Friday, December 10, 2010

New Remote Auction House

World of Warcraft Remote Auction House

I recently added the World of Warcraft Remote (or Web Based) Auction House subscription to my account.  I must say that I have to retract my original statement that the web based auction house is garbage.  That statement was made back during the early days of the Beta version of the remote auction house.  Blizzard has updated the armory for Cataclysm and this update included a major improvement in the performance of the remote auction house.

Gone are the super long waits loading different characters or changing auction houses.  The ability to swap to different characters to gather gold and post auctions is so vastly improved that I am glad I added this feature to my account.  It is now worth the extra $2.99 a month to me.  It is so much smoother and easier to use than the original release that we all got to try for free for a couple weeks during the Beta.  Prices haven't seemed to been changing to crazy prices erratically as they were back in the early days when the code was buggy.

I really like the ability to just log onto different characters and allow them to post to either the normal or the neutral auction house.  Makes it much easier to buy something on the Horde auction house and then immediately flip it onto the neutral auction house without having to gather mail, send it to the character in Booty Bay, log out, log in the seller, then repost to the correct auction house.  It is much simpler and a ton faster to post it with the remote auction house application.  It is a bonus not alerting my competition when I log in and they notice me on their friends list.  Stealth posting isn't a bad thing.

Have you tried out the new version of the Remote or Mobile Auction House yet?  What is your favorite use for it?


  1. the ability to use the neutral AH everywhere is one of the reasons that make it worth it's cash. Together with collecting all the gold in your mailbox it saves me a lot of time. The only thing I would like to see is a higher auction post limit.

  2. I've been using the remote AH on both the website and the iphone app. It has a kind of built in 'appraiser' style function so that when you go to create a new auction it lists similar items already for sale.

    Neutral to faction switching is very fast, but on my low population server there is little action on the neutral AH.

    Where it comes into its own is the ability to quickly flip items. Since the launch of Cata I have been using a search query to find level 81+ blue+ weapons and armor - sorted by buyout price per item ascending.

    I check items out on wowhead in another window to understand whether there is anything special about them (rare spawn - low drop rate is perfect). This week I have flipped two rare lvl85 blues from 300g to 2000g - and given the speed with which they sold I could have doubled the price.

    I also noticed that volatile airs were constantly being completely bought out on the AH this week. So I knew no matter how stupidly I priced them someone would buy them.

    Using the remote AH on the iphone gives you a huge advantage. You can check the market at any time of day and identify items to flip. As long as you have knowledge of the items you are trading there are always opportunities. Whether its buying the 3 cheapest items on a market and relisting them at the 4th lowest price or scanning for mispriced items.

  3. I haven't used this yet but will give it a try. I was wondering what are some of the things you would normally flip over to the neutral AH. what sells best.

  4. @phill

    Best sellers tend to be pets that can't be bought by the other faction, like dragonhawks to sell to the Alliance and kittnes to sell to the Horde. Same with the Argent Tournament pets.

    Also recipes that can't be bought by one side can be flipped to the other for good sales and profits.
    Examples include: Discolored Worg Potion sold to Alliance since it's a horde quest reward. Alliance players have a lot more vendor items to flip to Horde buyers.

    Stranglethorn pages sell decent also. Mithril casings sell since the neutral ah is the closest one to the ape in Un'Goro crater that requires one for quest completion.

  5. I cancelled my remote AH- I just got 10 auctions back where the stack price was what I meant the unit price to be. Again. This bug has been around since beta, and I can't take the risk of using it any more.


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