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Gamer Stocking Stuffer Gag Gift Ideas

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Dismember Me Zombie Toy DollGifts For Gamers

Stocking Stuffer Gag Gift Ideas For Gamers

Christmas is less than 2 months away so it's time to start looking into what gifts you want as well as what gifts you are going to be purchasing for the gamers in your life.  I've created a list of some great gag gifts, which would make great stocking stuffers for gamers or some awesome white elephant gift exchange gifts.  I hope you enjoy the irony and humor in these great gag gifts.  Maybe you'll find a gag gift for a co-worker or a friend among the list as these aren't just for stocking stuffers for Christmas gifts.  Enjoy!

Canned Unicorn Meat
Canned Unicorn Meat
Here is a selection of 13 great stocking stuffers for gamers.  Hover or Click the links for more details.
  1. Canned Unicorn Meat - An excellent source of Sparkles!
  2. Zombie Jerky - Teriyaki flavored, of course!
  3. "Maybe You Touched Your Genitals" Hand Sanitizer - Can you think of a better reason?
  4. Grow A Girlfriend Kit - I know a lot of gamers who could use this girlfriend kit!
  5. Happy Man Bottle Stopper - Don't spill your soda or wine on your keyboard.  Protect em with this bottle cork.
  6. Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit - Tiny survival kit with all the required goodies.
  7. Zombie Survival Guide - Everyone needs at least 1 survival guide, right?
  8. Resident Evil T-Virus Antidote Energy Drink - You don't want to catch that nasty T-Virus do you?
  9. Dis-Member Me 12" Plush Zombie - Best plush doll ever.
  10. Marvel Super Heroes Thumb Wrestlers - Perfect for the comic book nerd in your life.
  11. 4 Gig Sperm Flash Drive - Sperm, It's not just for Wes anymore.
  12. Prescription Beer Kan Koozies - What do you mean I'm drinking too much?  These are prescribed beers, honey.
  13. Zombie Family Car Window Stickers - Tired of all of those lame family stickers on everyones cars?  Get the zombie version for extra geek cred.

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