Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Cataclysm Item Preview: Loot-A-Rang

Once Cataclysm launches in World of Warcraft, engineers will have an interesting item that they will be able to sell to lower level engineers.  The Loot-A-Rang is going to be a wonderful item for any engineer to add to their arsenal of gadgets. This engineering item allows a player to loot corpses from a distance.  Think it sounds lame?  I think not.  This is another item that engineers can use from their toolbox as its not a trinket and doesn't need to be equipped.  The range in this toy is 30 yards, which makes for a good distance to loot from.  Another plus is its ability to be used with only a level 125 engineering skill.  So it is usable by all levels of engineers, including twinks.  Let's look over some of the uses for this thing.

Loot-A-Rang Uses
I'm sure we will come up with more creative uses later, but here are the uses that stick out to me currently.

  1. PvP - Looting from a distance allows you first chance at a lot of the player corpses, which are a great source of gold within the battlegrounds.  Loot-A-Rang also allows you to loot those corpses that are swarming with enemies.  Loot those bodies from a safe distance.
  2. Farming/Grinding/Leveling - Loot-A-Rang will speed up your kills per hour, since you wont have to traipse off after those few corpses that end up farther away than your main body pile.  Ever had a mob die while fleeing?  No problem, loot it from a distance with the Loot-A-Rang.
  3. Irretrievable Corpses - Ever have a stupid kobold die halfway up the mountain where its too high to reach from below and the surface is too steep to loot from above?  The Loot-A-Rang will save that corpse loot from decay!
  4. Underwater - If running to loot on land is a hassle sometimes, looting mobs underwater is a hassle all the time.  Speed it up, by cutting down on swim time with this ranged looting option.
  5. Corpse Run Looting - Ever die then return to your corpse only to rez and find a ton of mobs standing over your corpse dancing and laughing at you?  Well those goods aren't lost anymore.
What other creative uses can you come up with for the Loot-A-Rang?

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  2. I know I've always wanted a Loot-A-Rang for bosses like Grobbulus that may die in a slime pool and now the entire raid has to wait for pools, clouds, etc. to clear. Solution: Give the engineer Master Looter! (Assuming that Master Loot-a-ranging can work, not sure how ML works with it.)

    Reposted for Clarification

  3. Will it open chests too ?

  4. It could be a great item, or it could be borderline useless. Depends on how you have to use it.

    Does it need a target? Does it loot any corpse in range? Does it trigger the GCD?

  5. Yes, you still have to target the mob. 1 Corpse at a time, I'd assume. It's a .1 sec cast time, so you probably need to be stationary to use it.
    GCD? not sure, but it has a 10sec cd of its own.

    No chests either, only corpses.

  6. Frankly, I can't find any real use for this as a melee class. 90%+ of the time all the mobs die right at my feet where I can loot them without a cooldown. Being able to loot one mob every 10 seconds with the looterang makes it less than borderline useless. It is, in fact, useless except under very rare sets of circumstances. If you're an engineer, you'll probably have to make a few dozen of these to level, and then vendor them (lol engineer only) like the army knives in Wrath, but the rest of us won't be looking at them wishing we (who can operate a motorcycle, Ulduar tanks, etc…) could learn to use a looterang.

    At most, it's a flavor item that can make for some fun every once in a while, which seems to be the whole point of Engineering in WoW anyway.

  7. If you do get to use one of these guys though, I'd recommend keybinding a mouseover macro for it so you don't actually have to even click on the corpse to use the looterang. Nothing is more annoying than having to click a dead mob over and over again.


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