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Ideal Alts Series | The Dungeon Farmer

Ideal Alts Series

Today is the first entry into the series on Ideal Alts here at Cold's Gold Factory.  The purpose of this series is to give you readers an idea for some of your alts to help tweek and tailor your gold making army.  I made my characters a long long time ago and I wish I would have thought them out more clearly.  So you readers get to benefit from my knowledge and my mistakes.

Everyone has a main character, some have a bank alt, but what are all of the others?  What role do they have?  Here's the first idea to get you thinking.  Let's start building some Ideal Alts for your own personal gold factory.

The Dungeon Farmer

Role:  This Ideal Alt only runs dungeons and heroic dungeons, not old dungeon farming for enchanting mats.  This alt is a master of getting the most out of current dungeon content.  The dungeon farmer is an ideal alt to have in your World of Warcraft character arsenal.  The dungeon farmer is designed to help make the most of running dungeons and turning those dungeon runs into profits.

Class:  Resto Druid - We want either a healer or a tank as the ideal dungeon farming character so they can take advantage of instant queues.  Being a healer or a tank also opens up the Call to Arms bonus Satchel of Exotic Mysteries.  We are going to kick the tank idea for dungeon speed running purposes.  Healer it is.  Tank won't mesh with all the other options that require being in the back of the pack of dungeon running characters.  Druid is the best choice because they tend to have the shortest downtime between pulls.  We are maximizing every aspect of this Ideal Alt the best we can.

Race:  Horde:  Any  / Alliance:  Worgen (For speed skinning)

Professions:  Tailoring and Skinning.  Why not enchanting?  Let someone else bring the enchanter.  If you are a low level dungeon runner farming enchanting materials thats cool, but this is a max level dungeon runner.  Every dungeon has humanoids and some also have skinnable mobs.  Having a tailor allows you to scavenge extra cloth off of humanoids after others have looted.  Having a skinner allows you to skin a lot of mobs within dungeons including some of the dungeon bosses, which drop great loot when skinned.

Both skinning and tailoring go hand in hand for a dungeon farming alt because they both require you to hang around after the fight waiting for others to loot.  This goes perfect with being a healer who already hangs out in the back of the party and being a druid minimizes the downtime between fights, so you have time to skin and loot your extra cloth.  And if you are a Worgen you get a speed bonus to your skinning!  Another bonus of being a tailor is that you will be eligible to roll on the BoP Chaos Orbs.  You can use those Chaos Orbs to craft high end gear or save them in hopes they become tradeable in a future WoW patch.  As a tailor you can be used outside the dungeons to craft netherweave bags, Dreamcloth, Spellthreads, Rich Purple Silk Shirts, etc.

So in my opinion, the absolute best combination for creating an Ideal Alt - Dungeon Farmer would be a Worgen Druid with Skinning and Tailoring.  Here's a quick review of the bonuses of this combination.

Dungeon Farming Ideal Alt

  • Worgen Druid
  • Tailor
  • Skinner
  • Free extra cloths via scavenging
  • Free hides, leathers, scraps, dragonscales, volatiles (from inside Bloated Sacs that skinners get), etc.
  • Worgen Skinning Speed Boost
  • Healer
  • Instant or Fast Queues
  • Call to Arms Eligible
  • Free pets and mounts, etc. from the Satchel of Exotic Mysteries
  • Chaos Orb eligible
  • Can sell spellthreads and high end tailoring items
  • Netherweave bag seller
  • Dreamcloth cooldowns
  • Perfect!
Anyone have a better combination for farming dungeons?
Anyone already have a dungeon running Worgen Druid Tailor Skinner?


Ideal Alts Series


  1. Sounds like a perfect toon to have in your alt stable. Make sure to pick up a pair of spare gloves and throw the Gatherer enchant on them. A few of the dungeon bosses that are skinnable require 530 skinning.

  2. @Kim

    Thanks Kim. Thats a great tip. A Zulian Slicer will help you out too as it gives +10 skinning.

    I'm hoping this series on Ideal Alts will help some players you are still growing their army of alts, to start planning ahead and preparing their army before they level the alt.

  3. Great post, after the series is done I may try and make some toons on a new server

  4. I love it, when we talked about the series I knew it was going to end up being excellent, but I think you out did yourself with this one. Breaking a character down based on situation to lead to the best profits is a tremendous idea. The interlinking of professions and skills will make this applicable to anyone who puts in the time. I'm looking forward to the series. I have a rogue and a warlock that I need to finish leveling, wouldn't but disheartened if I saw one of them built into the series ;)

  5. Druids can't use the Zulian Slicer. They can only use Finkle's Skinner. Finkle's would be better than having Gatherer on your gloves since you can swap weapons in combat and keep healing.


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