Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Alt Army Preparation For Patch 4.2 Dailies

Warcraft Patch 4.2 - Are You Ready?

The Regrowth Dailies In Patch 4.2

When Patch 4.2 goes live on the World of Warcraft servers there will be a new set of daily quests with associated reputation that will be added to The Regrowth in Mount Hyjal as a new daily quest hub.  This reputation will be associated with new vendors.  It will be these vendors that will provide you with the new epic patterns for the new epic craftable gear, like the new Patch 4.2 Engineering Recipes.  Wowhead has a great breakdown of all of the new daily quests being added in WoW Patch 4.2.

Many of you may have slacked off on leveling your alts with crafting professions once the Twilight Highlands vendors got nerfed in Patch 4.1.  That Twilight Highlands vendor change brought all of the recipes from those vendors into major cities.  This change allows the current high end craftables to be obtained at level 75 and also removed the requirement of having to start the pre-quests to unlock those vendors only obtainable at level 84.  I did warn earlier that I would not stop leveling as I speculated that those same Twilight Highlands vendors may hold newer recipes in the future.

Preparing For Patch 4.2 Quests and Dailies

There are now 2 main limiting factors for acquiring the new dailies and therefore the new epic crafting patterns.  What are the 2 requirements?
  1. You must quest in Mount Hyjal and complete the quests up to and including Aessina's Miracle.  Check out Sinshroud's post on unlocking the Patch 4.2 dailies for some tips and an add-on to help.
  2. You must obtain level 85 to unlock the new pre-quests to unlock the Hyjal daily quests.  Damnit!  I just learned this today too, when researching the Wowhead article.
So in preparation for the new Firelands content and the new daily quests, I have been making sure all of my crafters have completed up to the Aessina's Miracle quest chain.  Looking deeper today I found the 2nd requirement.  The chain to unlock the dailies starts with a Level 85 required quest.  Doh!  Now I have to level every one of these characters that have lagged behind in level also.  With the talk of Patch 4.2 being released anywhre from 1-4 weeks away, do not waste any more time.  Get all of your crafting characters to level 85 and do the required Hyjal quest chains on the way to 85. 

Why?  You don't want to be left behind by more prepared players.  Those of us with characters at level 85 and the quest chain already unlocked are just waiting to start the new quests and dailies.  Once the earned reputation is enough to get the new patterns, the prepared players will be the ones with the first recipes and the first wave of the new BoE epic craftables.  You want to be prepared and ready to go or you will be left behind and miss the opportunity to be the lone seller for the new epics until others catch up. Catch up fast with a Warcraft leveling guide.

So hopefully you took my advice and were continuing to level your crafting alts.  Now to just finish off leveling my last 3 crafters to level 85 and complete the quests up to and including Aessina's Miracle. 

How I Am Preparing For Patch 4.2

I haven't been doing too much preparation gold wise for Patch 4.2 as I am busy with leveling my army of alts.  I am sticking to some basic strategies for Patch 4.2 and am really waiting of Patch 4.3 to make a bigger gold push as hopefully thats when epic gems are coming.  Here's what I'm doing currently for Patch 4.2 preparation.
  • Leveling Alts to Level 85.
  • Finishing Aessina's Miracle Chain on Alts.
  • Farming Chaos Orbs in Heroic Dungeons.
  • Truegold Transmutes
  • Dream Cloth Cooldowns
  • Look For Cheap Volatiles
  • Transmuting Inferno Rubies
Don't Wait - Get Started Now!  Patch 4.2 Could Drop On You Early!  Happy Leveling! 


  1. Yeah right now I'm stuck with a 82 rogue who is a 525 ench/JC a just got to 81 priest who is a 525 herb 409 tailorer and a 75 hunter who is a 522 incrib 500 transmute alch, the only toon I got to 85 is my tank war who is 525 eng/minner. I been working on lvling 3 Alts and there professions but I don't think I will have them all ready for 4.2. I also have plans for lvling more Alts but the are lvl 1 I'm trying to have all progessions at 525 to bad I dint start reading gold blogs along time ago

  2. Just focus on getting one of them to max skill and max level in addition to the main. You are like me (My main is a DK Tank Miner / Eng) and is 85. Although i have other 85s already, I prefer playing my main, thus I have stockpiled Chaos Orbs and will be pushing for the new Gun and Scope Engineering Recipes ASAP.

    You should focus the same, but also work up another alt to max. FOCUS on just 1 alt at a time at the moment to get another alt to the starting line.

    Patch 4.2 could be a whole month out depending on how the testing goes on the PTR. So you may have time for leveling another alt or two.

  3. I've gotten the quest and level requirements done on my 5 toons. In the meantime, I've been stockpiling gems, xmute mats and Ele ore. Volatiles have already doubled on my server :( Since I don't farm, makes Truegold xmute expensive (and the resulting profit less even though TG has gone up too, but only 10%)


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