Friday, December 3, 2010

A Cataclysm Preparation Checklist

Cataclysm Approaches

Cataclsym is only 4 days away, do you have your game plan thought out?  Are you prepared?  You don't want to get left behind in the gold making race of Cataclysm's launch.  It feels like we have been waiting forever for this World of Warcraft expansion to finally release.  Are you ready?  Here is a checklist of tasks you may want to have been working on.  Proper preparation will be key to preventing stress and problems.

Checklist for Cataclysm Preparation
  1. Do you have some items pre-crafted and ready to post the night before Cataclsym releases? 
  2. Do you have some glyphs pre-made? 
  3. Have you sent the materials for the Wrath recipes skill-ups to your crafters? 
  4. Is your bank organized and neat? 
  5. Have you cleared out your mailboxes? 
  6. Do you have all of your guild banks in order? 
  7. Do you know what your Day 1 plan is?
  8. Are your characters parked where you want them to start out?
  9. Have you finished leveling alts that are below level 75-80?
  10. Do you have a physical list of what items are in which guildbanks (assuming you have more than 1)?
  11. Have you joined a guild for the guild bonuses?
Have you entered the Win a Pet Code Contest?

What else is missing from this list? 

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