Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cataclysm Potion Making Alchemy

Alchemy Potion Master


I have been playing in the potion market on my server after taking my second Alchemist to swap alchemy specializations to potion master.  Early into the release of Cataclysm, there was no profit to be made in either the flask or potion markets.  Now a few patches later, the requirements to craft are less steep and the price of most Cataclysm herbs has come down to a level that we can profit from in markets other than just Mysterious Fortune Cards.

Daily Dungeon Changes

Historically, the best nights to sell potions are on raid nights, but some new changes to World of Warcraft have been brought about in Patch 4.1.  We may be seeing an increased window of opportunity to sell flasks and potions as you no longer have to do your daily dungeon run each day.  With Patch 4.1 we are now able to do 7 runs a week for full Justice Points instead of being tied to doing only one per day.  So Tuesdays and Wednesdays both should see increased consumable sales as players stock up for multiple dungeon runs back to back.

Potions That Sell

Here are some of the potions that I have found to be viable sellers.

  1. Potion of Deepholme
  2. Potion of Treasure Finding
  3. Potion of Concentration
  4. Mythical Mana Potion
  5. Mysterious Mana Potion
  6. Potion of Tol'vir
  7. Golemblood Potion
  8. Volcanic Potion
Any others to add to this list?

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  1. Earthen Potions too, the tanking ones. They sell very nicely for me.

  2. Deepstone Oil, Draught of War, Mysterious Potion

  3. I actually have had luck selling Potions of Illusion.


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