Friday, December 25, 2009

Welcoming the Christmas Noobs

Christmas Noob is a term a coined a few years back after questioning PuG instance strategies and commonly getting the response, "Well, I just got the game for Christmas."

So we've seen a few trickle in early, but today is the day this afternoon's general and trade chats will be filled with Christmas Noobs logging in for the very first time. Trade and general chats will be filled with noob questions as people start to learn the game. So how do we profit from these Christmas Noobs?

With more customers also comes more potential competition, but it should be a while before any of these Christmas Noobs become major AH players, or at least attempt it. :) So many of the things to watch for with the influx of new players are:

1) AH Posts of items well under their Actual Market Values.
2) Increase sale of items new players use: low level greens, bags of all kinds, lower level enchants, mithril spurs, etc.
3) Increase sales of quest required items: Strong Troll's Blood Elixir, Deadly Blunderbuss, Robes of Arcana, etc.

You may think that these Xmas Noobs won't have any gold to add to your coffers, but many of them will know a real life friend in game that will give them a chunk of gold to get them started or buy and mail them 4 nice bags, etc. XMas Noobs who do not understand the real value of their gold will be spending it haphazardly, so be prepared to help empty their pockets and snatch up any idiotically priced AH Gems (like the Spider's Silk i bought for 6silver each last night). I <3 Xmas Noobs!

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