, Goldgrub.  It doesn't bind to your character at all.  So you can trade it, sell it, equip it, move it from character to character, etc.  This is a nice one to sell to low level twinks that can't wear anything on their head gear slot.

Gem Studded Bracelets - Like the crown, it doesn't bind at all.  Another one to sell to lower level characters.  Bank alts can pimp out with these glamorous bracelets.  They may bring considerably more value on a role-playing server (as would any of these).  Not that great for level 1 twinks though as they don't accept many enchants.

Golden Necklace - The least valuable of all 3 of the non-binding shiny rewards as this one gives no visible character display on the item.  Really just for decking out a bank alt's neck slot.  Shouldn't sell for as good of a mark-up as the other two.

Server and Faction Transfer Options

All 3 shiny rewards (Golden Necklace, Gem Studded Bracelets, and Tarnished Crown) have something peculiar about them as well.  They are all stackable and will stack to a stack size of 20!  What does that matter?  Think deeper...give up?  Ok.  With the ability to stack 20 of these at once it creates a great item for server transferring or faction transferring.  You get 20 gem studded bracelets x 33+ gold each = over 660g of vendorable loot in a single bag slot.  That is some pretty good gold per bag slot ratio for a player looking to transfer and take as much gold as possible, or for a player looking to faction transfer and bring some quick sources of starter cash. 

Shiny Rewards Speculation

The Black Ice diamond ring is bind-on-pickup, but would be so much more valuable if it was bind on equip and could be sold.  What if blizzard changed it to bind-on-equip?  I doubt they would change it to bind-on-equip.  They might change it to Bind-on-Account though, so saving it could get it on your pimped out banker toon later.  Can't hurt to save it away though instead of selling to the vendor.

I am saving all 3 of my Shiny Rewards that don't bind.  Why?  Remember how valuable the Red Bandit Mask was?  This could eventually become as rare as those items, should something change with the quest.  Maybe once Patch 4.2 is released, they will remove this quest altogether.  Blizzard has done stranger things.  Maybe one day these super sexy twink / bank alt items will no longer be obtainable and you will wish you hadn't sold yours to the vendors.  We can toss em in the bank and hang onto them for safe keeping.  I mean who needs a lousy extra 175g anyways at level 85.  We can only hope they go the way of the other vanity items that have been removed.  I'm playing it safe and banked mine.  

Did you bank em or did you sell yours to the vendors?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Fishing: Stendel's Bane & Wedding Band

Location of Stendel's Pond in Westfall
Fishing For Stendel's Bane

Wes over at CappedbyCata recently did a nice post on maximizing your secondary professions.  It's been a while since I have mentioned anything for the Warcraft fishermen out there, so today's post will follow suit.  Here's a tip, I bet you didn't know about.

Stendel's Bane is a rare catch from fishing at Stendel's Pond in Westfall.  Stendel's Pond is located North-East of Moonbrook as shown on the Westfall map above.  Although it is in a much easier location to reach for Alliance WoW players, Horde players may want to make the trek over to Westfall as well.  The Stendel's Bane fish is a rare caught fish, so some RNG luck is involved.  If you get even luckier, you may find something valuable within the stomach of your Stendel's Bane.

Stendel's Wedding Band from Stendel's Bane
 Stendel's Wedding Band
Once you are lucky enough to catch your rare Stendel's Bane, you get to open it up and see just how lucky you are.  Inside the belly of this rare little fish you will find some nightcrawlers, bright baubles, and cooked brilliant smallfish.  (Don't ask me how those raw fished got cooked inside this fish's belly.)  You also will find a fishing rod buff item, the Reinforced Fishing Line, which can be used as a ghetto +1 fishing buff, if you don't have the +5 line from winning the Booty Bay fishing derby.  Another option is to add the +1 buff onto a Strong Fishing Pole (buy from vendors) to sell for extra profit on the auction house to newer fisherman.
Stendel's Bane can also rarely reward Stendel's Wedding Band.  This ring may look like a piece of junk at first sight, but it's not.  It is Bind-On-Equip so it can be traded or sold to other Warcraft players.  The real benefit is for level 11-14 twinks as the +5 crit rating at level 11 is equal to +6.19% crit.  Level 11 twinks love this ring.  The wedding band is not unique either, so a level 11 twink could wear a matching pair of these Wedding Bands for +12.38% critical strike chance! 
The Undermine Journal shows the listed values for Stendel's Wedding Band ranging from 120 to 1500 gold for this blue twink ring.  Obviously, if you have a low level twink market on your server, you will have a much better chance of selling Stendel's Wedding Band.
PS:  For all your fishing questions or to just learn more, the best site around for fishermen and fisherwomen is over at El's Extreme Anglin'.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Enchant Shield - Vitality | New BiS Shield Enchant

Enchant Shield Vitality

One of the Undocumented Patch 4.1 Changes To Enchanting has been revealed on live World of Warcraft servers.  Previously I mentioned how the + mana per second and + health per second enchants were being changed. 

Well there is a new Best in Slot enchant for level 19 sword and board flag runners.  The Enchant Shield - Vitality has changed to now provide +10 Stamina and +10 Spirit, which is better than the previous +7 Stamina - Greater Stamina enchant and the +7 Spirit - Greater Spirit enchant combined.  The materials for the Enchant Shield - Vitality enchantment do require 1 Greater Eternal Essense and 4 Illusion Dust, but those can be obtained through the shuffling of Runecloth Headbands or Enchanted Thorium Blades.

If you have low level twinks on your server, then be sure to make a few of these and keep the auction house stocked.  I am the only one selling these on my server and I am selling them for 75 gold each.  Nice thing is that there were a lot of these on the acution house mispriced by auto posters.  I bought them for 2 gold each and am flipping for a nice profit on the auction house now as the crafting cost is much higher than 2 gold! 

So be sure to check your WoW server's auction house first and grab up what you can before everyone realizes this massive increase in value. 

Have you found any other odd ball changes that have been bringing you sales?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Undocumented Enchanting Changes In Patch 4.1

Balancing Twink Battlegrounds

Many of these undocumented changes will be effecting twinks characters and PvP battlegrounds, so if you are a supplier of twink items and enchants, then this is very useful information to know.

This information is taken from this Patch 4.1 Undocumented Changes source over at  These changes have been tested and noted by players on the PTR. is a reliable and trusted source and is a must read for anyone looking to get into twinking of lower level characters.  Hopefully these changes will encourage more players to try out twinking for lower levels.

Changes To Enchanting

Enchants that previously required only an item level of 35 or higher, will now require a character level of 25 also.  So Burning Crusade enchants will no longer be allowed on level 1-24 items.  This makes twinking with items like the Formal Dangui or Haliscon Jacket impossible.  Players used to be able to add the +35 Resilience enchant onto these items.  Imagine an extra 35 resilience in a lvl 10 battleground. Not anymore.

The level 60 enchants from Wrath of the Lich King will now require character level 50 to use.  This prevents level 49 characters from using Wrath enchants.

The Mana per 5 seconds enchants will become +Spirit enchants.

The Health per 5 seconds enchants will become +Stamina enchants.

What does this mean for us?

If you are on a server with high twink activity, you are going to be able to sell some new enchants once Patch 4.1 comes.  Players with twinks that had previously been able to use these Grandfathered enchants will now be looking to replace their enchants with the next best available enchant.

So once Patch 4.1 comes, you should see a slight spike in +4 Stats to Chest (originally said +4 sta, lol - thanks for catching the type) and any other top of the line replacement enchants.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

JMTC Blogging Carnival: How Are You Making Gold In Cataclysm?

JMTC Blogging Carnival: How Are You Making Gold In Cataclysm?

The current topic for the January 2nd Just My Two Copper Gold Blogging Carnival asks us "How Are You Making Gold In Cataclysm?"

Mysterious Fortune Cards

Anyone who is a regular reader here at Cold's Gold Factory probably already knows what my favorite Cataclysm market is in World of Warcraft.  It's no secret that I having been heavily into the Mysterious Fortune Card market.  Right now these Mysterious Fortune Cards are selling like crazy for me.  This isn't a post it and forget about it kind of market.  Sales of Mysterious Fortune Cards are highly dependant on using good Fortune Card Barking Strategies.

I sell my Mysterious Fortune Cards for base prices of 35 gold each, 3 for 100, 10 for 310, or 20 for 600 gold.  These prices do go up if there aren't many undercutters and I can bark the prices up by barking to sell out the low priced cards.  I also snatch up low prices cards to relist, because they will sell if you bark.  If you don't bark, they will sit there with an occasional repeat buyer sale. 

Trade chat sales are great too!  I have commonly sold stacks of 20, 40, and 60 to single players making batch purchases.

Greens Gone Blue

Remember that post I did back in September on Nine Level 10-19 Greens That Turn Blue In Cataclsym?  I hope you stocked up too because these things have been selling well and for an insane return on investment.  Any Bind-On-Equip items that change color (and move up the color scale) will instantly gain value on the auction houses of Azeroth.  All of these items had stat upgrades on top of their color change.  Some players will level their alts in uber gear to help speed the leveling process.  Other times twinks are buying these excellent items as are players leveling through the battlegrounds.

Goblin Mail Leggings - I paid 3-8 gold for when they were green and had half the stats of the new version.  Selling now for 225g per pair.  Only 1 left in stock.

Woodworking Gloves - Paid under 3 gold and selling for 75g each sold 7 of 8 so far.  Baby Boomkins!

Metalworking Gloves - Paid under 3g (as little as 20 silver for the green) now selling for 75-120g

Stonemason Cloak - Bought 30+ for less than 1 gold each.  Sold for 35g each week one, then raised to 80g.  Maybe 5 remaining.  Gotta love turning 80 silver into 80 gold!

Foreman's Leggings - Only found one for 8 gold.  Sold for 325 gold day one of Cataclysm.

Blackened Defias Gloves - Bought for under 5g each and selling tons at 65-80g each.

Blackened Defias Belt - Bought tons for under 10 gold and sold over 20+ for 75-125g each.

Blackened Defias Leggings - Only found 3 to snatch.  Sold all 3 for 275g each in the first week.

Blackened Defias Boots - Paid 5g or less, sold out at 80-120g each.

As you can tell, this tip was highly profitable for anyone that took my advice.  I stocked up over a full bank tab of these green goodies only to log in after Cataclysm to see the full guild tab now holding all blues.

Any other blogger out there give you a Cataclysm speculation tip with a comparable return on investment?


If you a fan of blogging carnivals, be sure to check back on January 11th, when Cold's Gold Factory Blogging Carnivals first edition releases.  Follow up every 11th day of each month for the new monthly gold blogging carnivals.

Bloggers be sure to check out the orginal Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival Announcement for the topic and rules.  Anyone interested can also review the blogging carnival benefits on my other site designed to help out other new bloggers.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Battleground Bracket Changes and New Twink Markets

PvP Battleground Brackets Have Changed

In case you missed it, the brackets for the PvP battlegrounds have changed.  There are no more 10 level gaps for battleground characters.  This change will be great for those that are informed as we can snatch up gear off the auction house from the uninformed or ignorant players that will be posting Best-In-Slot level 13 and 14 items on the auction house.

Blue Post:  (Source)

The uneasy armistice between the Horde and Alliance is steadily cracking beneath the strain of Deathwing's devastating return and the Shattering of Azeroth, heralding a new era of bloody conflict.
The clash between the factions has also never been so hotly contested:  Battleground brackets now match up teams more evenly.  

The new brackets span five levels each, except the final bracket composed of level 85 players:
10-14               30-34               50-54               70-74
15-19               35-39               55-59               75-79
20-24               40-44               60-64               80-84
25-29               45-49               65-69               85

Fighters can also join the battle in Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm, and Alterac Valley at an earlier level than ever before:

Level 10 - Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch
Level 35 - Eye of the Storm
Level 45 - Alterac Valley
Level 65 - Strand of the Ancients
Level 75 - Isle of Conquest
Level 85 - Battle for Gilneas and Twin Peaks

These changes should offer players a more consistently competitive experience in the Battlegrounds as their characters level, as well as provide for more exciting PvP conflict than ever before.  Are you eager to try 35-39 Eye of the Storm?  How about 45-49 Alterac Valley?  Perhaps you'd like to cut your teeth on a 10-14 Arathi Basin.

New Twinking Markets

This change brings about a whole new option for flipping twink gear to level x4 characters.  Some research will need to be done to find what items are best-in-slot for the various classes at level 14, 24, 34, etc., but I am willing to bet that a lot of them aren't even blue items.  Many of them are probably green items.  So this is your heads up.  Get to researching gear and start off by buying up any cheaply priced level 14 blues.  I will report back later once I have a chance to get some research done.  Report back here, if you find any uber-items that end in level x4.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Race & Class Combos, Shadow Hoods and The Shattering Event

The Shattering Event Coming Soon
The Shattering Event will be upon us quicker than you might think.  The elementals have already started to invade the cities of Azeroth.  The World of Warcraft, as we know it, will be changed forever.  Twinks have already begun to crop up as bored players decide to make a twink.  One of the biggest changes coming to characters is the addition of new race and class combinations.

New Race and Class Combos
These new race and class combos in WoW will be able to be created once The Shattering patch goes live.  This means as soon as The Shattering goes live, some players will be rolling up their new alt, their new main, or their new twink.  Here are the new race / class combos.


  1. Orc Mage
  2. Undead Hunter
  3. Tauren Priest
  4. Tauren Paladin
  5. Troll Druid
  6. Bloodelf Warrior
  1. Human Hunter
  2. Dwarf Mage
  3. Dwarf Shaman
  4. Night Elf Mage
  5. Gnome Priest
I expect to see Troll Druids and Tauren Paladins as the most popular on the horde side.  Looking at the new combos allowed the Alliance, 4 out of the 5 are caster classes.  Can you think of any great leveling and PvP head slot items that these characters may want?

Shadow Hoods
One of the hardest to get gear slots in the early levels are head pieces, hoods, helms, etc.  Some comments have people stating that these are already starting to sell well.  The demand will rise even higher come The Shattering.  The alliance side will be particularly profitable as they are getting a lot more caster race and class combos.  Shadow Hoods are also excellent choices for twinks as they currently have a boat load of stamina after the recent stat changes.  The pattern for Shadow Hood is a rare drop so keep an eye out for it on the auction house.

Profiting Off Shadow Hoods
The problem with crafting Shadow Hoods is that they take a Shadow Oil per hood.  Each shadow oil requires 4 Fadeleaf and 4 Grave Moss.  To be efficient making these requires the use of a tailor and an alchemist, so this may discourage some players who are not into multi-profession crafting.  This will be another feasible market of vanilla items much like Barbaric Bracers, Toughened Leather Gloves, Spidersilk Boots, Deviate Scale Belts, Robes of Arcana and other Vanilla craftables that continue to sell.  

So be prepared and start snatching up Fadeleaf, Grave Moss, and Shadow Oils to turn into nicely profitable Shadow Hoods for twinks and levelers.  Myabe you have been looking for a use for all the extra Grave Moss you found while farming herbs and chests in Scarlet Monastery during the Headless Horseman instant queues. Silk is usually dirt cheap on the Horde side, so importing silk from the other faction could help bring your material costs down on the Alliance side.  Let me know how it goes or if you have been selling these already on your server.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Profiting on Rated Battlegrounds: Reader Submission

"Hello again Cold.

I'm writing because I would love to hear your thoughts about the following subject: Profiteering on rated BGs in Cataclysm.

With the introduction of rated BGs in cataclysm, I have been considering whether a market will rise for BoE profession items. Assuming BGs will work the same as now, with usable potions, flasks, bombs etc etc I have been speculating if I should invest in some of the follwing items:

Swiftness Potion: Swiftthiste & Briarthorn
Free Action Potion: Blackmouth Oil (Blackmouth) & Stranglekelp
Invisibility Potion: Ghost Mushroom & Sungrass
Purification Potion: Icecap & Plaguebloom
Living Action Potion: Icecap, Mountain Silversage and Heart of the Wild
Rage Potions

The two big questions I have to ask.
1. Will hardcore Arena/BG players/teams want to stock up on these items?
2. Is there a profit to be made now, so close to Cataclysm with the prices as they are now, or should this stuff be added to a snatch list in Cataclysm with (perhaps) lower herb prices due to levelling?

Are there any other professions aside from Alchemy where we might see a chance for profit when the rated BGs go live? I can't think of anything besides EZ-Thro Dynamite II, however, the healthpools in Cataclysm will effectively make this ~200 dmg non-engineer dynamite useless.

Thank you for a good blog

Kind regards, Dahmek"

Player Versus Player Battles On The Rise
The twink community will return.  Rated battlegrounds will lead to more players and guilds doing
PvP.  The PvP supplies market could be a great gold making niche.  The PvP market varies 
greatly on each server.  If you want to try out this market, I suggest you do it slowly.  Only craft a 
few of the items that you think will sell.  List a few and see if they sell before going all out with 

Alchemy Potions
Regarding you alchemy question on herbs and potions, I would grab any herbs you can get that 
are priced low.  Save them as herbs without crafting anything so that you can move them as 
stacks of herbs if needed.  There could be more profit in moving the herbs themselves and 
crafting potions may not be cost efficient.  Early into Cataclysm, especially on the Horde side, I 
would think that selling herbs to players leveling alchemy and inscription may be more profitable. 
Then once those markets settle down, the PvP market consumables may become a better option.  
You are on the right train of thinking for those potions, it just may be a little later that they are more 
reliable sellers.

Other Items To Sell To Player Killers
I agree that EZ-Throw Dynamite isn't worth selling.  What kind of things can be profitable?  Here 
are a few items that PvP players could buy.  Again, test these markets out before jumping in too 

  1. Blacksmith crafted weapon sharpening and bludgeoning stones.
  2. Rumsey's rum from Old Hillsbrad Secret Vendors.
  3. Poison removing anti-venoms.
  4. BoA useable enchanting scrolls.
  5. Flash Bombs can be used by anyone.
  6. Old School awesome gear for twinks and people who like to level in style or in maxed gear:  Barbaric Bracers, Spidersilk Boots, Toughened Leather Gloves, Deviate Scale Belt, etc.

    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    Bored? Level Your Alts or Make a Twink

    Level Your Alts
    Why?  The minimum level required to learn the new trainer taught patterns will be raising to Level 75 shortly.  If you are missing a profession, then now is the time to make a new character and get to leveling so you have full coverage of all professions.   There are reports about some of the higher skill crafting recipes in Cataclysm in the new content areas that are unreachable until a level 84 quest chain has been completed.  Completing the quest chain unlocks the area and the vendors and trainers within this area.

     If this holds true once Cataclysm releases, you will be far behind the curve, if you have left your alts at Level 75.  It is possible that this could change, but don't count on it.  Be prepared - Level those crafting alts to 80.  I am going to max all of my alts to level 80 and start them out with a full slate of quests to turn in that are pre-completed to give a jump on the leveling race.

    Diversify Your Professions
    Diversity helps protect your ability to continue to make gold should something happen in your market.  If a mass undercutting war starts in your chosen field you can just move to another market to earn gold.  Once the war is over and prices are normal, you can return to your old market.  You can dabble in all markets or just pick which one is giving the best profits.  Diversify your ability to craft within different markets and you open up even more options for making gold off of the WoW auction house. 

    Make A Twink
    Many people have been asking questions about the twinking community and what can be sold to twinks.  As far as twinking goes, the best research or advise I could give is to Make A Twink of your own.  If you make a twink and play a twink you will get a much better understanding of twinking, what sells, what doesn't, what consumables work, what professions twinks prefer, etc. 

    By being a twink, you will understand much better than someone trying to figure out how to supply a market that they have no experience in.  So make a twink, have some fun, and melt some faces.  It will help your business strategy for this community that will be returning soon.  Check out and to get started.  Pick up both of the RSS feeds on these 2 twinking pages.  Just remember that Cataclysm will bring about all new BiS gear options.  Everything will be in  turmoil as research is done and BiS lists are compiled.

    Sunday, October 10, 2010

    Flash Bombs

    Flash Bombs

    Flash Bombs are crafted by engineers, but they can be used by anyone. These are an excellent item to market to all levels of PvP players, especially twinks. Why are they so good? They are usable by all players, not just engineers. They share a cooldown with other bombs, which won't be an issue with non-engineers. Anyone can toss these in a battleground and using one of these can easily save the day in Warsong Gulch. They do have a chance at failure when used on targets over level 60. The big thing with these is you aren't restricted to npc beasts. You can use these to "fear bomb" hunter pets, druids in cat or bear form, shamans in ghost wolf, and also enhancement shaman spirit wolves. Thus making these very effective for twinks to fear flag carriers in WSG. Unlike most fears, damage does not interrupt their effect so you get 10 seconds of free beatdown!

    How To Get The Pattern?
    The schematic is a quest reward from the follow-up quest Flash Bomb Recipe offered after completing the quest Pearl Diving by Rigglefuzz in the badlands. This follow-up quest that rewards the schematic is only available to engineers. Do yourself a favor and farm the 9 required Blue Pearls for the quest before you go get it. You can save time and turn it in immediately instead of flying back to Stranglethorn Veil to hunt the Blue Pearls found in the Giant Clams around the sunken city occupied by murlocs outside of Grom'Gol Base Camp.

    Learn It Or Sell The Pattern?
    The Gnomish Coin did a post earlier this week about getting this pattern to sell for 300-500g. I am saying learn it yourself and sell these flash bombs to PvP players. Definately market these to the twinks on your server. Only an engineer can do the quest for the pattern, but crafting these only requires 185 Engineering skill. The Blue Pearls are easy to farm with a druid in aquatic form, especialy with the glyph to increase swim speed. Other classes can bring a waterbreathing item or potion or the trinket from winning the Booty Bay fishing derby. Keep the blue pearls in your snatch list and buy up any that players dump on the auction house for cheap.