Monday, May 23, 2011

One Step Ahead of Gold Tips

Did You Catch It?

Flux and Jokinee over on the Power Word : Gold Podcast, recently interviewed Nev "The Chocolate Cookie Queen" of the Auction House Addict Blog.  Check out Episode #9 to hear the interview.  At one point during the podcast, the trio is talking about stack sizes and Nev mentions an older post of mine: Deepstone Oil For Vial Of Sands Mounts

In this post I talked about listing Deepstone Oil with a stack size of 8 because that many are required in the creation of the Vial of Sands.  They also sell well as singles for people that want to just get frozen to pose on their characters.  When Nev brought up the idea of the 8 oil stack size, she also mentioned that she also looks for oddball size stacks already posted on the auction house.  When someone has a weird stack size like 5 posted, she will toss up a stack of 3 to provide the extra Deepstone Oils needed to create an 8 stack.  She reports that the tactic is working well for her.

Evolve Your Mind

This is a great example of how your mind will start to change and evolve into thinking in new and more critical ways.  She took the information relayed on a blog post and thought about it even deeper.  She then figured out something to test out on her own server's auction house and was able to put the great idea into work and turn a profit.  She wasn't just reading the information and taking it as it was written.  She digested that post and reformed it into an extension of the original idea.  She learned and expanded it.  Do you?

You as readers must remember that in order to truly become a great gold maker in World of Warcraft, you can't just read and copy everything that you see on a blog or resource site.  Each server is a completely independant environment.  What works on one server may not work on your server.  Everything depends.  It all depends on...various variables that can all be different on your server.  What is important to understand and take from within any blog post is the thought process.  Start asking yourself why something would work?  Start trying to identify cycles or changes or fluctuations before the occur.  Start thinking ahead towards upcoming changes and become a more proactive reader.  Try something new.  If you want to be really great at making gold you must evolve your mind and start to look deeper within each and every blog post.  Digest it.  Test it.  Try It.  Think It.  Link It.  Profit.


  1. What a lovely start to my week - thank you Cold :) Love the 'Chocolate Cookie Queen' bit - now that's a title I can live with :-D rofl

    So much of what we do is server dependent so my advice to add to yours is 'engage your brain' it's the best tool we have in this game of gold making.

  2. Nice post. Good principles in here that are timeless.

    I like how this went from Cold to Nev to Power Word: Gold's podcast through Nev and then finally back to you, Cold. This is true gold in the making with a blog on top!


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