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Monday, December 12, 2011

WoW Cata Gold Cap Reached - Thoughts and Reflections

Thoughts And Reflections On My Journey To The Gold Cap

WoW Gold Capped Reached

Sunday morning I finished collecting another batch of overnight sales and peered at my new liquid gold total, 1.004 Million Gold.  I have finally reached (and passed) the new Cataclysm individual character gold cap of 999g 999s 999c.  How exciting was it?  Not very exciting at all, honestly.  I really was more excited that I finally found a pair of level 14 Hunter bracers for my 14 Hunter Twink, Ahjunkies. And it was a drop I got from a mob, while working on the quest for his ring!  Now if I can just find a pair of Stendel's Wedding Bands and grind out a 2-handed heirloom weapon, my twink will be much closer to completion.
Bandit Bracers of Agility - Twinktastic!
What Took You So Long To Reach The Cap?

Why am I just now reaching the gold cap this far into Cataclysm?  Well, for starters, I am not a full time gold maker.  I have 14 characters and more are sure to follow.  I am a lover of alts, crafting, professions, twinking, and exploring.  I do much more within the game than just make gold.  At the same time, I also spend a lot of gold in support of my many characters.  Often times I am spending nearly as much as I am bringing in.

I also like to focus more on the exploratory, investigative, and experimental sides of gold making.  While this is awesome for coming up with new ideas and topics for both Cold's Gold Factory and Auction House Junkies, it tends to retard my advancement of pure liquid gold making.  If all I wanted to do was reach the WoW gold cap as quickly as possible, I could have tied myself to my computer screen and shuffled my way to the cap in the first months of the expansion.  Where's the fun in that?

Another big contributor to my recent increase in gold made per day has been my new bachelor status.  Being untied from any significant relationship means that I have way more time to play not just WoW, but to babysit my auctions as well.  Being able to play when I want and for as long as I want without repercussions, has been a vast improvement in my gold making approach.

Another huge bonus to gold making has been the Remote Auction House on my iPhone 4s.  Splitting from the phone line with my ex, allowed me to get an awesome phone upgrade as I started my own cell plan.  I went with the iPhone 4s and it has been absolutely amazing for staying connected to the gold making community on Twitter and the Remote Auction House application for iPhone is a thousand times better and faster than the old web version I had used before. 

The ability to buy out lots of stacks quickly has helped keep my stockpiles filled at low costs.  The Remote Auction House has also allowed me to be able to thwart the undercutters and bring in much more sales.  I like to do major posting before bed and sometimes in the mornings before I head to work.  The Remote Auction House allows me to constantly check on my auctions during the work day, which allows me to trickle in undercuts a few at a time.  The Remote Auction House has helped kick start my gold making throughout the entire day, instead of just overnight and while I am logged in to the game.  I highly recommend the Remote Auction House for any smart phone users.

For those of us that had a game plan for Patch 4.3 gold making, the gold has been raining in.  In the 10 days following the release of the WoW 4.3 Patch, I made 281,000 gold.  Patches are great for not only bringing in a ton of sales, but also for renewing our interests in getting back to gold making.  I know I was feeling the lull prior to the patch and I was getting far less incoming gold than I would have liked to have seen for my efforts.  As always, a new WoW patch cured my gold making blues and I road it all the way to the Cata gold cap.

What now?  It will continue to be business as usual in the auction house, until the patch wave dies down.  Then I am going to pull back a bit from making gold with 80% of my playtime to actualy get out of the cities and start seeing this expansion.  I killed my first Cata raid boss of the expansion, just yesterday.  LOL!

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