Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Forged Documents Are Easy Profits Now

Forged Documents

Back in December, I wrote about the Forged Documents For Scribes.  Back then the recipe required 3 Blackfallow Inks, but since Patch 4.1 the recipe requirement has been lightened.  The Forged Documents now only require a single Blackfallow Ink and 1 Resilient Parchament.  This simple change makes the Forged Documents and their daily quest a profitable option as opposed to being just a nice way to level your Inscription Skill 1 point per day.

The following charge can be used to determine how many Blackfallow Inks you can obtain for each stack of Cataclysm herbs.  The Ore and Herb markets have been in flux and you can often find Cataclysm herbs for crazy low prices.

Cataclysm Herbs and Inks Chart

Cataclysm Herb     Skill To Mill Inks Per stack Average
Cinderbloom4255 Blackfallow Ink & 0.5 Inferno Ink
Stormvine4255 Blackfallow Ink & 0.5 Inferno Ink
Azshara’s Veil4505 Blackfallow Ink & 0.5 Inferno Ink
Heartblossom4505 Blackfallow Ink & 0.5 Inferno Ink
Twilight Jasmine4756 Blackfallow Ink & 1 Inferno Ink
Whiptail4756 Blackfallow Ink & 1 Inferno Ink

So removing the Inferno Ink from the equation, you can see that 1 stack of Cinderbloom, Stormvine, Azshara's Veil, or Heartblossom will mill into 5 Blackfallow Inks.  The Whiptail and Twilight Jasmine will produce 6 Blackfallow Inks on average when milled.

Is Making Forged Documents Daily Profitable?

Each time it is completed the Forged Documents quest will award you a sack of gold that will provide you 18-25 gold for the quest completion.  The quest is super easy.  Just craft your Forged Document, start the quest, and hand it to one of many vendors in Orgrimmar (or alliance capital) to get your sack of gold.

So let's look at an example.

30g for a stack of Cinderbloom.

30g / 5 Inks = 6 gold it cost you per Blackfallow Ink.
6g Blackfallow Ink combined with a 50 silver parchament and you have 6.5 gold invested to make a Forged Document that will reward you more than double that investment.

This is a great way to start forming a daily pattern of everday tasks for everyday gold.

Unfortunately we Scribes can only create and complete 1 Forged Document quest per day, but it is a fail safe way to make some easy gold every single day on your high level scribe. Best thing is the profit is guaranteed as long as the herbs prices are at a low enough price.  We can only hope that one day the cooldown will be removed and we can craft these over and over for easy gold.  This would create a valid floor price for Cataclysm herbs much like the floor price of shuffling obsidium ores.  We can only hope.  I doubt the cooldown will be removed ever.


  1. Blackfallow ink sells for around 10g each. This quest averages around 21.5g, for an 11.5g profit. If it takes around 2 minutes to log in, do the quest, and log back out, thats 345 gph (gold per hour).

  2. /agree w/ biggus, its a great little stimulus is you are already in town and on the toon, but if you logging daily for just this quest then loggin out again, there may be better uses of your time... I can make about the same amount of gold per time selling grey items from archeology.

  3. GPH calculations really only matter for repeatable activities. Using the Forged Documents as a method to determine your GPH is totally pointless. Stokpile wrote about this recently.

    Not to take away from the post, however. Nice tip -- I wasn't even aware they'd decreased the materials requirement for them.

  4. 1. The activity is repeatable, once per day.
    2. I didn't try to determine your GPH or my GPH, simply the GPH attributable to a single activity.
    3. Stokpile committed a common blunder. He tried the first method that came to mind for performing a calculation (in his case, determining the GPH of flipping a copper rod). He recognized correctly that his method was faulty. He concluded incorrectly that every method must be faulty.

  5. Stok's point was that you should factor Time to Repeat (T) into the formula, which in his scenario was 38 hours. In yours, it's 24. I see no blunder. In other words, this is not something you'd ever add to your daily routine because of it's GPH, I don't even get why you brought it up.

    What I took away from this post was that simple routine tasks can still provide (a little) value, along with a slight hope for Blizzard maybe making it repeatable in order to put a floor price on herbs.

  6. >> 6.5 gold invested to make a Forged Document that will reward you more than double that investment.

    This is a great way to start forming a daily pattern of everday tasks for everyday gold. <<

    It's very true-- the repeatable, easy, daily quests are cheap gold. I'd also recommend the Uldum daily quests which pay well and are pretty amusing as well. There's no rep required for "Dirty Little Pluckers" and it can take less than a minute to port in, do the quest, and port out. Capital JC quests are usually pretty easy (go to Hyjal for the Elemental Goo) as well. What else have you found?


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