Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snowfall Inks And Inscription Leveling

Do you have a ton of extra snowfall inks from your inscription business?

Snowfall Inks and Leveling Cataclysm Inscription

Cataclysm has been out almost a week now and leveling any profession in the new World of Warcraft is still quite expensive.  Many of us have a surplus of snowfall inks as a biproduct of milling herbs to craft all of the glyphs.  The value of snowfall inks has dropped greatly just like many of the Wrath of the Lich King crafting materials.  So what should you do with all of those snowfall inks?

Get easy and cheap skill-ups of course!

In case you didn't already notice, the crafting material requirements for Darkmoon Card of the North have changed.  The new recipe now only requires 1 Eternal Life.  These darkmoon cards previously required 3 Eternal Life.  Couple the lower quantity of eternals with the plummeting prices of Wrath materials and you have a cheap way to skill up your inscription profession.  Another option is crafting Runescroll of Fortitude, but those turn grey earlier than the darkmoon cards. 

Runescroll of Fortitude:  Turns Green at 442 and Grey at 460
Darkmoon Card of the North:  Turns Green at 462 and Grey at 475
Faces of Doom & Iron-Bound Tome:  Both Turn Grey at 450

Crafting Darkmoon Cards of the North until they turn grey is a perfect example of my Common Commodity Crafting Strategy.  The Darkmoon cards aren't selling for as much as they used to, but they can still be profitable.  The cheaper material requirements make this less costly to produce and these are probably a much cheaper way to skill up those first 25 points of inscription than buying the inflated priced new herbs of Cataclysm.  So if you haven't leveled your scribe yet, look into these options to get you started.

Don't Forget About The Insane Title

There are still players looking to complete their "The Insane" title.  Players that are still going for exhalted status with the darkmoon faire are willing to pay you just to turn in the completed decks.  They get the reputation with the fair for the turn in, you get your card to use or sell, and you also get a fee for the reputation they are rewarded.  If you can find a player that will pay for the turn ins for reputation, then you should be able to turn a nice profit after selling the cards off to alts and levelers. 

Image Credit:  wowconfidential.com

What did you do with all of your extra snowfall inks?

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  1. I am still selling Runescrolls consistantly, however the prices are lowering on almost a daily basis, but profit is profit right?



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