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JMTC Blogging Carnival: How Are You Making Gold In Cataclysm?

JMTC Blogging Carnival: How Are You Making Gold In Cataclysm?

The current topic for the January 2nd Just My Two Copper Gold Blogging Carnival asks us "How Are You Making Gold In Cataclysm?"

Mysterious Fortune Cards

Anyone who is a regular reader here at Cold's Gold Factory probably already knows what my favorite Cataclysm market is in World of Warcraft.  It's no secret that I having been heavily into the Mysterious Fortune Card market.  Right now these Mysterious Fortune Cards are selling like crazy for me.  This isn't a post it and forget about it kind of market.  Sales of Mysterious Fortune Cards are highly dependant on using good Fortune Card Barking Strategies.

I sell my Mysterious Fortune Cards for base prices of 35 gold each, 3 for 100, 10 for 310, or 20 for 600 gold.  These prices do go up if there aren't many undercutters and I can bark the prices up by barking to sell out the low priced cards.  I also snatch up low prices cards to relist, because they will sell if you bark.  If you don't bark, they will sit there with an occasional repeat buyer sale. 

Trade chat sales are great too!  I have commonly sold stacks of 20, 40, and 60 to single players making batch purchases.

Greens Gone Blue

Remember that post I did back in September on Nine Level 10-19 Greens That Turn Blue In Cataclsym?  I hope you stocked up too because these things have been selling well and for an insane return on investment.  Any Bind-On-Equip items that change color (and move up the color scale) will instantly gain value on the auction houses of Azeroth.  All of these items had stat upgrades on top of their color change.  Some players will level their alts in uber gear to help speed the leveling process.  Other times twinks are buying these excellent items as are players leveling through the battlegrounds.

Goblin Mail Leggings - I paid 3-8 gold for when they were green and had half the stats of the new version.  Selling now for 225g per pair.  Only 1 left in stock.

Woodworking Gloves - Paid under 3 gold and selling for 75g each sold 7 of 8 so far.  Baby Boomkins!

Metalworking Gloves - Paid under 3g (as little as 20 silver for the green) now selling for 75-120g

Stonemason Cloak - Bought 30+ for less than 1 gold each.  Sold for 35g each week one, then raised to 80g.  Maybe 5 remaining.  Gotta love turning 80 silver into 80 gold!

Foreman's Leggings - Only found one for 8 gold.  Sold for 325 gold day one of Cataclysm.

Blackened Defias Gloves - Bought for under 5g each and selling tons at 65-80g each.

Blackened Defias Belt - Bought tons for under 10 gold and sold over 20+ for 75-125g each.

Blackened Defias Leggings - Only found 3 to snatch.  Sold all 3 for 275g each in the first week.

Blackened Defias Boots - Paid 5g or less, sold out at 80-120g each.

As you can tell, this tip was highly profitable for anyone that took my advice.  I stocked up over a full bank tab of these green goodies only to log in after Cataclysm to see the full guild tab now holding all blues.

Any other blogger out there give you a Cataclysm speculation tip with a comparable return on investment?


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  1. I have a failure to report... I stocked up on Copper Ore/Bars for about 40-50s each, expecting a big influx of new folks leveling engineering/blacksmithing, but prices have yet to hit more than 1g each... whereas Silk Cloth, my usual mainstay, has gone from 2-3g per stack to an insane 30g per stack, and NO ONE is selling Bolts of Silk anymore. I did make a lot selling my remaining bolts of silk, but now that market has become utterly prohibitive... ah well, Winter Veil and now the Leather Armor Kit market have sustained me well...

  2. Good tips on the BOE greens that turned blue. I did not follow your advice--your tip got lost among all the other items I was stocking and frankly, I didn't see the possibility that ITEMS would ever have the ROI that materials would. Looking this morning, only one Blackened Defias item and one woodworking gloves was listed, both for less than your listed rates, but still good returns--had I purchased any.

    For Nik, I would just say be patient. Markets for lowbie mats will remain volatile for the foreseeable future. A lot depends on your server pop and how it is listed for new players. Mine was low to medium pop, and has the tag "new players" on it now, so we are getting a lot of new Cata players. They don't have a lot of gold but for the right margins these items are selling well. Listing items in 5x stacks helps.

    My suggestion if you want to cut your losses would be to craft Heavy Copper Mauls (12 bars, 2 weak flux and 2 light leather) and DE them for the Greater Magic Essence, or Strange Dust--both of which are selling well on my server. You will have a 5% chance of Small Glimmering Shard, which are going for 15g and up on my server. Or the Copper set of armor may sell better than the ore.


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