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Cold's Gold Factory Blogging Carnival June | Applying Real Life Knowledge To The WoW AH

Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival

Welcome to the June edition of Cold's Gold Blogging Carnivals. These carnivals will continue to take place the 11th day of every month and will be hosted here at Cold's Gold Factory. All World of Warcraft bloggers are welcome to participate and feedback both here and on the original authors' sites is strongly encouraged. So show some support and please leave some feedback in the comments section. These bloggers put a lot of time and hard work into these blogging carnival posts so please let them know what you think of their blogging carnival entries.

If you would like to be included in the next month's carnival, please review the guidelines for Cold's Gold Blogging Carnivals and submit your link via email (ssmith0911 at live dot com) before the 10th of the month. Read up on the benefits of blogging carnival participation at my other blog designed to help new bloggers, Blogging Vitals. Articles are listed in the order they are received. Thank you to all the bloggers participating in this months carnival! And without further ado, I present to you this month's participants answering the question:

Add-On Spotlight:  What Real Life Learnings Have You Been Able To Apply To The World of Warcraft Auction House

Here this month we have a nice collections of tips for helping to take your WoW gold making to another level.  If you are new to the auction house game or are just curious about getting started be sure to listen to your elders. We have gone before you and can teach you many things. 

My first guide, Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery, has been helping a handful of players (51 sold so far) who have already got their fortune card business up and running and are raking in the WoW gold.  Grab your copy now before the price goes up.  Also remember to check out the other great guides in the WoW Gold Guide Shop.  Be sure to check out for the podcast on making gold hosted by myself and Wes of Capped By Cata.  Goldgrub's Goblin Academy has also opened doors for helping newer gold makers.  Be sure to check the site out!


"Paintball gave me my roots as someone who could identify with an economy. Cycles exist just as much in the resell of paintball equipment as they do in World Of Warcraft."

The Economics of Prison by R9sid9nt9vil of
"Finding a market in WoW is a lot like finding a market in prison. You are essentially replacing the dollar for a system that still reflective and in some cases parallel the dollar in all aspects.

In prison, since they banned cigarettes, inmates had to find something else that was of comparable and equal value to use to barter with. "

The Convenience Factor by Epidermuss of WragsToRiches

"This topic peaked my interest and got me thinking quite a bit. One of the biggest things I see in the real world is the need for things now or in the easiest form of getting what you want in the amounts you need. I call this the convenience factor."

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure by Epidermuss of WragsToRiches
"So what does this mean in real world terms and how does it translate to WOW. I’m sure you’ve all seen a scrap man driving around in a truck or a clothing recycler or know of charity shops or even one of the biggest websites on the world-wide web e-bay. all of these people or company’s offer us a chance to reuse or they recycle our unwanted goods, now how does that apply to WOW I can hear you thinking."

Auction House PvP - Do Not Lose Focus by @JimmyDargocey of Bids and Buyouts
"How much time do you spend focusing on your competition? Are you constantly watching what they are doing, when they log, when they post, what other markets they are in? Do you find yourself constantly cancelling auctions and re listing based on what they do on the Auction house? Could this actually be hurting you?"

Keeping Balance Without Spreading Yourself Too Thin... by Gimp of Gimp's Golden Adventure
"I want you as a gold maker to think about your past targets and future ones, and consider how you could balance these actions within your routine, and if there is no balance, maybe you should stop running after the rabbits, as you may just fall down a hole."

Using Real Life Theories In WoW by GrayzBDF of WoW or Gold
"I have my integrity, my honor, my principles and my way of doing things. If I find an idea on a blog or in a podcast that I like, but that has a few details that I dislike I just change those details so that they fit me. Adapting is key in gold making as well as being flexible."

Applying What I've Learned by ThriftyDraenei of Herding Elekks
"But in real life, I am not particularly entrepreneurial. I don't sell stuff on eBay or work on commission. I work a 9 to 5. I am mostly fiscally responsible, but I am a compulsive saver. This attitude is great if you're always planning for a rainy day in real life, but not so great when it comes to making gold. I actually have to fight against my severe risk-aversion when I make moves on the AH sometimes."

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