Monday, December 27, 2010

Ghosts Of Auction House Past GUEST POST by Loronar

A Guest Post From the 2010 Blog Azeroth Secret Santa Program

Ghosts of Auction House Past

Two years ago at this time, interest in Wrath content was at its prime, and players began moving from Outland to Northrend in droves. This time around, Cataclysm is in full swing, and they are once again learning how to reap the profits from new content and how to navigate the new market and adjust to the new demands.

Although I've never been much of an auction house regular, I can admit that I am often a customer. In this game, there is a handful of players who navigate the world without any acquaintances and do not have access to guildmates or friends who will lend them money or items out of kindness. As with every new expansion, there are new players who have never played World of Warcraft before and will go through all content for the first time, and many of the people I found in the random dungeon were unguilded.

As they are going through content for the first time (or nth time without heirlooms), they are always looking out for gear. If you are looking to help out these players and make some money out of it, I recommend that you craft or collect items from old content. For example, most players first encounter socketing gear in Outland content and are looking to find an immediate way to use gems, often times through the auction house.

I would think that people would still be making some old gems, but to my surprise, I could barely find any that fit my needs in the auction house just yesterday. You might be busy looking for customers who will buy in bulk and earn you large numbers in a short time, but remember that business is not always about hitting it big time.

If you have an older toon with a decent gathering or crafting profession, earn a few gold by making these older items available for newer players. Legacy items still have some value to them. (Remember when [Dirge] was a sensation in Burning Crusade Trade Chat?) I'm under the impression that gems and enchants are two things that will always remain in high demand even through leveling. Who wouldn't want to make their own leveling process go faster through improved gear?

Finally, utilize Trade Chat. It is there for a reason, notwithstanding the amount of trolling that happens there. Be open to helping lower level players enchant and socket their gears and any other thing that might help you earn a little more without much additional effort.

On a slightly off topic note, as a hunter, it bothers me that the Auction House still has the categories for ammunition related items in there when these things have become obsolete in game.

I hope you have a merry Winter Veil, and may the new year bring you prosperity!

Loronar, PvE Marksmanship Hunter, US-Eredar

Again, this Guest Post was brought to you by Loronar, Author at 35 yards via the 2010 Blog Azeroth Secret Santa Program.  Excellently written post.  A Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to you as well, Loronar.  Thanks for the guest post.

Take Care,

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