Monday, December 6, 2010

The Importance Of Pre-Patch Auction House Posting

Can You Feel It?

Only 1 days left until Cataclsym goes live and we are surrounded by tons of worgen and goblins.  New and returning players have been returning in droves.  Blizard has dropped the prices for the original game and the first 2 expansions down to only a $20 total purchase to get caught up to where current players are today - software wise.  This will definately lead to a nice influx of Christmas Noobs this year.  Probably more than any other previous year.  More players entering the game means more options for sales and more options for great finds from incorrectly priced auction house postings

Can you feel the excitement from the anticipation of the Cataclysm launch?  Hopefully you have completed your pre-Cataclysm checklist and are ready to start making gold off of the new World of Warcraft Cataclysm expansion.  Today I will discuss why it is important to have your auctions posted the night before any new patch or expansion goes live. 

Posting Before The Patch

One of the most important lessons you should learn is the importance of posting your goods the night before a patch, holiday, or expansion goes live.  There are several reasons for this strategy.  Maybe you already learned your lesson when you procrastinated the night before Glyph-mas.  Those of us that posted the night before saw much more success than those that got a late start on posting glyphs to the auction house.  Posting ahead of the curve is of vital importance whether a new expansion releases, a patch goes live, or you are looking to make major gold exploiting in-game WoW holidays

9 Reasons Why You Should Be Posting The Night Before:
  1. Holidays go live at 3am.  So the demand spike starts at 3am server time.
  2. Posting early prevents against delays posting if the servers come online late.
  3. Posting early means you have less competition and maybe even a monopoly until others catch on.
  4. Posting early on holidays is vital as copycats will steal your tactics a day or two into the holiday.
  5. Posting early means you planned ahead and already did the bulk of your crafting or farming.
  6. Posting first means you set the fallback price standard.
  7. Many times your stock will be completely depleted before you can log back on again.
  8. The first day of a holiday or patch is usually the day with the most sales.
  9. Early posting also helps prevent late postings that could result from a real life issue that delays your chance to log in early.
So tonight at midnight it all starts.  Get your auction house stocked up tonight before you log off.  If you are planning on farming herbs or ores, have you planned out your Cataclysm Gathering Strategy?

Good luck to all who start racing tonight.  Don't forget to check out the fund raising over at as the gang attempts to get the world first level 85.

And in case you missed it, Cold's Gold Factory's Win A Pet Code Contest is now free to enter.


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  2. Well you beat me to this post so I have linked you on my post today


  3. I'm going to post every bit of everything in my warehouse tonight... Bronze bars, Copper ore/bars, herbs, bags of all sizes. Going to clear out the Guild bank and drop ALL of it in the AH, and see how well I do. A friend of mine posted over 200 greens last night as well

  4. You forgot: Everyone who posted their glyphs before glyphmas was able to post them with working addons without having to frantically search out ZeroAuctions. :P Avoiding addon failures when posting large amounts of items is enough to convince me!

  5. Not true Faid. QA3 Plugin broke on patch day, the same day as glyphmas. I posted all min e without using an add-on to list them.


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