Monday, April 18, 2011

WoW Herb and Ore Markets In Flux

Herbs Are Down and Ores Are Up

With the scare of the coming change to the vendorable price of the cut uncommon Cataclysm gems, many of the botters have already switched away from the bot farming of Obsidium Ore.  A lot of servers are already seeing a shortage of Obsidium Ore as well as a flooding of herbs on the Auction House.  It is obvious that the botters have switched from farming Obsidium Ore.  Some have even gone to gathering Elementium Ore, while the majority have switched to the bot farming of herbs.

Obsidium Ore is even on shortage and selling for a higher rate due to the lack of supply.  Herbs of all kinds are dropping in price as the markets are getting flooded.  Expect this to only get worse once Patch 4.1 drops if it includes the data-mined change to the prices of cut gems.

What Does This Mean?

Some players are in a frantic rush to prospect their Obsidium Ores, cut the uncommon gems, and vendor them for 9g each before the price could drop to 75 silver each.  Instead of dumping your ores to the vendor via gems, you might be better off selling the stacks on the auction house now that the prices has risen.

As far as herbs go, liquidate any products you have ASAP that were created from herb derived materials.  The value is going to plummet as other players start to be able to get herbs for far cheaper and in much larger supplies than prior to the big botting switch overs.  Mysterious Fortune Cards, Adventurer's Journals, Glyphs, Potions, Flasks & Elixirs are all going to tank, so dump all that you have pre-crafted before you are unable to sell them for close to what costs you already have sunk into them.  You will be able to craft these all for much cheaper than previously due to the flood of herbs.


  1. I don't think, I hope, that the prices of the new supply of herbs will affect my glyph market much. I might lower my threshold from 40g down to 30g now that Blackfallow Inks are down to 5-7g/each from 10g/each. I won't take less than 10g profit per, and even that is a wee bit small considering the effort involved.

    Luckily, most don't seem to know what an ink even is, let alone what pigments are. On a bad day, I own 35-40% of the market and on a good day 65-75%. I have a pretty strong presence, so hopefully I can keep my thresholds. :)

    As for the currently cheap ore, I snagged some 35g/stack yesterday to save for Engineering in case prices rise in 4.1. :)

  2. Last weekend, I bought 757 stacks of Elementium ore at 35g/stack. Prospected it and vendored all the green gem cuts. I got 14383g in profit before the sell of the rare gems. On my server, inferno rubies are selling for 70g/each (I have 100+), ember topaz are at 35g (100+) and the rest sell around 5 to 15g depending on the day. Overall, I wouldn't be surprised if I make 20K in profit from one weekend.

    I'm enjoying the low ore prices right now but I don't think that they will continue to drop in price to the point that makes shuffling profitable (in both vendor cost and time spent).

  3. yes you can't sell them for 9g but what about uncut no one seems to be talking about this price

  4. Hmm kinda strange, prices for flasks and twilight jasmine exploded on my low pop server a few days ago. Draconic Mind flasks doubled to 250g and twilight jasmine was up to 29g per(!) herb. And I sold quite some stacks for that price, mind you. They are still around 25g and Azshara's Veil is stuck at 10g, which is also quite high for my server.
    No idea what is going on here.

  5. 2 things...

    1. I dont care what happens... its all pixels and all fun... even watching the wild twiching of those who are scared.

    2. I know there will be pleanty of profits. One market reality I have found is there are 2 things that are profitable. Time and risk... Risk goes both ways... can be profitable and can be painful losses...
    Time comes in several packages... TIME... time of day, time of the week month and time relative to patch day or game event... TIME, the time it takes to do something... and TIME, as in patience... waiting out markets... like buying tons of Wrath mats and holding them for months... to resell... that kind of time...

    People are lazy and risk averse... put those elements into your efforts and see what you can do...


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