Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ideal Alts Series | The Solo Raider & World Boss Killer

Ideal Alts Series Concludes

    The awesome World of Warcraft character building series on Ideal Alts comes to an end today.  This will be my last installment for this series.  The alt character templates that I came up with are by no means exactly perfect as these ideas are based on my own personal preferences and ideas.  You may tweek them to meet your exact needs.  Hopefully, they have inspired you to make a new alt, with a specific role.  Or they may have given you some ideas for starting your very first alt character!  The great thing about World of Warcraft is the variety between builds and specs and this is no different with the alt characters in WoW.  So have some fun with a new alt, but plan ahead.  I may eventually do a post about some more Ideal Alt ideas, but I also may be opening the Ideal Alts topic idea up to the other bloggers by using it as the WoW gold blogging carnival topic.

    Readers:  Is this a topic that you readers would like to see explored further by various bloggers?
    Bloggers:  Sound like a good topic for you to do a post on?

    Ideal Alts - The Solo Raider & World Boss Killer

    The Solo Raider & World Boss Killer is a super fun alt to play.  This is the type of character I play as my main, although my professions are completely different.  This Ideal Alt actually makes an amazing main character and can be a legitimate high end content raider and can  fulfill the solo raider and world boss killer roles as well.

    Role:  The Solo Raider's role is to be able to run old raid content, solo old heroic instances, and kill world bosses all by yourself.  The combination of professions will allow for maximizing your raiding ability as well as maximizing two of the best potential gold making professions in the game.  The Dungeon Running Ideal Alt varies greatly from the Solo Raider.  The dungeon runner can't solo raids and is a support character for dungeon groups (since it's a healer).  The solo raider needs to be able to kill and heal itself somehow or it just won't last.

    Class:  Deathknight - Blood Tank
    Some would go with a Paladin, but to me a deathknight blood tank is the better choice.  Stacking mastery will get you a really nice raid tank that can solo the old raids and world bosses with help from no one.  DKs tend to be faster killers than Protection specced Paladins.  Death Strike buffed with stacked Mastery rating, the ability to heal yourself with deathcoils while Lichborne, and the ability to explode a ghoul for a ton of health make this an awesome self healing damage dealing solo spec for the role of farming old raids.  Having an army  of ghouls as well as a single ghoul and a dancing rune weapon are also excellent additions to your arsenal of abilities.  The various cooldowns are great for mitigation when those big raid boss hits come at you.

    Race:  Horde - Tauren  /  Alliance - Night Elf
    Really, any race would work.  I would lean towards Night Elf for their Quickness ability which gives an overall 2% more chance for mobs to miss you.  That is a nice bonus when facing raid bosses and world bosses.  On the horde side Tauren is nice for the base health increase, which plays well with death strike too.  You could pick another race for their profession bonus, but once your maxed skill, the bonus has less luster.

    Professions:  Jewelcrafting and Enchanting
    Enchanting and Jewelcrafting alone are 2 of The Big 3 Professions when used in shuffling, so there is a ton of gold making ability with this combination.  Having 2 of the 3 major shuffling professions on the same character is a huge time saver.  For raiding though, you get extra stats from using the Jewelcrafter only gems and the Enchanter only ring enchantments.  That's a lot of extra Mastery rating to stack to further buff that Death strike.  Enchanting allows you to disenchant anything you come across and both Enchanting and Jewelcrafting allow you access to some of the old patterns / recipes that are BoP or only drop if the profession is present for the kill.

    You can also dabble in PvP since you are going to be shuffling items in town for profit.  Shuffling ores takes forever and you can get into the PvP queue while doing your work.  Once you are inside you the battleground you can either help your side try to win the battle (Blood knights are fun and survivable) or you can continue your shuffling inside the battleground while you gain free honor.  Yeah, that won't make you any friends in the battleground, but greedy goblins don't need friends.  You can then turn that free honor in and get some Large Brilliant Shards for your honor or  use that honor to get other enchanting materials from disenchanting items.

    Ideal Alt - The Solo Raider & World Boss Killer
    • Night Elf
    • Deathknight Blood Tank
    • Jewelcrafter
    • Enchanter
    • Extra Powerful Gems
    • Extra Ring Enchants
    • High Survivability
    • Get BoP and Prof Only Recipe Drops
    • Farm BoE Epics
    • Can Also Be An Awesome Main


    1. Would have chosen Draenei for their self heal.

    2. Drae's self heal + JC bonus definitely seem to lend themselves to this toon, but honestly, having the night elf's Shadowmeld available if you're not going to be able to pull something off would also be really nice. Either would be decent picks imo.

    3. Hey, I'm just an anonymous subscriber to your feed, but I wanted to let you know I'm loving this series. I'll definitely be referring back to it as I level each of my alts.

    4. Rich Uncle PennybagsJune 9, 2011 at 6:23 PM

      "Yeah, that won't make you any friends in the battleground, but greedy goblins don't need friends."

      Ingenius. That way, when you've been reported for non-participation in a BG, there's a log showing you prospected 90 stacks of Elementium Ore during that time. That should help...


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