Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Bloggers & New Projects Around The Community

New Projects And Fresh WoW Gold Bloggers

The WoW gold blogging community is starting to see the addition of new fresh blogs popping up.  Adding fresh writers with new ideas is always a great way to expand on the topics of making gold in World of Warcraft.  New bloggers are always welcome and appreciated, but the sad fact is that most new blogs don't make it past a few months once they realize just how hard it is to engage an audience with quality content time and time again.  Sometimes a break or a slower posting schedule can keep a blog from going under.  Hell, I've even had my troubles for a few months during the latest lull, but I'm back on track trying to regularly post out 3-4 articles a week.

As a reader, one of the most important things you can do to help keep a blog alive and a new blogger engaged is to leave comments on their site.  This helps encourage the blogger that someone is actually reading their posts and helps motivate them to continue writing.  Have you thanked a blogger lately?

New & Returning WoW Gold Bloggers

Some dormant blogs have been reactivated, some have started new projects, and there are brand new blogs out there to read.  Here is a handful of some of the recent notables.

Two New Reddit Communities

/Goblinism - Created by Me.  Find collections of WoW gold making blog posts and discussions from some of the best World of Warcraft gold bloggers.  This is a great place to drop any specific questions you may have regarding making gold in WoW.

/Wowpodcasts - Created by Rewt from Hearthcast.  Here you can find recent podcast episodes on all sorts of Warcraft topics.

Be sure to stay tuned for more weekly episodes of The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast, more Auction House Junkies livestreams, and more appearances on the weekly Gold Blogger On Air Hangouts.


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