Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Call To Arms and Selling Tanking Gear

Tanks, But No Tanks

Call To Arms

With the Call To Arms feature being added in the coming Patch 4.1, we should see an increase in demand for level 85 tanking gear.  The Call To Arms feature will only apply to Heroic Dungeons upon first release with Patch 4.1.  There will be previously experienced tanks looking to up their average item level to qualify for the Heroic Dungeons.  Others experienced tanks will be looking to increase their average item level to qualify for the new 5 man Heroic Dungeons, Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub.  The biggest push should be from DPS players with no tanknig gear, looking to build a tanking set to take advantage of the Call to Arms dungeon feature and try for the Satchel of Exotic Mysteries.

All types of BOE tanking gear should see increased sales.  Even some of the level 80-84 tanking gear could sell better as leveling characters make the switch to tanking while they level up.  Well, we can hope that the new wave of tanks will be smart enough to try it out ahead of running Heroics.

What Gear To Sell

Some of the items that should be more profitable after the patch and the increased demand for tank gear are listed below.  Start thinking in crafting or flipping tank gear as the Call to Arms should increase the need for these items.

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  1. Definitely all of these can sell; some people will be lazy with their gold, or won't now how to gear a tank in a Cataclysm world, etc. etc. So I agree that all of this has a place in your selling-plan in the future. Just a bit of input on some of the items:

    Gems: Stam stacking is bad nowadays, a lot of people will still do it so do hit all of those up, but make absolutely sure you try to get in a lot of mastery cuts because that's the way the smart tanks will go.

    Weapon Chains: Mending, at least on my server, is usually cheaper and more useful.

    DMC: Earthquake: lol. But yeah, some people will definitely see purps and buy it.

    Rock Furrow Boots: There's a better set of boots from Wildhammer rep. New players may want these, but chances are a player who has been DPS all this time but is going tank has access to the rep rewards.

    Cloaks: Same deal but with Hyjal. Also, cheap players may use the Hyjal plate belt over the crafted tank one.

    Some of the above listed items, basically, are a waste of the tank's gold. Then again, so are MFCs and people buy those! So I'm sure you can see great sales of all of these items, just keep in mind that some of them will likely see less demand than others.

    My personal idea is to hit up gems mostly, and Stamina or Stam/Hybrid gems. Anyone serious about tanking knows that straight stam is bad for an average tank set and hybrid stam gems are . . . okay. But I'm banking on people who are only just now getting into teh tank game to not know that! :)


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