Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Patch 4.2 Engineering Love

Datamined Info For Engineers

As many of you already know Engineering is my most favorite profession within World of Warcraft.  Colddrawn, my main, is a miner engineer, which allows me to benefit from the Electrostatic Condensor bonus for Volatile Airs from mining nodes.  Overall, being an engineer hasn't seen a great many ways to profit in Cataclysm outside of companion pets (yet again).

Currently we Engineers have very limited uses for Chaos Orbs.  A couple mediocre ranged weapons and our nice Engineering only Killshades are the only recipes for Engineers that require the Chaos Orbs.  Even with the limited uses, I have continued to roll "Need" in heroic dungeons as I was hoping that Chaos Orbs would a) be required for future added Engineering recipes or b) become un-soulbound and be able to be sold or transfered to my other crafters.  Well my looking ahead, or sheer greediness whichever you want to call it, is going to pay off in Patch 4.2.

New Engineer Crafted Weapons and Scopes

In Patch 4.2, Engineers will have another item to craft with the Chaos Orbs that we have been stockpiling.  The following items have been datamined from the PTR data.  We will be getting a new gun recipe and a couple of new scopes.

New Gun
Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher BoE Engineering crafted ilvl 365 Gun - Recipe binds on pick-up.  this gun takes 5 Chaos Orbs to craft.  Where the recipe will come from is still being speculated on as there is no concrete evidence yet of it's origin.

Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher

New Scopes
Flintlocke's Woodchucker Recipe binds on pick-up.
Squirrel Sights - item data-mined, but not implemented yet.

Flintlocke's Woodchucker Scope

WarcraftEcon has an excellent write up covering a lot more of the new craftable weapons and gear coming in Patch 4.2.  Check out the post on Patch 4.2 Firelands Preparation.  Keep your eyes peeled at the Warcraft Econ Hall of Fame as my entry should be going live sometime soon.  It's already included in the list of coming soon Hall of Fame posts for 500k.  So keep your eye out for when it goes live.


  1. Ooh. Me likes. Though this means Kickback 5k will have its value reduced if this will be easy to obtain :/

  2. "... launches a rabid critter..." and 300 agility

    RAWWWRRR thats great... I just want to see squirls, rabits, skunks and chipmunks foaming at the mouth crawling up on the target and gnawing away at them... then the mob reaches up and swats them away flinging them into the environment where they go "splat" (insert audio and grafic)

    Stock up on ORBs now, aye!!!

  3. hahah I'm really glad I didn't go with one of my posting ideas now cold.... was going to talk about this scope....
    That being said though... as a hunter I honestly don't see that gun being good at all for the cost it will likely be to produce it. At best its honestly good for boosting one's Ilvl. However, the raiding ones from BWD, BOT, and even the dungeon one from ZG are all better in terms of stats.

  4. O-0

    The Woodchucker? Do you know who invented it? Flintlockes grandfather Trigger-Finger. So named because that was the only finger he had left after he mastered... THE CHUCK SHOT!

    Which, apparently is now an in-game item. Awesomesauce to the max.

  5. Really? ENG is such the sucker's Profession. Expensive to level and almost never sell anything but scopes and pets. yeah, this gun. But what if you like bow's? And why are BS/Tailors/LWs all making 378 items while ENG still stuck on 365. I have a toon for each profession so they are my own circle of support. The best I get from ENG is the Flinger add-on for guns/bows. Blizz hasn't even updated the goblin BBQ to 90pt buffs.


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