Monday, June 13, 2011

Fishing: Stendel's Bane & Wedding Band

Location of Stendel's Pond in Westfall
Fishing For Stendel's Bane

Wes over at CappedbyCata recently did a nice post on maximizing your secondary professions.  It's been a while since I have mentioned anything for the Warcraft fishermen out there, so today's post will follow suit.  Here's a tip, I bet you didn't know about.

Stendel's Bane is a rare catch from fishing at Stendel's Pond in Westfall.  Stendel's Pond is located North-East of Moonbrook as shown on the Westfall map above.  Although it is in a much easier location to reach for Alliance WoW players, Horde players may want to make the trek over to Westfall as well.  The Stendel's Bane fish is a rare caught fish, so some RNG luck is involved.  If you get even luckier, you may find something valuable within the stomach of your Stendel's Bane.

Stendel's Wedding Band from Stendel's Bane
 Stendel's Wedding Band
Once you are lucky enough to catch your rare Stendel's Bane, you get to open it up and see just how lucky you are.  Inside the belly of this rare little fish you will find some nightcrawlers, bright baubles, and cooked brilliant smallfish.  (Don't ask me how those raw fished got cooked inside this fish's belly.)  You also will find a fishing rod buff item, the Reinforced Fishing Line, which can be used as a ghetto +1 fishing buff, if you don't have the +5 line from winning the Booty Bay fishing derby.  Another option is to add the +1 buff onto a Strong Fishing Pole (buy from vendors) to sell for extra profit on the auction house to newer fisherman.
Stendel's Bane can also rarely reward Stendel's Wedding Band.  This ring may look like a piece of junk at first sight, but it's not.  It is Bind-On-Equip so it can be traded or sold to other Warcraft players.  The real benefit is for level 11-14 twinks as the +5 crit rating at level 11 is equal to +6.19% crit.  Level 11 twinks love this ring.  The wedding band is not unique either, so a level 11 twink could wear a matching pair of these Wedding Bands for +12.38% critical strike chance! 
The Undermine Journal shows the listed values for Stendel's Wedding Band ranging from 120 to 1500 gold for this blue twink ring.  Obviously, if you have a low level twink market on your server, you will have a much better chance of selling Stendel's Wedding Band.
PS:  For all your fishing questions or to just learn more, the best site around for fishermen and fisherwomen is over at El's Extreme Anglin'.


  1. Although this is a cool tip and all I don't know that there is any real market for it. You mentioned twinks--by definition twinks are looking for everything to be best in slot which Stendel's band isn't.

    The other thing is just judging by the data on the undermine journal it seems that people who are posting these aren't selling them all that well at the mentioned prices. Any of these that are posted for over 100g show one available for 12, 24 and 48 hours and then they become unavailable and at the same time everyday they are being reposted. Which tells me tha the auction is expiring and they repost when they log on again. Going on the undermine journal I would speculate that we wouldn't get anywhere close to as much gold that would make farming this item viable.

    When its all said and done I just think anyones time is spent safer just fishing regular stuff since they are selling well.

    Cool tip though non-the-less.

  2. @Adam

    I know perfectly well what twinking is.

    This is the only blue BOE ring for the 11-14 bracket. There are whopping 5 greens rings, but none are close to this good for the level requirement and11-14 bracket.


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