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How To Make Gold Without Professions | Embersilk Cloth Farming Method 2500g in 30 mins

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How To Make Gold Without Professions
*Embersilk Cloth Farming Method 2500g in 30 Mins*

Hey! Gamebox from the Newsletter Team here and I would like to give a hearty hello to all the members here at Colds Gold Factory. Thank you for having me today. But, before we carried away with formal pleasantries lets get down to the meat and potatoes of this post.

The Overview

The Majority of your gold-making time will be spent in the NE corner of Deepholm bashing away at the creatures who inhabit the Verlok Stand. This area, for the most part, is usually completely isolated and quite frankly, hard to find. There are no quests available to date that involve this sub-zone directly. Meaning, there will be more mobs to go around and less competition even on the most populated realms (I play on Emerald Dream and there's damn near any competition there).
Also, the mobs are tightly compacted into one area and deal melee damage exclusively, which makes rounding up and controlling them a trivial task for any character. Oh, and did I mention that re-spawn times are almost instant?

Getting Prepared, What Your Gonna Need

There's a couple things that can make this strategy all the more better, actually we've been brainstorming some new ideas this week. Here's the gist of what you're gonna need.

(Absolutely Critical) Potion of Treasure Finding

This potion is actually the foundation of this strategy. If you've never used the Potion of Treasure Finding, then quickly take note of it and add it to your gold making arsenal. Right now! When you consume this potion, upon looting enemies in the listed zones, you get roughly a 10% chance of spawning a little mini treasure chest that contains some neat randomized loot. Don't worry, you won't be getting any junk either. Every chest spawns at least 2-7g in addition to some cataclysm old world trade goods or greens. Expect to get chests that contain up to ½ a stack of cloth and ores. And expect them often. Many times when killing a group of 18 or more mobs I've had the good fortune of getting 3 of these chest at once. Needless to day, its a great feeling.

(Recommended) Level 86+ Character to Solo

The farm can be done with a level 85 (I do in the video) but, it can be a little difficult to farm with a cloth wearing characters that aren't level 90 yet. However, as long as your character can kill big groups of mobs at once and has sufficient self healing you should be O.K. I personally haven't had any problems farming this on a DK, Pally, Mage, Druid, Shaman, nor Monk.

(Optional) 525 Enchanting +

Why? Because your gonna be receiving lots and lots of green loot. Due to the lack of bracer enchant options at the moment, old world bracer scrolls are fetching a pretty nifty price in the market right now. Your profits will greatly increase if you can offer an enchanting service using your freshly acquired mats.

Getting There and Pulling Mobs:

Alliance: The portal to Deepholm is found South of Stormwind Keep at the huge lakes.
Horde: The portal to Deepholm is found in the Valley of Wisdom just before the vendors.

When you zone into Deepholm look for the Verlok Strand in the Northeastern Hemisphere. Its a long strip just a bit north of the crimson expanse. Upon arrival you should see a seemingly endless stream of mobs just ripe for the pickin'. A good way to go about this would be to start from the beginning or end of the platform and work your way to the other side. This way, the re-spawns wont keep you in combat and by the time you just finish up traveling from one end to the other, the mobs in the opposite direction have already re-spawned! Common sense? Yes! Do most people do this? No.. Keeping this in mind will enable you to work more efficiently, save yourself some time, and in the end make a little more gold.
Side Note For Working Efficiently: Make sure you pull as many mobs as you can possibly handle at one time. Don't waste time killing just 3 when you can be killing 20.

Recounting The Loot:

This is the most entertaining and my favorite part of the farm (and hopefully yours too). Below is a list featuring the loot I collected from one 30 minute session and the prices each item fetched in the AH or as vendor trash.   *NOTE* These are the prices on Emerald Dream.  Your server's prices may be slightly higher or lower than the values listed here.
Gold Gained Looting Mobs = 128g
Gold Gained Looting Chests = 82g
Gold Gained Vendoring Greens = 62g
Gold Gained Vendoring Grays = 43g
Gold Gained Selling Volatiles = 160g
Gold Gained Selling Pyrite Ore = 27g
Gold Gained Selling Embersilk = 2010g

Total Amount = 2512g in 30 mins

Not bad for 30 minutes of farming is it? Just take note that the potion of treasure finding lasts for 1 hour, so ideally, you'd want to farm for an additional 30 minutes to get the most bang for your buck. Give this a try and let us know what you think. If you liked this article and want to see many more like it, then subscribe to our Gold Newsletter over at Thank you again Cold for having me tonight and happy farming on behalf of the team.


- Newsletter Team

Edit From Cold - Use your tailor to do the farming and you'll get even more Embersilk Cloth thanks to the Cloth Scavenging bonus that all Tailors get in the higher level zones.  Also, instead of selling the Embersilk Cloth in it's raw cloth form, convert it to the max slot profession bags (patterns locked behind Firelands Dailies) for even more profits.  Profession Bags are still selling strong and for hefty profits.  This farming strategy is even better now with the AoE Looting addition to World of Warcraft.


  1. I think you are missing a HUGE opportunity to make quite a bit more gold. Why would you vendor the greens that drop? Most of the mobs in deepholm drop level 79-81 cata greens which sale for 200-600g. I try to sell all of mine for 600g and usually sell quite a few. There isn't always a full set of 77 greens available on the AH, so people have to wait until the greens are available. Also, level 80 greens are great for the heirlooms you lose at level 80. (the non-guild ones)

  2. I agree completely. I was just waitin to see if a reader would drop the comment. :)

  3. Just finished an hour of farming at this exact spot as a Level 90 Frost Mage & Tailor using the Potion of Treasure Finding.

    Here is a screenshot of my bags and everything there is what I got at the end of the hour:

    Quick Rundown:
    219 Bolts of Embersilk Cloth
    27 Volatile Life
    26 Elementium Ore
    23 Green BoEs (To be sold on the AH)
    20 Volatile Air
    17 Volatile Water
    13 Pyrite Ore
    13 Volatile Earth
    4 Volatile Fire
    3 Blue BoEs (Actually had all 3 drop in 30 seconds total, selling them on the AH [The shield for a high, high price])
    1 Elementium Lockbox

    Plus approximately 400 gold altogether from the mobs and all of the chests.

    I highly recommend this spot. :)

  4. Hi there,

    Yes this is a great spot for my level 86 Arms Warrior with tailoring and enchanting.

    Only problem is the opposing faction trying to gank you at times.

    He is decked out in 415 gear with a 463 weapon so he hits like a truck so its usually not a problem.

    I hope to god they don't nurf it.

  5. Thanks for pointing that out Amy, I actually missed that. Usually I D/E the green drops for enchanting mats, admittedly I overlooked the most profitable alternative for those who haven't leveled their enchanting yet. Will update it.

    - Cheers!


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