Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blogging Vitals - New Blog For Bloggers

Traffic And Monetization Help For Bloggers

I have started posting daily on a new blog that I have created, Blogging Vitals - Tips for Increasing Traffic and Monetizing your Site.  The focus of this new blog is to help other bloggers succeed in driving traffic, monetizing their site, and building a better blog.  Markco has started a new blog as well with tips for driving traffic and building your google page rank.  Together these 2 sites should be valuable to any blogger new or old so please give them a look.

Here are my current posts:
Blogging Consistency
Anchor Text and Proper Linking
Choosing Your Blog Topic
Setting Goals For Your Blog
Power of Pinging
Internal Blog Linking

Also check out Markco's traffic tips site as well:  The Traffic Blogger

So stop by the new site and subscribe or comment and let's build a better World of Warcraft blogging community.

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  1. Thanks Cold,
    I've just subscribed to Blogging Vitals and I'm sure that the information that I learn from your blog and Markco's blog will help me improve my blog.


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