Thursday, June 23, 2011

Help Out A Younger Reader

Robbie Clark has been a reader here at Cold's Gold Factory for a long time now.  I have spoken with him before and he has always been a great supporter of the site.  Today he sent me a little request for help with getting some readers to take a survey for his high school paper. 

Here is the request and a little more about the research project:

Hi my name is Robbie Clark and I am currently completing high school. For one of my subjects I have to complete a major research project worth 40% of my final marks. The hypothesis for my project is that "adolescent males are partaking in pseudo–rites of passage involving role-playing games as compensation for a lack of definitive rites of passage within Western Culture." For this research project I am conducting a survey as part of my primary research.

This survey is set up on survey monkey which you can find here: was wondering if you could help me with this, if maybe you could please complete the survey if you have the time.

Also i was wondering maybe if it was at all possible to link the survey in a post? Because i know you are awesome :) Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you Cold for all the effort you put into Cold's Gold Factory it has provided absolutely amazing advice consistently and i love the podcast! Especially I loved all the barking advice for the fortune cards, I was the first on my server to do it and I made a killing! Thank you for your time. Please Feel free to contact me on this email.

You readers are also members of his target audience for the study so please visit his survey and help him compile data for his research project. I completed the survey and it took no longer than 5 minutes. So help a younger reader out and tell him I sent you! Thanks for being such a great auction house junkie Robbie!  Glad to Help!


  1. Would love to help, but doesn't look like the link is working correctly. Post an update please!

  2. Would love to help out, but the link redirects me to Do I need a registration?

  3. link to survey broken?

  4. I clicked on the link and it didn't direct me to an existing survey, just the surveymonkey home page.

  5. Ok Sorry About that Link has Been Fixed!

  6. Cold,

    Could you ask Robbie to publish his results after he finished the study, possibly with a shoutout from your blog? If that can be arranged, Ill gladly help!!

  7. Completed the survey. Like the above poster, I would be really interested to see the end results.

  8. Contacting Robbie again, as I am willing to host the results of the survey as well as a link to the finished research project.


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