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Gifts For Gamers: Top 5 Table Top Card Games

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Gifts For Gamers

Last week on Gifts For Gamers, I listed my Top 10 Favorite Board Games of all time and this week I continue on with another favorites list tackling my Top 5 Tabletop Card Games.  Card games are great games to have on hand because they often don't take as long to play as the board games.  The table top card games can be easier entry level games for non-gamers for those of you who are trying to get your spouse, significant other, or friends to experience more of the non-traditional main stream types of games.  Here's a great list of card (non-trading card games) games to get you started.

Cthulhu Fluxx Card Game by Looney Labs
Cold Loves Cthulhu Fluxx
 Cold's Top 10 Card & Dice Games
  1. Fluxx - Fluxx is one of the best card games ever created and every single gamer should own a copy.  It's very fun, games can play out quickly, it's one of the best games for non-gamers to get started with newer games, and Fluxx is available in many different themed variants.  I've done a full review of Fluxx and all the variants, with a video of how to play from the game's creator, whom I've met at an annual gaming convention.  The game and the creators are both awesome and I simply cannot recommend this game enough. I used to carry a deck around in my backpack everywhere I went and we played the hell out of that game anytime we had down time.  My favorite versions are Stoner Fluxx and Cthulhu Fluxx, which is also the newest release. 
  2. Lunch Money Card Game of the year
  3. Lunch Money - Another one of the best table top card games ever created!  Lunch money is a friggin' blast, even if it is a little sick and twisted.  I highly recommend expanding your deck with the Lunch Money: Sticks and Stones expansion as well for more playground beatdowns!  Lunch Money is a fast paced action card game where the players play the rolls of toddlers on the  playground, but this isn't a regular schoolyard ruckus.  You play cards and combinations of cards (if properly set-up) to beat the shit out of each other using headbuts, fists, kicks, grabs, throws, special attacks, defensive maneuvers and even weapons!  Lunch Money also features some dark and creepy artwork of children.  I spinning backfist you, and you ducked, so the spinning backfist just hit the kid to your left!  Ouch!  Truly wicked fun for multiple players.  After just one play, you will be hooked on this amazingly fun playground free for all.
  4. Gifts For Gamers: Munchkin
  5. Munchkin - One of the most expandable and randomly crazy fun card games I've been able to play.  A friend owns a copy and a ton of the expansions, so of course I always want to play when I'm visiting him.  It's an awesome card game that simulates a fantasy (Dungeons n Dragons style) type adventure where you level your character and collect treasure from killing monsters, while competing against your fellow players.  There are plenty of expansions to keep every play session fresh and random.  I love me some Munchkin!
  6. Gifts For Gamers: Seven Dragons Card Game
  7. Aquarious / Seven Dragons - Both Aquarius and Seven Dragons are similar card games, just with a different theme.  Aquarius has an elemental theme and Seven Dragons is a fantasy dragon based theme deck, but both card games play the same.  They are very easy to learn games that are similar to dominoes, but with action cards to destroy, replace, and move cards on the table to reach your secret goal.
  8. Grass - A fast paced cut-throat game where players are pitted against each other as you try to score $250k worth of Grass.  Just don't get fined, busted, or ripped off by other players!  Lots of intoxicatingly good fun for adults.
That concludes my list of the Top 5 Best Card Games For Gamers.  I can't more strongly urge every single one of you to own a copy of one of the variants of Fluxx and a copy of Lunch Money.  Both games are an absolute blast that almost any gamer will enjoy.  And since these are great gifts in small packages, they make wonderful stocking stuffers for the gamers in your life. 
Anyone else able to vouge for how great any of these games are?

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  1. I had a chance to play Cthulu Flux recently - was my first intro to these types of card games & was great fun - must admit, the alcohol probably made it funnier but hey, I won so it was all good!


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