Sunday, December 26, 2010

Adventurer's Journal and Cataclysm Scribes

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Cataclysm Scribes

With the inclusion of new recipes from Cataclysm, scribes have been given some great items to sell on the auction houses of Azeroth.  The World of Warcraft community is all buzzing over the creation of my hottest inscription seller, Mysterious Fortune Cards.  This was a much needed boost to profiting with the inscription profession outside of the glyph market. 

Adventurer's Journal

In addition to the new WoW crack-like gambling cards, Cataclysm has added a new consumable in the Adventurer's Journal.  This journal is a consumable and is powerful enough that only one can be used every 4 hours.  Consuming (reading) this book gives a temporary 1 hour buff, which is good for leveling - hopefully.  Just like the fortune cards, there is a bit of gambling involved with the adventurer's journals.  The buff that you receive when used is random.  The possible 1 hour buffs are:
  • Quest experience increased by 10%
  • Damage against beasts increased by 15%
  • Damage against undead increased by 15%
  • Damage against humanoids increased by 15%
  • Damage against giants increased by 15%
  • Damage against elementals increased by 15%
  • Damage against dragonkin increased by 15%
  • Movement speed increased by 15%
  • You have a chance to heal yourself when dealing damage to an enemy.
So buying one and using it is a bit of a gamble as you are likely to get a buff that isn't useful for your current plans.  Both times I used an Adventurer's Journal I got the undead damage buff in zones with no undead mobs.  On the other hand though, these can earn you a nice profit for your scribe.

Selling Adventurer's Journals

Just like the Mysterious Fortune Cards, the Adventurer's Journal sells much better with good barking techniques.  Crafting the journals requires 4 Resilient Parchament and only 1 Blackfallow Ink.  I am currently selling 5 to 10 of these on the auction house every day.  At 45-50 gold each the bring in a nice return on investment.  These are also excellent items to craft and either sell or use yourself, while leveling up your inscription profession. 

My typical bark looks something like:

"1 Hour Buffs so UBER you can only have 1 every 4 hours.  Adventurer's Journal on the AH now!  What UBER buff will you get?  +10% exp, +15% damage, etc.  Speed up that leveling process now!"

These will sell a few without advertising, but barking can really increase the sale of Adventurer's Journal.  So this is another easily crafted and profitable item to add to your scribe's list of items to stock on the auction house in World of Warcraft.

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